January 3, 2017

Ryan + Darren: Rustic Elegance at Crabtree’s Kittle House


On the East bank of the Hudson River, thirty miles north of New York City, lies the beautiful historic settlement of Chappaqua. Founded by the Quakers in the 1780s, Chappaqua is home to a multitude of stunning historical buildings, including the timelessly elegant Crabtree’s Kittle House, where Ryan and Darren Mooney were married in impeccable style this past November.

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


Ryan and Darren reside in Boston, where they met during their second year of law school.  “We were both at a mutual friend’s birthday party where I learned Darren was moving not far from where I lived,” recalls Ryan, “I must have had liquid courage because I jumped at the opportunity to show him the neighborhood.  It was very awkward, to say the least…we went to the gym and then Trader Joe’s! It stuck though, and we’ve been together ever since!”

Four years later, Darren proposed on the infamous Acorn Street tucked away in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. “I thought we were on our way to a Christmas party, but soon learned Darren had other plans. He even had a photographer hiding in an alley to capture everything.”



The next morning, Darren surprised Ryan with a trip to Newport, RI, their favorite getaway, where they stayed on the water at the Castle Hill Inn.  “It was warm for early December (el nino/global warming), so we got to walk along the beach barefoot while drinking champagne. It was my kind of weekend!”

Because Darren proposed in December, the couple went into their venue search knowing they wanted a winter wedding that reflected the holiday vibes surrounding their engagement. On the weekend following New Year’s Eve, the couple set off from Boston to tour a handful of venues in the New York area where Ryan grew up. Crabtree’s Kittle House was their first stop.  

“We drove up and immediately fell in the love with the huge wreath hanging outside,” says Ryan, “It got better when we stepped in to find garland running along the staircases, rustic touches here and there, and an overall homey and welcoming feel throughout.”


Wedding Party / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree's Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Wedding Party / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


While they still looked at a few other venues, the couple kept thinking back to the Kittle House and eventually cut their search short. “What ultimately sold us was the people who worked there. Everyone was genuinely nice, caring and accommodating. We felt comfortable and we felt valued.”

The Kittle House began as a humble barn when its timber frame was first built in the 1790s, and it was important to Ryan that their wedding décor reflect the venue’s history.  Deep greens and rose gold served as a base color scheme, while accents of deep pink and violet opened up the décor to a more free, rustic feel.  The reception featured a combination of long, lush garlands and low centerpieces in an English garden style.



“Bride and Blossom scattered dim candles throughout the centerpieces that added warmth and a soft glow to the Kittle House. It was perfection!”

Ryan carried a stunning, textured bouquet of burgundy bacarra roses, pale blush quicksand roses, ivory spray roses, burgundy ranunculus, cream garden roses, parvifolia eucalyptus, and seeded eucalyptus with accents of Italian ruscus vines and hints of natural greenery


Bridal Bouquet / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Bridal Bouquet / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


She wore a gorgeous gown by Eve of Milady and her magnificent “something old” – a fur stole given to her grandmother by her late grandfather, his dedication stitched right into the lining.



“It was so special to literally be wrapped up in a message of love from my grandfather, and my grandmother felt like he was there that day with us all to celebrate.”

When asked what advice she would give to brides-to-be going through the process of planning, Ryan emphasized trusting your gut about little details that matter to you.  “Brides are constantly told to relax and that no one will remember x, y or z. I hated hearing that because I’ll remember at the end of the day! If you have the time and the resources, focus on what matters to you and ignore the naysayers. Plus, I had many guests comment on some of those ‘small’ details and how they loved them, which made my day even better!”


Bridesmaids Bouquets / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Bridesmaids Bouquets / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


Congratulations, Ryan & Darren!


Venue: Crabtree’s Kittle House
Planner: Susan Knapik – The Wedding Assistant on the Hudson
Photography: Meg Miller Photography
Videography: Michael Joseph Films
Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique
Bride’s Gown: Eve of Milady via Allegria Bridal Boston 
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Tuxedo: 9tailors
Groom’s Shoes: The Black Tux
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Amsale via Allegria Bridal Boston
Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: The Black Tux
Rings: Orly Diamonds
Makeup: JK Flashy
Hair: Beauty by Nicole
Music: Maura & Co (ceremony), BOK Music (reception),
Officiant: Reverend Timothy Wiggins


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January 2, 2017

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Every Bride and Groom


As the new year rolls in and the ball drops at midnight, we are all hoping for a smooth transition into 2017 and cannot wait to see the excitement that is to come. As brides and grooms, the new year can mean it’s finally here, the most exciting, but also stressful, time of your lives. Where to begin the planning process, what needs to be accomplished and what are the steps to take so the big day goes off with a bang? Every new year, we discuss and promise our resolutions, but when the new year is the year of your wedding, those resolutions may change, and we have found five perfect resolutions that will help keep your year on track to ensure successful wedding preparations before the happiest day of your life!

1. Keep a Wedding To-Do List

The best way to keep yourself on track is to create a wedding to-do list. Once you have your wedding date confirmed, making a timeline leading up to the date is a huge help. I find that while creating timelines for any type of event, it is beneficial to add deadlines for when you want certain tasks to be completed. This keeps your planning process organized and secure. Add in aspects like your wedding dress (including payments, fittings, pickup), groom’s tuxedo, bridesmaids’ dresses, photographer, invitation send-outs, booking your florals and everything else in between.  Having this information written out, whether you make yourself a wedding binder or use your email calendar, helps you to stay focused and check marks off of your list to make sure everything is completed in time for your big day!

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis - via MODWEDDING

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis – via MODWEDDING

2. Create an Inspiration Board

This is one of my favorite resolutions for brides and grooms, and the one which I truly believe is the most helpful. Many have dreamed of their wedding, yet when it comes down to choosing a theme, color scheme, accents, florals and overall décor, it is hard to narrow it down to one idea. Keeping an inspiration board from the beginning of the year helps to embody all of the ideas you love as they appear to you. Maybe it’s a picture of centerpieces from a wedding catalog or florals from Pinterest. Whatever it may be, clipping the picture or keeping a file on your computer is a great way to create the perfect vision for which you have always been longing. A wedding inspiration board is a seamless way to guarantee that your vision comes to life and a handy tool to bring to meetings with your florist and designer. It can also assist as a reference for your own DIY projects. Inspiration boards provide all of your ideas at your fingertips; you can mix and match until you have created your perfect wedding fantasy.

3. Take Time When Choosing Wedding Florals

Another resolution for a bride and groom is to take your time and research flowers for your wedding. Here at Bride and Blossom, we know how important it is to have a good idea of the types of florals you would like to use and have a few tips to help you pick flowers to add the most beautiful organic touch. No matter what you choose, florals can make the room feel light, vibrant and romantic, but picking flowers that are in season can help stay on budget. For example, if you’re having a winter wedding, it’s great to go with warm color tones like burgundies, plums and reds. Adding greens to your bouquets and arrangements gives a wintery feeling and using flowers like roses, brunia balls and dark-colored carnations ensures a rich winter ambiance that creates the perfect touch. If you’re getting married in the summer, a color scheme that revolves around creams and whites, with subtle pops of blush, peach and yellow, gives off airy sensations. Adding in accents like baby’s breath and softer flowers like garden roses, ranunculus and lilies creates a whimsical feeling that gracefully complements the spring and summer months. I think it’s really important to devote time and effort to choosing the flowers for your wedding because they bring the magic and passion to the day — make sure not to take them for granted!

4. Make This a Healthy Year

Once you have your wedding agenda set up and have picked your theme and ambiance, it’s time to focus on you. It is extremely easy to forget to take care of yourself during this crazy and hectic planning process, and we want you to remember to always take care of yourself first! Let’s make this year a healthy one! Focusing on exercising, whether that involves cardio, yoga or anything else to get the body moving, and overall nutritional and mental health will help you feel like a better you. It can get away from you in the few months of planning, but sticking to your healthy resolution will help you feel vibrant and beautiful for your big day.

12 Months to a Healthier Life - via Beach Body Blog

12 Months to a Healthier Life – via Beach Body Blog

5. Reduce Stress and Have More Fun

Our last resolution for planning your wedding is to ease up on yourself and have more fun! It is easy to get caught up in a world full of shopping, ordering and the chaos of planning. It is also easy to lose the enjoyment of your wedding. Planning your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we really want to make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Take it one step at a time, ask for help and follow our wedding planning resolutions for an enjoyable and memorable experience that you will never forget.

Happy New Year - via Kaartje2go

Happy New Year – via Kaartje2go


Have a wonderful 2017 and a joyous wedding season!


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December 21, 2016

DIY Holiday Arrangement Gifts


Looking for the perfect unique and homemade gift to bring to friends and family around the holidays? Look no more! As the holidays come around, our calendars are full of parties and get-togethers. Now, we know what this means. Your houses are full of cookies, candy and treats galore. We tend to always lean towards the same hostess gifts, holiday goodies. I don’t know about you, but I already have over 100 cookies in my home, and it’s not even Christmas yet! I think it’s time to switch it up and become more creative while giving gifts that still feel festive and thoughtful this season. Wouldn’t you love to create something that is natural and homemade but radiates the element of holiday beauty? If so, it’s time you use these easy do it yourself steps and tricks to creating a perfect holiday floral arrangement that everyone will admire in awe.

Vases / Arrangement Containers

The first step to creating a masterpiece that feels really festive is the vase or holder. I personally think, depending on your style, taste and inspiration, there are many options for you. A few of my favorite picks include Clear Vases, Baskets, a Wood Trough or Wooden Box Planters. It is a great idea to look up inspiration first and decide which route you want to take. Maybe it’s a classic red and green Christmas display, maybe you want to recreate the image of a Christmas package, or maybe keeping it simple and rustic is key for you. After picking the type of planting container, dressing it up is the next fun part to completing your perfect holiday gift.

Firstly, you can go with a clear vase. These vases can range from square, cylinder to rectangle, depending on the shape of the arrangement which you desire. When using clear vases (as seen below), there are a myriad of options for adding a bit of holiday cheer. You can add a simple ribbon around the vase, still keeping the florals as the centerpiece and accenting with just a little bit of Christmas. Another really creative trick is to use wrapping paper or a holiday ribbon around the outside, almost creating a present-type feel and masking the stems underneath. Lastly, depending on your bouquet or arrangement, adding a touch of your favorite holiday accessories to the bottom of the vase is a great effect. This can be anything ranging from mini ornaments, cranberries, pinecones / pine and more (see below)! This is a fun and cute way of incorporating your favorite holiday classics into the mix.



The other type of vessel you can use for your holiday arrangement, and my personal favorite, is wood. This can range from a basket, to a wooden trough and even handcrafted planters. I love a rustic outdoor feeling while creating holiday arrangements. To me, it resembles the original Christmas tree and brings an old classic natural feel to the piece. There are all different types of wood you can use, including wicker baskets, natural birch wood containers, stained wood and more. Using a basket is an easy and classic way to create a holiday display. It allows you to play around with the outside by adding greenery to the wicker, or maybe ribbon to the handle. The natural wood boxes or containers are a great statement on their own. While being a neutral, it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the flowers, but adds a really great accenting touch that balances out the piece as a whole! It goes well with almost every style of Christmas decor and is enjoyed by many.



Another aspect I love about this gift is that once your bouquet has lived its term, the container, whether wooden or glass, can live on as a token and be used in other ways around the house. I believe choosing the type of container your florals are going to live in really sets the tone for the overall arrangement. No matter the end result, it will be a beautiful piece for everyone to enjoy!

Holiday Flowers

While creating your bouquets, there are a few steps that help with the flower selection process. Red, green and white are the classic colors of Christmas, so you definitely want to play off this inspiration. Firstly, I like to pick a color scheme. Whether it’s sticking to neutrals, bringing in a lot of festive feels with reds or mixing and matching both, it is good to have an idea of how you want your final product to look. I also like to decide if I want to incorporate natural branches and greenery into my piece, and my vote for holiday arrangements is always a “Yes!”  Greenery expresses the feeling of Christmas to me, and I think it’s the perfect place to start. There are a lot of different greens you can add into your piece: Pine, White Pine, Dusty Miller, Rosemary, Holly, Grass, Eucalyptus, Cedar and Juniper. You can stick to one, but I prefer to mix and match, which helps to resemble a wild, rustic and raw feel. Adding greenery as a component brings an organic element and also acts as a great space filler.

Additionally, I like to add in wood-like elements: for example, Natural Branches, Pine Cones and other brown and red features like Brunia Balls, Spray Berries, Hypericum Berries and Cranberries. Another great trick I love to use is gold or silver spray paint. Spraying the pine, branches and other greens creates a fun and cheerful pop. A little fun fact — greenery lasts indoors for about two weeks, so you know you’ll get a good amount of display time out of it!



After greens, it’s time to add in your choice of flowers. There are so many different options to creating holiday florals, and it’s great to have a strategy in mind. I really like to go neutral with rich whites and creams and add in a few pops of color. Some of my favorite flowers to use in holiday arrangements are White Garden Roses and Ranunculus. Sometimes, adding in Hydrangea to make the piece look super full — acting as neutral focal points. Brasilia is a great add-in for a delicate feel. I also find that, for a pop of color, Red Spray Roses and Red / Burgundy Peonies make for a really beautiful touch. If you are looking for a more unique feel you can try using Red Protea.

Once you have all of your flowers picked out, it’s good to have a shape in mind. Maybe you want a perfectly proportioned round shape, or possibly a more modern feel by creating a heavier affect on one side. This all depends on your personal preference. While creating, don’t be scared to add and remove stems as you go. There is no right or wrong in the process. Achieving the look you want is all that matters. It is your taste, your style, your preference. A great little tip to creating your arrangement is using a foam design piece, and a well known brand is Oasis. This allows you to add in stems and have them sit perfectly in place, all while the piece is hidden in your vase (make sure to soak it in water first!).


Finishing Touches

Once your arrangement is complete, I find it super fun to add a few finishing touches to the piece. I like to use some extra holiday inspired accents; these can range from ribbons, ornaments and candy canes to my favorite of all, a holiday tag. This is a gift you are bringing to a loved one, so why not wrap it like one? Adding a sweet holiday tag is the perfect finishing touch. One of my favorite tags (depending on your style of arrangement) is a piece of burlap string and an off-white color tag with a handwritten note. I think it adds the perfect bit of warmth and fashion to the gift, and it’s something that is super easy to make at home!



Most importantly in this gift creating process, make sure to have fun while fashioning your arrangement! Play around, leave it wild and free. When your arrangement is full of life and fun, you can see it in its display! Follow these quick and easy DIY steps, and I guarantee that your end result will be fabulous arrangements and holiday gifts for all.

Happy Holidays from Bride and Blossom! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!



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December 20, 2016

Bringing Florals to your Classic Holiday Decor


Another year has come and gone, and we are back at the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season. Most of us have our traditions and tend to stick to the same ambiance that we’ve been portraying for the last several years. The same old stockings that hang from the fireplace, the tired garlands wrapped around the banister, and passed-down ornaments that are barely hanging on by a thread. Is it that we love these traditions so much that we are too connected to let them go, or maybe that we don’t know the next direction to move to and how to bring new life to our decor? How wonderful would it be for your guests to be wowed walking through your front door, feeling like they stepped into a holiday magazine ad?

Fortunately for us, it’s not as hard as it seems, and I’m going to share with you some great steps and tricks that will bring your holiday decor to life by incorporating flowers. Yes, you read that right — we are bringing florals into Christmas, and all different kinds. Some think flowers may only be appropriate during the spring and summer months, but that’s not the case. If you use the correct type in the most perfect and subtle ways, your holiday furnishings will be bursting with color, harmony and joy.

Holiday Tablescapes

I believe, and I think you would agree, that the best part about the holidays is sitting down all together with family and friends, joining for a wonderful meal. This is the time when memories and stories are shared and new traditions are made. The hectic and exhausting holiday season comes to a halt as you are gathered around the table. Many forget about the importance of a tablescape and get frustrated looking for ideas, but with a few simple steps and a touch of blossom, it can be right at your fingertips.

Holiday Table Centerpiece - via Bless'er House

Holiday Table Centerpiece – via Bless’er House


The first step to setting your table with a flare is the place settings. Adding in decorative napkin holders with a touch of greenery, ranging (as seen below) from Holy, Pine to Rosemary, is a simple yet creative way to brighten up a plain white napkin. Next, come the centerpieces. There are many centerpiece styles you can include on your table, ranging from wooden accents and candles to garland and floral displays.  Adding Christmas greens like Pine, Rosemary and Lemon Grass makes for a beautiful look in the center of your table. If you add in Spray Berries and raw candles with oak accents, it creates a simple, clean and rustic cabin feel which pairs really nicely with the holidays. While creating holiday bouquets for the table, I find that using white, gold and red accents such as Red Amaryllis is a great look, while using accenting Brunia Balls. I also find that the shape of your table makes a difference in the decor you choose. For example, if you have a long rectangular or oval table, a garland down the middle with flowers is the perfect way to create an elegant look. For a round table, one main bouquet centerpiece with accented candles around it is a beautiful focal point. There are many ways to design a breathtaking table to sit at, admire and enjoy the company of your surrounding guests.



Holiday Garland

One of my favorite holiday decorations is the Holiday Garland, as I believe garland can brighten any room. Garland can be used in many different areas of your home. For example, around your doorways, on the staircase banisters and, of course, the fireplace mantle. I know most of you are thinking that garland is a cliché; however, when incorporating the perfect florals and greenery, you can achieve the look of an enchanted holiday forest. The trick to garland is to keep it soft and rustic, bringing nature into the mix, but also using pops of whites, creams and gold to get a rich holiday feel.

Greenery Garland Entryway - Doorway - by Erich McVey Photography - via ProjectWedding

Greenery Garland Entryway – Doorway – by Erich McVey Photography – via ProjectWedding


Firstly, using flowers like White Tibet Roses makes a nice statement in the piece — they are the focal point.  Next, you can add some golds to keep it festive. A great trick for this is using greenery such as Grape Seed Eucalyptus and spray painting it gold to add a beautiful classic touch without being too overpowering. Next, I like to add the “enchanted” assets to the garland. I do this with more materials like Pine Cones, White Pine, Rustic Branches and Holly. You can add as much or as little into your garland as you’d like. Lastly, for a classic pop of red, Plum Red Spray Berries are the perfect trick to keep the Christmas spirit alive! Another great little tool to making your own garland is to start from the outside (both left and right) and work your way to the middle. This leaves you with a perfectly proportioned look that will hang beautifully.



Christmas Tree Trimming

The Christmas Tree is the show stopper; we think of it as the main attraction, and no matter the end result, it never fails to radiate its beauty. As much as we all love the classic tree look with glass ball ornaments and beaded garland, sometimes it’s fun to change it up and play around with new ideas! Well, this year, I say to make your tree the life of the party. It’s time to add flowers galore, because I know you will be in awe of your results.

There are a few different ways to incorporate flowers into your Christmas Tree, but two ways I’ve found to work the best. Firstly, creating almost a flower garland and displaying the flowers in a circular order around the tree. The second strategy to a floral tree is to leave open spaces throughout your trimming that you can later fill with statement flowers. This way gives you a perfect balance of your cherished holiday traditions with a new twist. I think when using flowers on a tree, having a color scheme works really well, and that can be anything that you desire. Some stick to golds and creams, while others go with blush tones. My favorites are the trees that have a blend of traditional Christmas colors. Great flowers to use while trimming your tree are Garden Roses, Classic Red Roses, Ranunculus for a softer cream look, White Lilies, and for the most classic Christmas look of all, Poinsettia.

It’s fun to mix and match to see what looks good together, and when you have so many beautiful flowers, its hard for the tree not to look like a masterpiece. I also enjoy mixing in some extra greenery like Dusty Miller and White Pine, and even adding some Dutch Curly Willow really brings the theme of the tree to life. A great tip while using flowers on your tree (if you want them to live longer) is adding Plastic Water Picks, which are pieces that get attached to each individual flower to supply them water. Play around with it and, most importantly, have fun and enjoy your new tree trimming tradition!


Whichever route you take, introducing florals into your holiday decor will bring a new sense of life and a breath of fresh air into your classic holiday traditions. I’m certain if you follow my quick and easy steps, florals for the holiday seasons will become a new tradition and find a place as a family favorite for years to come.


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December 8, 2016

Flower Feature: Dahlias


Purple Dahlia Bouquet via Deer Pearl Flowers

Purple Dahlia Bouquet via Deer Pearl Flowers


Full-bodied and bright, dahlias are all about the drama. While you may think  you’ve seen one dahlia, you’ve seen them all, the term ‘dahlia’ actually applies to 42 species and over two thousand sub-varieties and hybrids. From the exotic Firework dahlia, whose petals stand strong and stoic, to the Bitsy dahlia, whose inner petals cloak their center and softly extend outward layer after layer, the endless variations in size, color, and texture are mind-blowing.


Why so many blooms under one umbrella?  It all began in 1789, when botanical explorers traveled to Mexico and collected dahlias from their native land.  The original Mexican dahlia spread about 2 inches across with a single set of petals and a central disk or head, similar to a sunflower.  The species was transported to Madrid, where horticultural growers discovered dahlias to be natural and eager hybridizers, and soon dahlias were readily adopting many different colors and sizes.

Excited by their adaptability, dahlias established a stylish cult following among gardeners and flower enthusiasts across Europe in the mid-1800’s, and hybridizers across the world have been experimenting with dahlia breeding ever since.


Dahlia Card Table Arrangement / Shelley and Safa / Gurneys Montauk / Flora and Fauna

Dahlia Card Table Arrangement / Shelley and Safa / Gurneys Montauk / Flora and Fauna


Despite achieving incredible range in size ( 1-inch to 1-foot wide!) and covering almost all manner of colors and patterns, hybridizers remain stumped by the dahlia’s staunch resistance to blue.  Horticultural societies across Europe offered sizable cash prizes to anyone who could produce a true blue dahlia throughout the 1800’s, but there has yet to be evidence of a blue dahlia even today!  While the reason behind this refusal remains a mystery, dahlia breeders continue to cultivate new varieties every year, hoping to unlock even more potential from these generous Mexican blooms.

The Victorians saw the dahlia as a symbol of commitment between lovers, friends, or family members.  When given as a gift, dahlias were seen as an expression of dignity and elegance, a gesture of gratitude or admiration for a loved one who has performed a noble deed with grace.  Today, dahlias have come to symbolize change, transition, or a departure from the norm, recalling the flower’s eager willingness to take on many forms.


From a design standpoint, dahlias’ full-bodied petals and proud posture make them a seductive and eye-catching addition to bouquets and centerpieces. Their strong, trusty petals make smaller varieties a great filler for bouquets that need a pop of playful texture, while larger dahlias naturally carry a wonderful festive air about them that’s impossible to repress.


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December 5, 2016

Berries & Branches: Bringing the Outside In


Incorporating berries, branches, and greenery into winter celebrations may be one of the oldest decorating traditions, harking back to Pagan winter solstice rituals that even pre-date Christmas. Living in the city, it’s easy to forget the wide range of plants that truly shine in the winter months.  We’ve compiled a list of some popular options for brides looking to bring the spirit of the solstice to their wedding celebration and ceremony with all the beautiful shapes, colors, and textures winter flora has to offer.

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Winter Table Runner via Weddingomania

Ilex Berries

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkuler

Ilex Berries via Vita Ranunkler


Ilex berries, or winter berries, come from a type of holly native to the Northeast. When the shrub sheds its leaves in late fall, vibrant red berries are revealed along its stem. These clusters of bright spheres have long been associated with winter festivities, and incorporating ilex berries into your winter wedding is a perfect way to invoke the holiday spirit and create a warm, traditional ambiance.


Snowberries via PJAllSeasons

Snowberries via PJAllSeasons


These cheerful, perfectly round berries are larger than most seasonal berries, making them a great option for filling out any bouquet or arrangement. Snowberries come in a variety of colors including crimson, deep purple, white, and pale pink. Sturdy and long-lasting, snowberries will keep upright and fresh as the celebration moves into the night.

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum-Berries via Fifty Flowers

Hypericum Berries via Fifty Flowers


A popular choice for bridal bouquets, Hypericum berries are known for their elegant, oval shape and fresh red or green tones.  Compact and neat, these berries are a great way to add subtle texture to red-dominant arrangements, or a dramatic pop of color against white or pastel blooms.

Tallow Berries

Tarrow Branches via The Glitter Guide

Tallow Branches via The Glitter Guide


Tallow berries are a beautiful option for all-white winter weddings.  Clustered along long branches, these white berries invoke an icy, fresh snow feel that adds an organic sparkle.  Sprigs of tallow berries also look great on their own in bouquets, garlands, or wreaths, channeling a clean bohemian look.

Fir Branches

Fir Branches via Artfully Wed

Fir Branches via Artfully Wed


Fir branches have long served as an emblem of the winter holidays and the coming of the New Year. There are countless ways of incorporating these noble, evergreen branches.  Beyond garlands, wreaths, and chair accents, fir branches are great accents for wedding cakes, napkin rings, or table cards.

Birch Branches

Birch Branch Candles via Deer Pearl Flowers

Birch Branch Candles via Deer Pearl Flowers


With their striking white bark and elegant shape, birch branches naturally channel magic, mystery, and fairy tales. Birch is a great option for a chuppah, in combination with curly willow and pops of red, green, or ivory.

Leucadendron Cones

Leucadendron Cones via Swallows Nest Farms

Leucadendron Cones via Swallows Nest Farms


While these unusual plants produce what look like sprawling clusters of miniature pine cones, Leucadendrons actually grow and flourish in warm climates, namely Ecuador, Chile, Australia, and South Africa. Leucadendron cones come in several shades of reds and yellows, and add a unique, rustic touch when matched with classic soft blooms such as roses and hydrangeas.



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Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom