Chill Out With These Summer Wedding Lounge Ideas


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Creating a welcoming atmosphere is something every couple wants at their wedding. One way to ensure your guests are comfortable is by incorporating a wedding lounge area. It’s especially nice to have extra seating for people to sit down and relax with a refreshing cocktail during the summer. Casual spaces also create an opportunity for friends and family members who are meeting for the first time to chat and get to know each other. From elegantly designed patios to chill backyard setups, here are creative ideas for summer wedding lounge areas.


Outdoor Wedding Lounge Ideas – via


Play on the vintage luxe theme and create a comfy nook featuring love seats and chairs with gold painted wood and opulent upholstery. Enhance the sparkling atmosphere with vibrant florals, antique bird cages, and string lighting.


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Just because you are trying to create a relaxed space doesn’t mean there isn’t room for sophistication. Understated yet chic, this spacious tented reception is laid out in bench seating and tables in white and neutral tones.


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A very different take on the tented reception, this richly colored lounge space epitomizes the boutique festival wedding. Guests will not be able to resist lying amongst the gorgeous Persian rugs and plush pillows and ottomans.


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This stylish set up of white and blush furnishings under a natural greenery canopy strung with glistening crystal chandeliers is perfect for a lakeside country club celebration.


Outdoor Wedding Lounge Ideas – via


Swoon! We love that this secret niche looks like someone raided their great-grandmother’s parlor. Heirloom pieces like the vintage mannequin, clock, and books add to the throwback allure.


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Elevate the backyard wedding with a breathtaking space composed of velvet, mix-matched seating, bohemian accents, candles, pretty florals, and even a bed! We wouldn’t be surprised if a love story or two begins here.


Beach Wedding Lounge Ideas – via


Beach weddings and laid-back vibes go hand-in-hand, so take in the setting’s tranquil beauty while relaxing white minimalist seating. The only color needed here should come from the little umbrella in your drink!


Outdoor Wedding Lounge Ideas – via


One of the great things about outdoor lounge areas is that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impression. Admire the milky way above with a backyard setup of a few Persian rugs and pillows illuminated by glowing lanterns and string lighting?


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Just the thought of soaking the sun on a white sandy beach puts our mind at ease. Recreate this feeling at your oceanside wedding with a large picnic blanket and pop-of-color pillows. It’s going to get hot, so you’ll want to include a tent of some kind for guests to take shade under throughout the day.


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Classic romance radiates throughout this patio space covered in white chiffon and filled with soft pink and gray seating, garden inspired florals, and mirror tables.

Ranging from timeworn pieces with charm to formal furnishings, wedding lounges can be designed to suit any occasion. Without question though, a designated spot for everyone to relax, enjoy the weather, and raise a glass is must have feature for any summer wedding.


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