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Our Story

Rachel Trimarco, born Rachel Santana, the 2nd eldest of 7 children, was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn. Rachel attended Brooklyn Friends School and Cornell University. At her first introduction to the many mediums of art at Brooklyn Friends, Rachel consistently drew, painted and carved flowers. As a sophomore her floral still life became the school’s holiday card – a framed version that was hanging on the schools walls since 1996 was recently sent to Rachel by the Director of Admissions upon learning that years later she started her own floral design business. That picture is now hanging on the walls of Bride & Blossom – representing passion, dedication and achievement.

The concept for a wedding floral boutique sprung from Rachel’s passion and creativity as she created a lush and exquisite floral landscape for her own wedding. A bride getting married a year later was doing a site visit the morning of Rachel’s wedding and gushed at the elegant and romantic floral decor. Upon returning from her honeymoon, Rachel was contacted by her venue’s event coordinator, asking who her florist was. This bride became her first client! Excited and inspired, Rachel left her career as a television news producer and pursued her passion for floral design. Bride & Blossom was born.

The foundation of Bride & Blossom is natural talent and a quest for excellence. To enhance this, we participate in international floral events and programs. Most recently, we trained with Karen Tran at a chateau in Paris, mastering her layering technique. With such experiences and knowledge, Bride & Blossom is able to offer world-class design to clients. We remain fresh by constantly updating and evolving to stay abreast of changing technology and the way it shapes the world and wedding industry. Recognizing the cold, unemotional character of technology, we exude warmth through our care for brides and the community.

Founded in 2008, Bride & Blossom has decorated over 700 weddings and counting! We maintain uncompromising high standards and clients enjoy personalized attention and luxurious, sophisticated floral designs. We ensure a smooth decision making process since we carefully listen to and process our bride’s criteria while sharing our professional advice and knowledge. Utilizing our wealth of experience and creativity we produce
results that exceed our bride’s expectations.

We are active in all forms of social media to stay in the pulse of every aspect of the wedding industry and to share our ideas and inspirations. Follow us to learn more about wedding trends and to see images and video in real time of our design process.

Nothing bothers us more than seeing beautiful, fresh flowers being thrown out following our weddings. We are honored to recommend Repeat Roses, an amazing company that re-purposes flowers and donates them to senior homes and hospice, putting a smile on the face of many.