January 24, 2017

Floral Hairpieces for Brides


Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography

Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography


Flowers bring the romance, beauty and whimsy to a wedding day, and I am sure most of us can agree the more the merrier.There are so many different ways to include flowers in your special day beyond bouquets and centerpieces. Today we’ll be looking at a few different ways of incorporating flowers into your hair, a fun and creative way to enhance your hairstyle and overall bridal look.

For all of you flower children out there, a flower crown is a great way to channel your bohemian spirit. When designing a flower crown for your wedding day, there are a few different routes you can take.

A simple wreath of greens is always an elegant choice, and many types of greenery lend themselves well to crown making including Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Rosemary.  Rustic and ‘outdoorsy,’ these crowns are perfect for a forest wedding.  Vibrant greens offer a great contrast to your white gown, while keeping your overall look modest and natural. Small-scale blooms like Baby’s Breath or micro Daisies are a great option if you want to add a light touch of florals to your otherwise all-green crown.

If you’re designing a full flower crown, playing with the crown’s symettry will help you decide what type of look you want.  A crown that has flowers around the full perimeter means the crown will be fully symmetrical and have the same amount of flowers in the front and back. Some brides choose to have a crown that is all flowers in the front and just greens or ribbon in the back.  Another modern look is to create a crown that has a large floral focal point and is heavily structured to one side. For example, the right side of the crown could host a cluster of flowers while the left is scarce.

While creating a crown it is important to pick flowers that go with your other arrangements and align with the season.  It is also key that the flowers compliment your dress style.  For example, if you’re wearing a silk low back dress, adding in White Tibet Roses or a single Orchid will flatter the sleekness, while a lacey Boho-inspired dress will respond beautifully to brightly colored Garden Roses or Daisies.

Flowers in the Rose family, especially Garden Roses and Spray Roses work very well for headpieces, as well as Mums, Sunflowers, Ranunculus, and Tropical Orchids.  If you want to have multiple people in the wedding party wearing crowns, a great way to find that balance is to have your bridesmaids wear crowns of that same greenery that serves as the base for a more elaborate floral bridal crown.

Have fun with it and don’t be scared to experiment with wild and free and clean and simple.


If you’re looking for something a little more subtle,  floral hair placements are a great option with limitless possibility.  This can include a flower cluster on one side accentuating your profile, a flower barette placed in a low bun or one or two flowers highlighting a side ponytail.

When designing a floral hairpiece, you often want to pick a floral focal point and then play around the the space around it. A large garden rose, for exmaple, can be placed in the center, while smaller spray roses and greenery fill in the surrounding space. Attaching a cluster of blooms to a clip,comb, or barette ensures they will stay secure as you dance the night away.

Another popular bridal hairstyle is a low bun that rests right above your neck. Adding a floral piece right above the low bun (as seen below) can imitate a flower crown without covering your entire head. Starting with greens, and adding in a few special flowers really dresses up this simple and elegant look and adds a touch of romance.

Finally, there’s a new popular trend of attaching a cluster of flowers to the comb that holds your veil in place. Baby’s Breath, Greenery and even smaller flowers like  Spray Roses serve this purpose well.  This  simple touch allows you to have the best of both worlds: the coveted classic veil with a festive touch of stylish florals.


Depending on your bridal style, sometimes the best way to incorporate flowers into your hair is by avoiding structure entirely. After you’ve chosen your hairstyle, be it a French twist, a Dutch braid, or a messy low bun, you can simply add flowers whereever you see fit! This works well with smaller clusters of blooms like micro Daisies, Lavender, Baby’s Breah, and Spray Berries.  Braids lend themselves well to this because there are so many nooks and crannies to house the flowers, and creates a long sough after Rapunzel look.  Adding flowers to a messy braid or bun is a great way to polish it up and keep it looking intentional.


Enhancing your wedding hair with flowers is a great way to incorporate romance and elegance no matter what style  you choose.




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January 18, 2017

Alyson + Gary – Bohemian Bliss on Long Island’s North Shore


Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography

Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography


Cancun, Mexico. Spring Break, 2008.  It was Alyson’s senior year of college, and this was her last hurrah before graduation.  One night, she and her girlfriends were out at the hotel bar when Gary and his friends approached and asked if they could sit together. Alyson offered to share her seat with Gary, who was celebrating being in preseason for Major League Soccer with the rest of the team.  The gang shared in a wild night of partying, and Alyson and Gary said goodbye assuming they’d never see each other again.

But all week, they continued to run into each other again and again, soon discovering their rooms were side by side!  After a few more days of heavy partying, Alyson and Gary decided to take a night off and go on a date. Gary slipped a note under her door to verify their plans, and she did the same to confirm.  The two saw “Juno” with subtitles and spent a lovely evening together.

The dreamy days of Cancun were coming to an end all too soon. Alyson and her friends, and Gary and his team all went out for a final night of celebration, and the next morning said their goodbyes, thinking for sure this time they’d reached the end of their correspondence.  “After he left, I was down by the pool and my girlfriend came running over telling me I had to go up to our room,” Alyson recalls,  “When I opened the door, there were rose petals on the bed and a note on my pillow. It said that he didn’t expect to meet anyone in Cancun of all places, but would like to see where this could go and asked that we get in touch once I was back in NY.”

Gary called Alyson the next day while she was waiting for her layover, and asked if he could come visit her in Syracuse on Sunday (The next day!) Alyson’s girlfriends urged her to say yes, and Gary drove from Boston, MA to Syracuse, NY the next morning after a huge snowstorm, just so they could spend one day together.

“I knew by the end of that summer he was going to be the man I married,” says Alyson, “The definition of serendipity is finding something good when you’re not looking for it and that is our story and why I love it so.”

Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography

Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography


Alyson and Gary were married this past October, in a magical ceremony and celebration at the stunning Estate at East Wind on the North Shore of Long Island.

The couple said their vows before a beautiful floral archway accented with curly willow branches, ivory and cream roses, Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus.  A whimsical walkway lined with roses led up to the altar with additional branches and greenery.

Ceremony / Alyson and Gary / The Estate at Eastwind / Kate Neal Photography

Ceremony / Alyson and Gary / The Estate at Eastwind / Kate Neal Photography


The bountiful garden setting was perfect for what Alyson envisioned for her floral design.  “What I really wanted for our wedding was to have this dreamy, bohemian, garden-y look rather than a more traditional ‘put together’ type of floral design,” explains Alyson, “I wanted the floral design to be airy, but lush with cascading flowers and lots of greenery.”

Alyson carried a rounded bouquet of dusty rose amnesia roses, ivory garden roses, cream vendela roses and ivory spray roses, with accents of dusty miller and silver dollar eucalyptus arranged with texture and dimension, and gathered with an ivory satin ribbon.  She wore a beautiful long-sleeved gown by Lihi Hod, from the designer’s amazing 2016 collection of Boho-inspired gowns and two-pieces.  “Gary said he envisioned me wearing a dress similar to the one I wore, but what totally threw him off was the way I wore my hair – he loved it!” remembers Alyson, who wore a fantastic fishtail braid.


Walking down the aisle and exchanging vows were some of Alyson’s most cherished memories of the whole day. “I just remember locking eyes with Gary and never letting go,” she says, “And our vow exchange.  I absolutely loved the personal touch it added to our wedding; he is quite the poet and had me and a few others in tears!”

The wedding party looked dashing, with Gary’s groomsmen in dapper charcoal suits from Robbie & Co and a single Amnesia rose in each lapel.  Alyson’s best girlfriends wore ethereal Rose Water gowns by Two Birds and carried gorgeous, pastel bouquets to complement the bride’s.

Groomsmen / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography

Groomsmen / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography


Bridesmaids / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography

Bridesmaids / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography


Dusty rose was at the core of Alyson’s dreamy, elegant color palette. “I was going to go with a trendier color scheme – heather grey and a deep purple. However, after I got to playing around on Pinterest and looking at floral arrangements and color schemes, I realized how classic and romantic pink hues looked, but I still wanted something different from the often used (but pretty!) blush color.”


“I stumbled across this antique, dusty rose color that reminded me of rose gold, which I’ve always been a fan of, and just fell in love with it! The color would pair perfectly with neutrals and it was a done deal.”

The reception was held at East Wind’s Estate, a breathtaking, modern hall with skylights, exposed brick, and brass chandeliers. Guests were greeted by two sandblasted manzanita trees rooted in a bed of fresh blooms and illuminated by floating glass votive candles.


Creating a magical, Bohemian vibe in alignment with their serendipitous meeting , Alyson and Gary’s décor struck the perfect balance between wild and polished, subtle and bold.  Tables were decked out in both high and low arrangements of roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and tulips, with gold glass-stemmed candle holders bringing a romantic glow to the room. A floral garland was strewn across the couple’s sweetheart table, and adorable signs accented with fresh blooms and greens hung on the newlywed’s chairs.



Who knew spring break in Cancun would kickstart such an amazing, timeless, romantic union?  Congratulations, Alyson & Gary!


Wedding Cake / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography

Wedding Cake / Alyson & Gary / The Estate at East Wind / Kate Neal Photography


Venue: The Estate at East Wind
Photography: Kate Neal Photo
Videography: Mackler Studios
Cake: Francesco’s
Bride’s Gown: Lihi Hod
Bride’s Shoes: Valentino
Groom’s / Groomsmen Tuxedo: Robbie & Co
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Two Birds
Beauty: The Spa at East Wind
Music: Hank Lane Band
Invitations / Place Cards / Table Cards : Ceci New York
Officiant: David Conway


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January 17, 2017

Winter is the New White


Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY

Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY


As a bride-to-be, you’ve spent your life dreaming of the perfect gown for your special day.  Some of us have known forever exactly what we want to walk down the aisle in. But when the time comes to find that dream dress, it can be overwhelming to take in just how many options are out there. So many details go into picking the right dress for your style, body, season and theme, to find the one that  will bring your whole wedding day look together.

For many brides, the first step is choosing the right white.  From snow-white to ivory to champagne, the tone you choose can reflect undertones that align with your color scheme to bring your dress and décor together.

Imagining what their train looks like from the back as they walk to the altar is what brings many brides’ visions to life, so finding the precise silhouette you’ve always fantasized of is an important next step. Winter bridal gowns and summer gowns have a very different feel to them. Winter gowns tend to be grand and elaborate, while summer gowns tend towards a sleek and airy feel. Take the time to browse through fabrics to see what best suits your aesthetic. While fibrous fabrics like silk, organza, and cotton breathe better than blends and finishes like satin, tulle and lace, they also wrinkle more easily, so take this into consideration as you explore.

As we know, the dress steals the show, but as a winter bride, you have many options to accessorize your overall look to complete your fabulous winter theme.  Even with an elaborate dress, incorporating these modest additions won’t overpower the look, but rather accent it seamlessly.



Bridal gloves are a classic accessory for winter brides, and there are a wide range of styles you can wear to accentuate your dress and embrace the season.

If your ceremony is outdoors, you might consider delicate wool gloves or even a chic fur muff to protect you from the cold.



If braving the elements isn’t your style, evening gloves never fail to portray elegance and romance.  Evening gloves come in a wide range of lengths and fabrics, though typically fall just past the elbow and are made of satin, silk, or lace. Famously worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn on their wedding days, evening gloves are a great way to channel timeless class and old Hollywood glamour. Vintage evening gloves are not difficult to find, and can make a wonderful “something borrowed” if you happen to have a pair in the family.


Bridal fur is another fabulous option for winter brides. Not only will fur bring your winter wedding flair to the next level, it will keep you glowing and warm no matter the temperature.  There are many things to consider when choosing a fur but the good news is, unlike your dress, you can wear this accessory again and again!


Winter Bride / Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY

Winter Bride / Alexandra & Edmond / Tribeca Rooftop / Natural Expressions NY


When one thinks of bridal fur, the first image that comes to mind is typically a traditional white stole.  Stoles are an ideal way to cover up your shoulders without hiding your gown and make a stunning statement piece. But in recent years, bridal fur has expanded to capes, shawls, hairpieces, shoe and dress accents, so you’re free to incorporate fur as subtly or boldly as you please.



The color of fur you choose presents a wide range of styles, from all-white modern to rustic brown, to adventurous greys, blues, and burgundies.  If you’re taking pictures outdoors, introducing natural fur is a beautiful way to contrast a snowy backdrop and bring out surrounding earth tones. If fur is just not your thing, cashmere or wool shawls are also a lovely way to provide you with light warmth and punctuate your seasonal style.



Winter white may come in and out of fashion over the years, but in the wedding world, it has always been a well-embraced statement. With these tips and trends, we are excited to offer a new twist on an old classic.



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January 11, 2017

Getting Married in a Winter Wonderland


The holidays have passed, the new year has arrived, and all of our winter brides are wishing for one thing: a snowfall on their wedding day to create a magical scene. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our wedding décor, ideas and accents to produce a perfect winter wedding. Inspiring winter color schemes, décor, flowers, and accents can help bring your theme to life. Using our winter wisdoms will help you and your guests remember why you chose to get married at the most wonderful time of the year.


Couple Kissing / Melanie Gotlin / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography

Reception / Melanie and Graig / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography


While creating a winter wonderland atmosphere, there are two big aspects that can change the entire feel of a room: venue décor and color scheme. Picking a color scheme for linens, displays, lighting and florals is the first step to bringing your vision to life. For winter weddings, it is easy to forget that you can still find vibrant and rich colors in winter-appropriate tones. Using creams and ivories is the perfect way to create a sultry, rich feeling. Adding in other mediums like greens, neutrals and even red and blue accents can create a festive feeling to play up your theme. Adding in small touches of winter theme fabrics can also bring out a very seasonal feel.



I think a base of neutrals is a great beginning to your décor. Neutral linens, including tablecloths, napkins, curtains and drapery, help to create a warm and rich winter feel without overpowering the room. Next, adding in vibrant and colorful tones to your other décor, accent pieces and florals is a great way to liven up the room. While creating tablescapes, centerpieces and other focal design points, it is important to keep your theme alive with inspired pieces. You can add in classic winter themes like snowflakes, garland and even fake snow effect on rustic branches. My favorite way to accomplish flawless winter wedding décor is using extra greenery like pine and rosemary to give a forest feel to your centerpieces, or pine cones to carry out the theme. I love using excess neutral flowers, including white tibet roses, peonies and hydrangea, to complement the room. A great floral statement for your ceremony is a floral altar. Standing under a natural branch-built altar covered in beautiful flowers that exude winter is a great and simple way of dressing up the room.  Red pops of flowers like garden roses, spray berries and burgundy ranunculus can help bring the room to life.



For winter weddings, lighting can make a huge difference in the ambiance. Dimmed lights and uplighting create an enchanted feel, and candles can be used to light up the room. Floating candles with winter greens or displays created with ornate candlesticks in colors like gold and silver offer a festive, rich feel to the room. Another fun trick with candles is to create holders out of natural wood in order to achieve a tree-stump effect (as seen below). This allows for a forest feel and brings the theme to life.



Another creative route to take while completing décor for a winter wedding is to incorporate rustics. Rustic can be achieved in many different ways, but in regards to winter weddings, we are referring to natural accents. These include branches and wooden materials, pine cone and fruit accents like apples and berries. You can even add a bit of nature to the mix by incorporating antlers (fake, of course!) into centerpieces or even your wedding cake for one special wow factor. There are a lot of fun and funky ideas that can create a classic winter vision, and we recommend them all!


White Winter Wedding Cakes - via EC Invites

White Winter Wedding Cakes – via EC Invites


‘A Winter Wonderland’ can be the wedding of your dreams, the wedding you have always imagined and one that will leave your guests in awe. Using our simple tricks and steps is a perfect way to creating a ceremony and reception space that is vibrant, inviting, magical and inspiring. Winter brides are the new trend, and with these inspiring ideas, they will be forever the new classic.


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January 3, 2017

Ryan + Darren: Rustic Elegance at Crabtree’s Kittle House


On the East bank of the Hudson River, thirty miles north of New York City, lies the beautiful historic settlement of Chappaqua. Founded by the Quakers in the 1780s, Chappaqua is home to a multitude of stunning historical buildings, including the timelessly elegant Crabtree’s Kittle House, where Ryan and Darren Mooney were married in impeccable style this past November.

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


Ryan and Darren reside in Boston, where they met during their second year of law school.  “We were both at a mutual friend’s birthday party where I learned Darren was moving not far from where I lived,” recalls Ryan, “I must have had liquid courage because I jumped at the opportunity to show him the neighborhood.  It was very awkward, to say the least…we went to the gym and then Trader Joe’s! It stuck though, and we’ve been together ever since!”

Four years later, Darren proposed on the infamous Acorn Street tucked away in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. “I thought we were on our way to a Christmas party, but soon learned Darren had other plans. He even had a photographer hiding in an alley to capture everything.”



The next morning, Darren surprised Ryan with a trip to Newport, RI, their favorite getaway, where they stayed on the water at the Castle Hill Inn.  “It was warm for early December (el nino/global warming), so we got to walk along the beach barefoot while drinking champagne. It was my kind of weekend!”

Because Darren proposed in December, the couple went into their venue search knowing they wanted a winter wedding that reflected the holiday vibes surrounding their engagement. On the weekend following New Year’s Eve, the couple set off from Boston to tour a handful of venues in the New York area where Ryan grew up. Crabtree’s Kittle House was their first stop.  

“We drove up and immediately fell in the love with the huge wreath hanging outside,” says Ryan, “It got better when we stepped in to find garland running along the staircases, rustic touches here and there, and an overall homey and welcoming feel throughout.”


Wedding Party / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree's Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Wedding Party / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


While they still looked at a few other venues, the couple kept thinking back to the Kittle House and eventually cut their search short. “What ultimately sold us was the people who worked there. Everyone was genuinely nice, caring and accommodating. We felt comfortable and we felt valued.”

The Kittle House began as a humble barn when its timber frame was first built in the 1790s, and it was important to Ryan that their wedding décor reflect the venue’s history.  Deep greens and rose gold served as a base color scheme, while accents of deep pink and violet opened up the décor to a more free, rustic feel.  The reception featured a combination of long, lush garlands and low centerpieces in an English garden style.



“Bride and Blossom scattered dim candles throughout the centerpieces that added warmth and a soft glow to the Kittle House. It was perfection!”

Ryan carried a stunning, textured bouquet of burgundy bacarra roses, pale blush quicksand roses, ivory spray roses, burgundy ranunculus, cream garden roses, parvifolia eucalyptus, and seeded eucalyptus with accents of Italian ruscus vines and hints of natural greenery


Bridal Bouquet / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Bridal Bouquet / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


She wore a gorgeous gown by Eve of Milady and her magnificent “something old” – a fur stole given to her grandmother by her late grandfather, his dedication stitched right into the lining.



“It was so special to literally be wrapped up in a message of love from my grandfather, and my grandmother felt like he was there that day with us all to celebrate.”

When asked what advice she would give to brides-to-be going through the process of planning, Ryan emphasized trusting your gut about little details that matter to you.  “Brides are constantly told to relax and that no one will remember x, y or z. I hated hearing that because I’ll remember at the end of the day! If you have the time and the resources, focus on what matters to you and ignore the naysayers. Plus, I had many guests comment on some of those ‘small’ details and how they loved them, which made my day even better!”


Bridesmaids Bouquets / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Bridesmaids Bouquets / Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


Congratulations, Ryan & Darren!


Venue: Crabtree’s Kittle House
Planner: Susan Knapik – The Wedding Assistant on the Hudson
Photography: Meg Miller Photography
Videography: Michael Joseph Films
Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique
Bride’s Gown: Eve of Milady via Allegria Bridal Boston 
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom’s Tuxedo: 9tailors
Groom’s Shoes: The Black Tux
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Amsale via Allegria Bridal Boston
Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: The Black Tux
Rings: Orly Diamonds
Makeup: JK Flashy
Hair: Beauty by Nicole
Music: Maura & Co (ceremony), BOK Music (reception),
Officiant: Reverend Timothy Wiggins


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January 2, 2017

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Every Bride and Groom


As the new year rolls in and the ball drops at midnight, we are all hoping for a smooth transition into 2017 and cannot wait to see the excitement that is to come. As brides and grooms, the new year can mean it’s finally here, the most exciting, but also stressful, time of your lives. Where to begin the planning process, what needs to be accomplished and what are the steps to take so the big day goes off with a bang? Every new year, we discuss and promise our resolutions, but when the new year is the year of your wedding, those resolutions may change, and we have found five perfect resolutions that will help keep your year on track to ensure successful wedding preparations before the happiest day of your life!

1. Keep a Wedding To-Do List

The best way to keep yourself on track is to create a wedding to-do list. Once you have your wedding date confirmed, making a timeline leading up to the date is a huge help. I find that while creating timelines for any type of event, it is beneficial to add deadlines for when you want certain tasks to be completed. This keeps your planning process organized and secure. Add in aspects like your wedding dress (including payments, fittings, pickup), groom’s tuxedo, bridesmaids’ dresses, photographer, invitation send-outs, booking your florals and everything else in between.  Having this information written out, whether you make yourself a wedding binder or use your email calendar, helps you to stay focused and check marks off of your list to make sure everything is completed in time for your big day!

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis - via MODWEDDING

Wedding Planning Checklist by MarryThis – via MODWEDDING

2. Create an Inspiration Board

This is one of my favorite resolutions for brides and grooms, and the one which I truly believe is the most helpful. Many have dreamed of their wedding, yet when it comes down to choosing a theme, color scheme, accents, florals and overall décor, it is hard to narrow it down to one idea. Keeping an inspiration board from the beginning of the year helps to embody all of the ideas you love as they appear to you. Maybe it’s a picture of centerpieces from a wedding catalog or florals from Pinterest. Whatever it may be, clipping the picture or keeping a file on your computer is a great way to create the perfect vision for which you have always been longing. A wedding inspiration board is a seamless way to guarantee that your vision comes to life and a handy tool to bring to meetings with your florist and designer. It can also assist as a reference for your own DIY projects. Inspiration boards provide all of your ideas at your fingertips; you can mix and match until you have created your perfect wedding fantasy.

3. Take Time When Choosing Wedding Florals

Another resolution for a bride and groom is to take your time and research flowers for your wedding. Here at Bride and Blossom, we know how important it is to have a good idea of the types of florals you would like to use and have a few tips to help you pick flowers to add the most beautiful organic touch. No matter what you choose, florals can make the room feel light, vibrant and romantic, but picking flowers that are in season can help stay on budget. For example, if you’re having a winter wedding, it’s great to go with warm color tones like burgundies, plums and reds. Adding greens to your bouquets and arrangements gives a wintery feeling and using flowers like roses, brunia balls and dark-colored carnations ensures a rich winter ambiance that creates the perfect touch. If you’re getting married in the summer, a color scheme that revolves around creams and whites, with subtle pops of blush, peach and yellow, gives off airy sensations. Adding in accents like baby’s breath and softer flowers like garden roses, ranunculus and lilies creates a whimsical feeling that gracefully complements the spring and summer months. I think it’s really important to devote time and effort to choosing the flowers for your wedding because they bring the magic and passion to the day — make sure not to take them for granted!

4. Make This a Healthy Year

Once you have your wedding agenda set up and have picked your theme and ambiance, it’s time to focus on you. It is extremely easy to forget to take care of yourself during this crazy and hectic planning process, and we want you to remember to always take care of yourself first! Let’s make this year a healthy one! Focusing on exercising, whether that involves cardio, yoga or anything else to get the body moving, and overall nutritional and mental health will help you feel like a better you. It can get away from you in the few months of planning, but sticking to your healthy resolution will help you feel vibrant and beautiful for your big day.

12 Months to a Healthier Life - via Beach Body Blog

12 Months to a Healthier Life – via Beach Body Blog

5. Reduce Stress and Have More Fun

Our last resolution for planning your wedding is to ease up on yourself and have more fun! It is easy to get caught up in a world full of shopping, ordering and the chaos of planning. It is also easy to lose the enjoyment of your wedding. Planning your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we really want to make sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Take it one step at a time, ask for help and follow our wedding planning resolutions for an enjoyable and memorable experience that you will never forget.

Happy New Year - via Kaartje2go

Happy New Year – via Kaartje2go


Have a wonderful 2017 and a joyous wedding season!


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Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom