April 12, 2017

Wedding Technology


After the life-changing proposal and eagerly waiting for the moment you say I do, the between stretch comes with a lot of decisions, planning, and a timeline of responsibilities to be completed. In a whirlwind of overwhelming emotion, excitement, and anticipation, it may be hard to sit down and focus on the planning aspect. We live in a world where we have access to so many amazing technological resources right at our fingertips, and the wedding industry is jumping in with both feet! With so many amazing planning, inspiring, budgeting and shopping options for your wedding, why not take advantage of all the online resources and help make your preparation easier? We’ve picked some of our favorite and most helpful websites, apps, and tips to ease the process and make your wedding a fun, enjoyable task from start to finish!


All Things Wedding

The Knot is the nation’s largest source for wedding news and inspiration. This site is your one-stop shop for all things wedding, providing information on local vendors, wedding websites, registry platforms, guest list manager tools, checklists, budgeting device, inspiration photos, along with general wedding day tips and advice. It is a great resource and can be very helpful for many planning processes.


Wedding Wire is the easiest way to find local wedding vendors. It provides locations and suggestions for wedding venues, cakes, dresses, invitations and more. Their venue and vendor database has more than 200,000 local listings and 2.5 million reviews by real brides. Wedding Wire also provides fun and creative tools like hashtag generators, color palette creators, and help with guest rooms for wedding nights. They have many assets that are both fun and useful for brides all over the country.


The Wedding Wire - Venue Search Engine

The Wedding Wire – Venue Search Engine


Creating Your Wedding Website

Appy Couple is for the tech savvy and innovative couples that want an efficient and elegant platform to display their wedding information. This program not only can assist in creating your site, but you can also design your very own app too! Settings are customizable and allow the couple to filter certain event updates and information for specific groups; this can include guests for the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and bridal parties, for example. Sharing photos, shopping the registry, finding travel and hotel details, and RSVPs has never been simpler for you and your guests.


Appy Couple - Customized Wedding App and Website - via Snippet and Ink.com

Appy Couple – Customized Wedding App and Website – via Snippet and Ink.com


Riley and Grey is the place for style-fanatic, design-minded couples to create their beautiful wedding websites in an efficient manner. Stay organized with tabs of all sorts, including bridal party bios and other options such as tips on where to stay, eat, and drink near your wedding venue. Modern templates are updated every month to keep things fresh and trendy.


Riley and Grey -Wedding Websites -via Bridal Musings.com

Riley and Grey -Wedding Websites -via Bridal Musings.com


Don’t forget to have fun while creating your wedding website! Share your personality, take care of your guests, and bring a little logic to all the logistics with Riley & Grey’s easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, and easy-to-love websites.

For Style Inspiration (When Pinterest just isn’t enough)

Loverly, along with having a built-in virtual wedding planner, is the perfect site for all things wedding-inspired. Find inspiration for beauty, bouquets, cakes, decor, dresses, engagement shoots, rings, food and drinks. You can also be inspired to add your own personal touch on the classic wedding ceremony by relating to other brides with similar interests and beliefs. This can include the bride and groom’s positions or vow ideas during the ceremony. Maybe finding new ideas for bridesmaids or creative flower girl baskets. Search Loverly by endless categories, including theme, style, and location to find what makes your heart full of joy.


Loverly - Wedding Planning & Ideas - Tech Insider - via Business Insider.com

Loverly – Wedding Planning & Ideas – Tech Insider – via Business Insider.com


Style Me Pretty is the style savvy wedding resource devoted to the modern bride’s journey down the altar. Style Me Pretty features hundreds of real weddings of all themes, designs, decors and locations. It’s a super exciting way to see what is happening out there in the wedding world, and a helping hand from bride to bride by offering details of personal weddings. Not only does it provide tons of real weddings picture inspiration, but it also offers vendor recommendations and style inspiration. Helpful articles, style tips, DIY projects, seasonal wedding trends and much more are a few of the reasons we love Style Me Pretty!


Style Me Pretty - Logo - via The Garter Girl.com

Style Me Pretty – Logo – via The Garter Girl.com


Venue Shopping

Wedding Spot is the first online site that allows you to search, price out, and compare wedding venues in your preferred location and venue types of your choice. There are so many components that go into finding the perfect wedding venue. Wedding Spot allows you to sort by location, concise cost breakdowns, style, guest capacity, a full list of amenities, and a detailed description of the type of setting you’ll get. It’s a great tool to use when beginning the venue shopping process and can greatly help you sort out your venue options.


Aretsky's Patroon Townhouse Wedding - Venue Search - via Wedding-Spot.com

Aretsky’s Patroon Townhouse Wedding – Venue Search – via Wedding-Spot.com


EVENTup is the great choice when it comes to finding the hidden gems of wedding venues. Along with the traditional venue options, you can search and choose from tons of warehouses, lofts, art galleries and any other outside-the-box places that are now frequently used as event spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. All venues are broken down by cost, amenities, and location for easy comparison! This is a great tool for our non-traditional brides and it is a fun way to discover more about the city you love.


Eventup - Venue Search Engine - via Gigaom.com

Eventup – Venue Search Engine – via Gigaom.com


Wedding Invitations

Minted is a unique company that works with independent artists and uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent that they may not find elsewhere. Artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses by offering ready-made invites, save-the-dates, ceremony programs, escort cards, and more. Templates can be customized, down to the card size and paper stock. This is a great resource for one-of-a-kind stationery and can play into your theme and wedding day design.

Basic Invite is a completely customizable and unique technology that provides couples with limitless options to instantly create an invitation. Click a few simple buttons to create an invitation that radiates your personality and see it come to life right in front of you. Basic Invite offers stylish and affordable wedding invitations, along with save the date cards, colored envelopes, envelope liners, wedding programs, and thank you cards.


Timeless and Classic Wedding Invitations - Fresh New Invitations - via Basic Invite.com

Timeless and Classic Wedding Invitations – Fresh New Invitations – via Basic Invite.com



While in the excitement of planning, it is easy to forget that every little task or purchase can add up quickly. Managing and monitoring your wedding budget is a hard task to follow, but there are a variety of apps and websites that make this process super simple and less tedious to stay inside budget lines. With applications and websites like Wedding Budget Calculator, iWed Planner, CostofWedding.com and OurDreamWedding.com, it is easy to keep your files and budget up to date, and focus on your original guidelines for spending and purchasing in all wedding sectors.


Last Minute Help

As useful as all of these applications are, the planning process can still be overwhelming and tasks can often be missed right in front of your eyes. If you ever feel you need and extra set of hands to finish your wedding checklist in time, some great services to help you with last minute to-do’s are Task Rabbit, Service Magic and Red Beacon, making sure you have a seamless walk down the aisle!

Since it’s 2017, it’s time to channel your inner techie to help you every step of the way! The Internet truly offers so many helpful resources and businesses with a purpose to serve you; isn’t that nice! Getting married should be one of the happiest and stress-free times of your life. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the pressure of decision-making and budgeting. Enjoy yourself, do your research and use these helpful tools around you so that the show goes off without a hitch!


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April 11, 2017

DV Flora – Finest in New York City’s Fresh Cut Flowers Industry


Beginning as a small flower retailer, DV Flora is a growing business, and now a major player in the wholesale floral industry of New York City and its five boroughs.


DV Flora - DV Flora Facebook Banner - via Facebook.com

DV Flora – DV Flora Facebook Banner – via Facebook.com


Delaware Valley Wholesale began in 1959 as a small floral wholesaler in Southern New Jersey. Bob Wilkins Sr. and his wife, Doris, would sell their cut stems at the Philadelphia Flower show. Little did they know, this was the start of what has now become a massive operation with deep roots in the Northeast as well as branches reaching outposts in California and Bogotá. It is an exciting journey that was started many years ago, and we are excited to hear about this industry icon.



We were fortunate enough to work with DV Flora on a regular basis and were excited to sit down and meet with Claudine Perez, Event Procurement and Logistics, along with Tony Solina, Procurement Manager, Event Division to learn more about DV Flora.

Bride & Blossom:
“You’ve both been with the company through many changes, not only in the event industry itself but also during the different stages of DV Flora. What are some of the most significant moments that stand out to you?”

Claudine: “We’ve made the change, evolution really, from “wholesaler” to “floral procurement.” Our process is very thoughtful and long reaching. We deal in larger volumes than most wholesalers can and with a high-quality product. Because of our infrastructure and size, we can offer consistently exceptional products at various levels, which allows us to market to a wider range of clients.“

Tony: “Our florals are from all over the world, and we partner directly with farmers, many of whom we have long-running relationships with and visit on a regular basis. This ensures the highest level of practices are being maintained and we continue our close partnership with the farmers.

One event can represent over fifteen different countries. We procure from Holland, of course, but there could also be flowers from various locations, including Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala, among others.”


DV Flora Colorful Arrangment - Close Up - Anemone - DV Flora

DV Flora Colorful Arrangement – Close Up – Anemone – DV Flora


Tony: “One of the most exciting developments has been in procurement; where we source our flowers. I’ve visited Japan three times in the past year to secure our newest partner in floral procurement. Japanese florals are amazing, and they offer a larger variety for some of our most popular flowers than anywhere else in the world. With this addition to our offerings, we are now able to source the most beautiful sweet pea, anemone, and ranunculus, among other flowers, unlike any available elsewhere in the world.

We are also sourcing from here in the U.S. From California we are seeing some gorgeous homegrown favorites and more local flowers, which for us, is in the Northeast, as well as potted plants and tropicals from Florida.”

Claudine: “Another change is the amount of technology at our fingertips now. When the company began, the owners shared a desk and one adding machine. Now we have technology at every step of the process, end to end. There is never a moment when we don’t know where our flowers are along the process.

Our facilities process large quantities of flowers every day, and we have detailed checks at numerous points along the processing and distribution process.”

Tony: “Just to give you some idea of our processing capabilities, our floral warehouse is over 70,000 square feet and holds thousands of flowers. Our fleet includes 100 local refrigerated delivery trucks; we also have a 60,000 square foot hard goods facility with over 5,000 floral supply selections and a greenhouse offering over 500 different varieties of foliage and blooming plants.”



Bride & Blossom: “What do you see in the future for DV Flora and the event industry?”

Claudine: “Regarding the event industry, I think the future holds no bounds. Anything is possible, each event is like a fingerprint, and each one is unique. There is so much focus on the floral industry now because of the internet; it has really opened the world to what we do with events.”

Tony: “The world is opening to us as well, regarding procurement. We’re very excited to begin this new “Japan Chapter” and bringing the beauty of that world to our clients, and looking for new ones as we travel the globe.”

With so many innovations and care for each client, we can see why this industry staple has been going strong for close to sixty years. We’re excited to see what the world of flowers and events holds for DV Flora in the next chapter!


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April 5, 2017

Flower Feature: Marigold


The marigold flower is one of the most recognizable flowers around the world, known for its vibrant yellow and shades of gold that resemble the sun. The marigold genus includes 56 species and varies from annuals to perennials. Though marigolds may be known as common garden flowers, they are beautiful, significant and meaningful in the flower kingdom. Grown all over the world, many see them as common weeds, yet when stripped down to their core, their beauteous shades of gold, orange, white and yellow are like no other.


Dark Orange Marigold - Marigold Flower - via Pinterest.com

Dark Orange Marigold – Marigold Flower – via Pinterest.com


Marigolds often vary in display as many have a pompop-shaped head made up of large amounts of small-layered petals, mirroring the sun. Other marigolds in the kingdom offer a variety of shades from darker petals on the inside to a lighter petal outline in more red-orange and maroon tones.

Symbolizing the warmth of the rising sun, it is obvious why they are open for the world to see when the sun is shining on them. Marigolds are spiritual flowers signified as offerings to the gods in a variety of cultures and often used in many sacred ceremonies in Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, to name a few. Though there are different types of marigolds, their bright yellow and red-orange tones tie them to the same basic meaning. Originally given a negative denotation due to their cultural use and meaning of grief, jealousy and cruelty, they have been linked back to a positive and optimistic representation of creativity and warmth. This species is said to have a lot of history since its name is derived from offerings to the Virgin Mary, as marigolds replaced gold coins, later inheriting the connotation of Mary’s Gold. They are also famously used in Mexico’s Day of the Dead ceremonies and are a beloved part of their traditions.



The marigold flower is a great species to have in your personal garden not only because of the color qualities they offer, but also because they act as a natural pest deterrent. They are a carefree grower, meaning they don’t require a lot of love and attention, but rather grow on their own with basic care. They can blossom in almost any soil, yet thrive the most in a well-drained soil base. They bring light, texture and love to a garden and, as an extra treat, are easy to care for.


Floating Marigold - Photo by Nathan Michael - via SF Girl By Bay.com

Floating Marigold – Photo by Nathan Michael – via SF Girl By Bay.com


Marigolds offer a great pop of color in wedding work and are often featured in outdoor spring and summer weddings. They work really beautifully in flower crowns, wild flower bouquets and hanging floral displays. Pairing and complementing seamlessly with other energetic colors like fuchsia, maroons, bright pinks and greenery, their color palette brings vibrancy and dimension to any wedding décor. Marigolds are often found in many wedding ceremonies of different religions and cultures. Standing alone, or paired with a complementing bloom, the marigold flower will forever bring a smile to your face with its enthusiastic, animated and spirited presentation.


Bridal Marigold Bouquet - via Pinterest.com

Bridal Marigold Bouquet – via Pinterest.com



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Unique and Creative DIY Bridal Shower Decorations


 Planning a bridal shower comes with a lot of responsibility. Between choosing a venue, sending out the invitations, and selecting food and drink menus, even the most seasoned host may find herself a bit overwhelmed. And let’s not forget about the importance of bridal shower decorations.


Greenery Garland Decor - Bridal Shower Display - via Pinterest.com

Greenery Garland Decor – Bridal Shower Display – via Pinterest.com


When it comes to choosing décor, aim to create a party atmosphere that reflects the bride-to-be’s personality and style. This is also an area where you can be creative and have fun by opting for DIY bridal shower decorations. Now you don’t have to make everything, but getting together with the other bridesmaids for an evening of crafting and wine is a great way to de-stress and bond. We rounded up our favorite DIY bridal shower decoration ideas, which are sure to add a stylish and personal touch to the event.

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons: When you really think about it, balloons have always been a symbol of celebration and fun. Give the standard bundle of floating balloons a modern chic makeover by accenting them with gold confetti. This easy DIY project calls for balloons, gold foil confetti, which you can find at a craft or party store, decoupage glue or Mod Podge, and a paintbrush. We suggest choosing balloons in hues inspired by the bride’s wedding colors. Note: If you are filling the balloons with helium, you’ll have to be mindful that too much confetti could weigh them down. For the full tutorial, visit Studio DIY.com.


DIY Confetti-Dipped Balloons - via Studio DIY. com

DIY Confetti-Dipped Balloons – via Studio DIY. com


DIY Honeycomb Garland: Looking for a festive way to take your food buffet to the next level? We suggest highlighting the setup with a beautiful honeycomb garland. To get started, you’ll need paper honeycombs (check your local party store), string, and scissors. Simply cut the string to your preferred length and attach it to the wall. Next, find the strings of the honeycombs and tie them to the string you just hung on the wall. Continue to layer and build out the garland to desired appearance. Honeycombs in fun, vibrant colors will cast a joyful mood over the party while all white or variations of one color add an air of sophistication. For the complete tutorial, visit Oh Happy Day.com.


Honeycomb DIY Garland - Photo by Kim A. Thomas - Crafting by Stephanie Pressler - Via Oh Happy Day.com

Honeycomb DIY Garland – Photo by Kim A. Thomas – Crafting by Stephanie Pressler – Via Oh Happy Day.com


Vintage Frame Photo Booth: Vintage frames have much to offer the party host when it comes to decorating. They can be used to display heartfelt messages to the bride, engagement photos, or food and drink menus. If you are holding the party outdoors, hang the frames from a tree to create a whimsical, storybook atmosphere. We especially love the idea of setting up a photo booth where guests hold the vintage frames and have their portraits taken. A vintage frame photo booth is not only fun for guests, but also creates special mementos of the day for your bride.



DIY Tassel Garland: Decorating with tassel garland is another stylish way to incorporate your bride’s wedding colors into the party décor. This project calls for tissue paper or mylar (1/2 sheet of 20” x 20” or 20” x 24” per tassel), scissors, and ribbon or cord. The following steps make one tassel:

  • Fold a piece of tissue paper in half, then in half the other way
  • To create fringe, begin cutting strips towards the fold. Stop cutting at 1 inch before the fold line
  • Unfold paper so both fringed sides are open and lay flat
  • Roll down the center crease and fold in half
  • Twist to make a loop at the top of the tassel and hang on ribbon or cord

Repeat these steps to make additional tassels until the garland is of desired length. Tassel garland can be hung just about any place where embellishment is needed – on the wall above the gift table, in front of the dessert buffet, or on the backs of chairs.


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland - via HGTV.com

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland – via HGTV.com


DIY Table Centerpiece: A beautiful centerpiece sets a delightful atmosphere at the table for your guests. It’s also a decorative element that allows you to pull from various ideas to create a centerpiece that is unique and expresses the joy and excitement everyone is feeling that day. Some of our favorite designs include vintage books accented with a single English rose and tea lights. A coat of gold paint transforms wine bottles, mason jars, and even soup cans into elegant vessels for flowers, while small glass cylindrical vases wrapped in twine are a perfect complement to the season’s freshest blooms.



Planning a bridal shower can be very time consuming and a lot of work, especially when it comes to décor, but incorporating a DIY projects and ideas into your planning is a great way to relax while adding a unique and personal touch to the celebration.


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March 29, 2017

Interview with Rachel Wolff of Lotte New York Palace


Welcome to Lotte New York Palace - Grand Staircase - via LotteNYPalace.com

Welcome to Lotte New York Palace – Grand Staircase – via LotteNYPalace.com


Lotte New York Palace is considered one of New York City’s most romantic hotels, thanks to its rich history and timeless elegance. It’s no wonder that this landmark luxury hotel is the location of choice for the modern bride who wants her NYC wedding to be a beautifully lavish affair. Breathtaking spaces within the venue available for wedding ceremonies and receptions include the grand Villard Mansion, a stylish ballroom, along with a numerous selection of rooms and suites designed for intimate cocktail receptions and large-scale gatherings. From the first walkthrough to cutting the cake and seeing the newlyweds off as they depart for their honeymoon destination, the hotel’s specialized service teams take care of every detail to make sure a couple’s wedding experience is personal, flawless, and meets all expectations.


Tracy and Eric - Lotte New York Palace Hotel - Courtyard Ceremony - photo by Brett Matthews Photography

Tracy and Eric – Lotte New York Palace Hotel – Courtyard Ceremony – photo by Brett Matthews Photography


Rachel Wolff is the Senior Catering Sales Manager at Lotte New York Palace. Bride & Blossom has had the privilege of working with Lotte New York Palace Hotel. Watching Rachel and her team set the bar for luxury wedding planning is truly inspiring. Rachel took the time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her start in the luxury hotel business, the Lotte New York Palace’s exceptional approach to weddings, catering and what she loves most about her job.


Rachel Wolff - Lotte New York Palace

Rachel Wolff – Lotte New York Palace


1. Can you tell us about your background? How did you get into wedding event catering? I am originally from South Florida. I went to the University of Central Florida to get my BA in Hospitality Management. As part of my coursework, I was required to have an internship, where I was lucky enough to intern at a luxury hotel. While interning I was able to experience every aspect of the hotel and found my love for wedding planning. Wedding planning allows me to see the beginning of an idea and watch it come to life.

2. I can only imagine how much responsibility you have as Senior Catering Sales Manager at Lotte New York Palace. Can you describe your job for us? We sell our event space for social events, corporate events, as well as non-profit events. After the selling process takes place, we plan and execute the events, offering a one-stop-shop for our clients. We are with them from Day One, from the initial inquiry, all the way to the end of their function. At Lotte New York Palace, we have a Catering team of six. It’s a great team, and I’m very proud of them. We also have fantastic Banquet, Culinary and Steward Teams that really “make it happen” and deliver on the day of the event.

3. Lotte New York Palace is a place where grand tradition meets modern sensibility. How do you see this as contributing to the Hotel’s evolution into one of the city’s premier wedding locations? What makes a couple’s wedding experience at Lotte New York Palace different from anywhere else? We are very lucky that we have iconic landmarked space (The Villard Mansion), within a modern and chic hotel venue. We recently went through a $150 million renovation. We make the wedding experience very personal. The catering managers are the ones on the initial contact, the walkthrough, signing the contract and tucking the bride and groom into bed the night of the wedding. We listen to what is truly important to each bride and groom and make their dreams come to reality.

4. Can you describe the event planning process and what goes into ensuring that your clients have the wedding of their dreams? We are happy to assist the couple with walkthroughs with vendors and share our expertise on what works best in the space.

5. The Hotel contains numerous beautifully designed spaces of different shapes and sizes for weddings. Can you tell us about the various event spaces available to couples? How do you help clients decide which space is best for them? We have three wedding venues at the hotel. All of our wedding packages are five hours long. The first wedding venue is the Apartment, which can accommodate 30 guests. The second is the historic Villard Mansion, which can accommodate up to 90 guests. The largest space we have is the Villard Ballroom, Reid Salon and Holmes Room, which can accommodate up to 220 guests.



6. Establishing the menu is a very important part of wedding catering, and esteemed executive Chef Jacque Sorci heads the team at Lotte New York Palace. How do his expertise and culinary vision translate into creating a menu that reflects the unique tastes and style of your clients? Our innovative and passionate culinary team is led by Executive Chef Jacques Sorci who is a member of Maitre Cuisiner de France – a designation bestowed only upon 19 chefs in New York and 65 chefs nationwide. The elite members of Maitre Cuisiner de France are selected through a strict review process that takes into account the chef’s restaurant experiences, technical expertise, business qualifications and cultural standing in the culinary community. Jacques’ team is extremely talented. If the couple has a favorite dish that is not listed on the menu, he can create it for the guests to enjoy on the night of the wedding. This adds a personal touch.

7. Have you noticed any luxury wedding trends in terms of décor, atmosphere, or cuisine recently? It’s nice to see a couple’s take on a traditional aspect of a wedding and transform it into a modern vision. With innovative technology, you can completely transform a room. With image mapping you can turn the ballroom into anything you dream. You can change the look from the ceremony to the reception to the dinner dance. Cuisine is a top priority for everyone getting married. We are lucky enough to have Jacques Sorci, a master chef, dedicated to our wedding menus that can tailor the menu to the couple’s favorite food. Whether it is adding a food truck in the courtyard or passing late night bites, food is one of the most important factors of the wedding.

8. Wedding catering requires meticulous planning from you and a lot of trust from the client. After all, you are the one making sure that every minute detail is perfectly in place once the big day arrives. Pressure aside, you must develop meaningful relationships with couples over time. What do you love most about your job? There is a trust that you gain after several site visits and appointments with the bride and her family. It’s a very sentimental decision that this family is making. They’re spending their own money and they really create that connection with you. The most rewarding part of my job is when you see the entire wedding through. These are once in a lifetime moments that you help make come to life.


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March 27, 2017

The Minimalist Bride: Subtle Accents on Your Big Day


Every bride has her own unique style and vision for her big day. However, some have a hard time finding the perfect balance between lavish décor and simple highlights without making the style feel too trendy or flashy. Our minimalist brides have a simpler taste; they prefer subtle and neutrals, accenting organically to create a theme. If you find yourself looking to create a beautiful scene that lights up a room without taking away from the main attraction of the bride and groom, we may just have what you are looking for. Here are a few ways to delicately add your signature touch to your special occasion while keeping it modest, sophisticated and tasteful.


Jessica & Perry - Bride - Bedell Cellars - Photography by Ira Lippke Studio

Jessica & Perry – Bride – Bedell Cellars – Photography by Ira Lippke Studio


Framed Photographs: There are countless weddings that showcase the memory lane slideshow or engagement photo shoot pictures to give guests a glimpse of the newlyweds’ love story. While these are popular, not everyone enjoys the full show — some like to capture a similar sentiment on a smaller scale. Having unique framed photographs precisely placed throughout the reception can provide guests with candid moments without overshadowing the festivities. It’s a great way to show pictures from the beginning of the bride and groom’s relationship to now. Another great addition is to celebrate the people who have loved you along the way. This can include pictures of parents, grandparents and siblings. Not only do these unique picture frames add design quality to your reception space, but they’re also sweet, sentimental and nostalgic.



Calligraphy/Stationary: Custom monograms and special fonts for your wedding day prints include menus, programs and table numbers. An impressive way to add flare and individuality to your wedding day is your choice in calligraphy and designs. Fonts can vary depending on the wedding’s theme, from formal to casual, or rustic to modern; the designs can play a big role in complimenting your theme.



Linens: Linen choice provides the room with many textures, designs, colors and dynamics. Fabric can be one of the most underrated elements of a wedding, as many stick to creams and whites so it doesn’t take away from table designs. As this often is a good idea and looks nice, it’s important to remember that tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and even floral embellishments like ribbons are great ways to showcase some personal preference while adding a variety of texture. Incorporating lace, brocade, ruffles, crochet, burlap, satin and silk can bring different and interesting aspects to your overall room décor.



Lighting Up a Room: Lighting is not usually something couples recognize as an essential feature while designing the look of their reception room, yet it is a simple factor that greatly adds to the ambiance. The atmosphere you have always desired can be achieved by choosing the correct light to accent your decor.

This can be accomplished with up-lighting, high-hats, low-lights, candlelight, chandeliers and often natural light. A modern look is created by incorporating your color scheme into the room’s lighting. This adds vibrancy to your décor and keeps the room upbeat. For a classic look, clear-white lights are key to keeping the room crisp and clean. Of course, the best light is often natural light, as sunlight can be the most charming.



Many brides think that having a simple wedding is too ordinary, but if you follow these easy tips and include subtle accents like lighting, stationary and textures, you can really bring your dream room to life.


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Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom