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April 26, 2017

Amandamarie + Donald: Natural Splendor at The Liberty Warehouse


Amandamarie and Donald Cicero were married on a gorgeous day last June in an outdoor ceremony and enchanting reception at The Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Amanda and Donald - Ceremony - Liberty Warehouse Photography by South Eleventh

Amanda and Donald – Ceremony – Liberty Warehouse – Photography by South Eleventh


Amandamarie was not one of those girls who grew up dreaming about her wedding. Even as a newly engaged young woman, she didn’t have a clear vision. Amandamarie was sure of one thing though – she didn’t want an overly extravagant event. “We are a pretty laid-back couple,” she said, “so we wanted to keep that relaxed, understated style in our wedding, but still have it be beautiful and elegant.”

They met the summer Amandamarie moved back home to Brooklyn after finishing graduate school in Texas. She accepted an invitation from her best friend, Alicia, to stay with her and a couple of college friends in a summerhouse they were renting on the shore. Alicia knew Donald through a circle of friends. Proving that your best friend always knows what’s good for you, she introduced Amandamarie to Donald. Looking back, Amandamarie laughs, “I gave him such a hard time at first! But it didn’t take long for me to give in.”

After being together for a few years, they hit that point in life when it seems like everyone is either getting engaged or married. Still, the idea of marriage never crossed Amandamarie’s mind because they were really happy just being a young couple in love. Donald, however, had been giving the idea a little more thought.


Amanda and Donald - Ceremony End - Liberty Warehouse Photography by South Eleventh

Amanda and Donald – Ceremony End – Liberty Warehouse – Photography by South Eleventh


Amandamarie and Donald celebrated their third anniversary on a weekend getaway in Long Beach Island. After a rainy morning, they packed a cooler of beer and headed down to the beach. There was still a lingering gloom in the air, but they were glad to have the empty beach all to themselves. Once situated, Donald asked Amandamarie to get his phone from the cooler pocket to take a photo. Nearly foiling his plan, she said, “No, let’s just use mine.” She looked down to adjust her sunglasses and Donald saw his opportunity. He quickly grabbed the ring, got down on one knee, and asked Amandamarie to marry him. The proposal took her by complete surprise. She recalls, “When I think back, it was perfect. We met at the beach and got engaged there. It’s our happy place. Water!”

Amandamarie and Donald only looked at one wedding venue. The Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn appealed immediately to the couple whose story began near the water. They loved the interior’s exposed brick and original wooden beams, which cast an inviting atmosphere over the space. The breathtaking view overlooking the New York Harbor and Statue of Liberty is beyond compare. Further, Amandamarie and Donald live in Brooklyn and had their engagement party at a favorite BBQ joint less than a mile from the venue. Feeling right at home in the area, they knew this was where they wanted to start their new life together. “The Liberty Warehouse is classy and formal without being overdone,” Amandamarie said, “just what we were looking for.”


Amanda and Donald - Reception - Liberty Warehouse Photography by South Eleventh

Amanda and Donald – Reception – Liberty Warehouse – Photography by South Eleventh


Finding a dress came almost as easily as finding a venue. Seven years earlier (way before Donald came into the picture), Amandamarie saw a wedding dress by Inbal Dror on Instagram and bookmarked it for “when the day comes.” But now that the day was actually coming, she was having difficulty finding a local bridal salon that carried the designer. Then, Mark Ingram Atelier announced a trunk show. Amandamarie immediately scheduled an appointment and asked her consultant if they still had THAT dress. Amazingly, they did! Still, she was asked to pick out a few other designs as well. She tried on the Inbal Dror dress last. Right then and there, Amandamarie knew it was the dress she would wear walking down the aisle. She says, “I didn’t want to take it off! I got sized that day. We were in and out in an hour. The lace, the shape, the illusion… I wish I could wear it every day!”



The ceremony took place outside on the pier under an arch made of white birch branches decorated with hanging flower-filled terrariums. Amandamarie carried a stunning, hand-tied bouquet of deep purple and lavender spray roses with accents of greenery. The bridesmaids wore unique dresses by Adrianna Papell and carried lovely bouquets of cream garden roses.



When asked about her colors and floral design, Amanda said, “We wanted a rustic, vintage-inspired aesthetic. And I really liked the palette of purple and green mixed with white and beige.” After saying “I do,” the couple led guests inside to the reception where they were greeted with a romantic and whimsical setting. Natural light flooded the space, illuminating table centerpieces and décor that mixed purple roses, peonies, white dahlias, and antique green hydrangea with lush accents of moss, succulents, and ruscus.



Décor hit a very personal note with the card table. Amanda and Bride & Blossom’s Elianna Phelps were childhood friends. Elianna recalls, “When I saw that an ‘Amandamarie Dimeo’ had contacted us, I knew it had to be my old friend from middle school. It was such a pleasure to reconnect with Amandamarie and help guide her in the making of such an important day. I really enjoyed our creative collaboration on the card table design.” Amandamarie added, “Donald is a NYC firefighter and we thought it would be special to do something with vintage fire ladders. Elianna is to thank for all of that! Her vision was more than I could have ever imagined!” The aged ladders were draped in rich greenery and fresh blooms, creating an impression of a secret garden.


Amanda and Donald - Ladder - Liberty Warehouse Photography by South Eleventh

Amanda and Donald – Ladder – Liberty Warehouse – Photography by South Eleventh


For a bride who had no set ideas going in, Amandamarie’s wedding turned out to be a beautiful affair. Perhaps it was her relaxed approach to planning that made everything seem so easy. She was even thrilled when the event veered a little off script. We asked about her favorite moments from the day. “One of my favorite moments was when my cousin, who is also an NYC firefighter, surprised us by having the FDNY patrol boats that guard the coast drive up to the pier just as we were exchanging vows and spray water. It was incredible!” She continues, “And I will never forget when my Dad saw me dressed for the first time. I could cry just thinking about it.” Amandamarie left us with some advice for the bride-to-be questioning a first look. “My first look with Donny was totally worth it. To anyone out there thinking whether or not to buck tradition, DO IT!


Amanda and Donald - Newlywed - Liberty Warehouse Photography by South Eleventh

Amanda and Donald – Newlywed – Liberty Warehouse – Photography by South Eleventh


Congratulations, Amandamarie and Donald!

Venue: The Liberty Warehouse
Photography: South Eleventh
Wedding Cake: Ample Hills Creamery
Bride’s Gown: Inbal Dror
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Adrianna Papell
Bride’s Shoes: Anthropologie


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April 21, 2017

Anna + Matt: Romantic Elegance at The Pierre


Anna and Matt were married last September in a beautiful ceremony and reception at The Pierre in Manhattan.


Anna & Matthew Wedding - Bride and Groom - Pierre Hotel NYC - by Brett Matthews

Anna & Matthew Wedding – Bride and Groom – Pierre Hotel NYC – by Brett Matthews


For most, a Phish show is not the first place that comes to mind for meeting your future husband. But a Phish show in Saratoga Springs, NY was exactly where Anna met Matt. She recalls, “We stood next to each other on the lawn during the first evening of a three night show. There were around 30,000 fans there!”

Anna and Matt hit it off immediately that first night, kept in touch, and began dating. They soon learned that in addition to Phish, they both share a love of travel. When asked which of their trips together was her favorite, Anna replied, “Our trip to Thailand, because that was where we got engaged!” She remembers, “We were staying at the Four Seasons in Chiang Mai. I had a sense that Matt was going to ask. One evening, he planned a private dinner for just the two of us in a gazebo overlooking a gorgeous lake that’s on the property. There was a musician and bonfire as well. Matt really went the whole nine yards with everything and was so nervous leading up to it. But then he finally proposed. It was perfect!”

Anna had some idea about the kind of wedding she wanted. But her vision really started to take shape during the planning process, specifically once she had chosen a venue. The Pierre is one of the city’s most iconic symbols of refined elegance. Anna said, “I love The Pierre’s classic charm. It’s such a New York staple. I remember walking by the Hotel as a child and admiring Central Park and the classic New York architecture surrounding it.”


Anna & Matthew Wedding - Ceremony - Pierre Hotel NYC - by Brett Matthews

Anna & Matthew Wedding – Ceremony – Pierre Hotel NYC – by Brett Matthews


The ceremony took place in the stylish Cotillion Room. An entry lit with a beautiful display of candles welcomed guests as they took their seats. Anna and Matt exchanged their vows under a chuppah draped with ivory fabric, adorned with white Phalaenopsis orchids and a mix of ivory, white, and cream roses. A dusting of white and ivory rose petals lined the aisle. The exotic floral design created an atmosphere that was opulent, yet romantic.



Anna wore a stunning custom dress by designer Ines Di Santo. She recalls, “The dress was the second of around a hundred dresses that I tried on. I should have just pulled the trigger on the spot!” The exquisite lace detailing and fishtail design of the dress captured Anna’s eye. “I just loved how romantic the dress felt with the lace and the flare.” A dramatic veil, also by Ines Di Santo, flowed behind her as she walked down the aisle. Her blooms complemented the bridal ensemble perfectly. Radiating romance, the teardrop-shaped bouquet mixed white, cream, and pale lavender roses with a dramatic cascade of orchids.

The groom and groomsmen looked dapper in handsome tuxedos by ISAIA.



After the ceremony, guests were led to the reception in the Grand Ballroom, a space famous for its timeless beauty. They were greeted with an enchanting tablescape bedecked with gorgeous centerpieces illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight. Breathtaking floral arrangements of lavender and white and cream tones swelled from tall crystal and gold vessels. Together, the décor and Grand Ballroom’s luxurious design cast an ambiance of grace and style.



We asked Anna if she had any favorite moments from the day. “My ketubah was really special. We were in a gorgeous, almost hidden room in the basement of The Pierre. It was as ornate as the rest of the Hotel, but intimately small and without any windows. My closest family and friends were there.” She continues, “Another favorite moment was when Matt sang to me. It was a total surprise.”

The couple made sure that celebrations were fun and a true reflection of their love and personality. “Let’s not forget when our band encored with a Phish song,” Anna said, “and all our friends were on the stage!” It just goes to show that you can take the girl out of the Phish show, but you can’t take the Phish show out of the girl.


Anna & Matthew Wedding - High Centerpieces - Pierre Hotel NYC - by Brett Matthews

Anna & Matthew Wedding – High Centerpieces – Pierre Hotel NYC – by Brett Matthews


Congratulations, Anna and Matt!


Venue: The Pierre
Photography: Brett Matthews Photography
Videography: Fred Marcus
Caterer + Cake: Newman & Leventhal
Bride’s Gown: Ines Di Santo
Groom’s Tuxedo: Isaia
Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Beauty: Stacie Ford Weddings/Christopher Marrero
Music: Element Music, Radio Underground
Invitations: Gina by Design


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March 20, 2017

The Ritual, Meaning, and Joy of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony


Working weddings in New York City means you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by multiple cultures and a variety of fabulous wedding traditions. Bride & Blossom has been lucky enough to work with brides whose weddings celebrate the many cultures and religions that make this city one of the greatest in the world! With each ceremony comes the opportunity to translate unique traditions into a wonderful expression of a couple’s love. A beautiful example of this is the Jewish wedding ceremony, which is full of meaningful rituals symbolizing the union between a husband and wife and their bond to the Jewish community.


Ceremony / Melanie and Graig / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography

Ceremony / Melanie and Graig / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography


Highlighting the history, meaning, and joy of Jewish marriage rituals that join the chatan (Hebrew for groom) and kallah (bride) for life. From the chuppah and breaking of the glass to the yihud, here’s your guide to a traditional Jewish ceremony.


Kabbalat Panim
On their wedding day, the bride and groom are considered royalty. The Jewish wedding begins with the kabbalat panim, which translates to ‘the receiving of faces.’ Just like a queen and king, the couple receives their guests in two separate events – the Hachnasat Kallah for the bride and Chosen’s Tish for the groom. The bride is seated on a throne-like chair where she is usually greeted by the female guests who are there to provide her needs. During the Chosen’s Tish, which means ‘groom’s table,’ the male guests gather around the groom and drink toasts. The groom tries to read a passage from Torah while guests interrupt him by shouting song. It is intended to keep the mood light and good-spirited.


Jewish Traditions - The Kabbalat Panim - via Jewish Wedding 101

Jewish Traditions – The Kabbalat Panim – via Jewish Wedding 101


The couple sees each other for the first time during the Badeken, or veiling of the bride. A symbol of modesty, the veil expresses the idea that above physical appearance, the groom is drawn to his bride’s inner beauty. The male guests lead the groom to the bride’s room where she is surrounded by her female guests. He looks at his bride before lowering the veil over her face. The custom comes from the biblical story of Jacob’s love for Rachel – Jacob did not see his bride’s face before the ceremony and was tricked into marrying the wrong sister.


The wedding takes place under the chuppah, a canopy that is open on all sides and symbolizes the home of the soon-to-be-married couple. Dating back to when the Jewish people roamed the dessert, the structure recalls the tent of Abraham and Sarah, which was open and welcoming to others. There are no formal requirements regarding the chuppah’s appearance. We’ve had the privilege of working with brides on the design and floral decoration, and love watching how the chuppah becomes a beautiful expression of a woman’s personality and style.



The bride and groom are escorted into the chuppah by their respective set of parents. Next, the bride circles the groom seven times symbolizing the seven days of creation and the building of the walls of their new world together. The number seven is also significant because it symbolizes wholeness and completion.


Kiddushin means Blessings of Betrothal and takes place under the chuppah. After the Rabbi recites the betrothal blessings, the bride and groom take a sip from a ceremonial cup of wine.


The Kiddushin - Betrothal - Jewish Wedding Traditions - Avi & Eleana - photo by Twin Lens Images - via Little Black Book

The Kiddushin – Betrothal – Jewish Wedding Traditions – Avi & Eleana – photo by Twin Lens Images – via Little Black Book


Giving of the Ring
The groom places a ring on the bride’s right index finger in clear view of two witnesses while reciting an ancient Aramaic phrase. Jewish law requires the ring to be made of precious metal and without decoration or stones, which symbolizes a marriage of simple beauty. Not permitted in some Orthodox weddings, the double-ring ceremony continues with the bride sliding a ring on the groom’s index finger.


Ketubah (Marriage Contract)
The Ketubah, marriage contract, is read aloud in Aramaic and English. It is signed by two witnesses and stands as a legally binding agreement. This is the point in the ceremony when the first part Kiddushan (betrothal) ends, and the latter part called Nissuin (marriage) begins.


Ketubah - Jewish Traditions - Jewish Wedding. Contract - via Inside Weddings

Ketubah – Jewish Traditions – Jewish Wedding. Contract – via Inside Weddings


Sheva Brachot (The Seven Blessings)
The theme of the sheva brachot, or The Seven Blessings, links the couple to our faith in God as Creator of the world, Bestower of joy and love, and the ultimate Redeemer of our people. The blessings are recited by the Rabbi, chosen friends and family members, or all guests in attendance.


Breaking of the Glass
The best-known Jewish wedding tradition is the breaking of the glass. Traditionally, the groom shatters a wineglass under his foot. But it is perfectly acceptable for the bride to get in on the fun these days. Reasoning behind the ritual varies: a symbol of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem; a reminder to the couple that life is full of sorrow and joy; a symbol of the fragility of relationships. For wedding guests, the sound of breaking glass means it time to shout “Mazel Tov!” and get the party started. Smashing the is dedicated to featuring this tradition of many brides and grooms.



The Yihud
It’s been a whirlwind day for the couple. The Yihud, which means seclusion, is a ritual during which the couple retreats to a private room where they can have a moment together to reflect on their new partnership as husband and wife.

As you can see, there are many symbolic rituals make up the Jewish ceremony, creating a day filled with meaning, love, and joy that celebrates the union of husband and wife.


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March 8, 2017

Jenna + Matthew: Enchanting Romance at the Museum of Jewish Heritage


Jenna & Matthew Rubin were married this past fall in a breathtaking ceremony and fantastical celebration at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Downtown Manhattan.


Chuppah / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography

Chuppah / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography


After years of disappointment with the New York dating scene and countless attempts to put herself out there and find Mr. Right, Jenna set up an online dating profile.  Her co-worker had encouraged her to try OKCupid after finding her husband there unexpectedly. “You have to weed through some super crazy messages,” she admitted, “but there are some hidden gems if you take the time to really look.”

At first no one stood out to Jenna, but a week in she stumbled on Matthew [aka Gotham360].  She thought he was cute and was delighted by an excerpt from his profile describing his diet.  “I’m a pescatarian,” he wrote,  “which is like a vegetarian but you also eat fish. Now that I’m writing this, I think it might sound a little ridiculous…hope you still like me.” Jenna, also a pescatarian, liked him all the more and sent him a message right away.


Jenna & Matthew / Museum of Jewish Heritage / Cody Raisig Photography Jenna & Matthew / Museum of Jewish Heritage / Cody Raisig Photography


Jenna and Matthew agreed to meet at Corkbuzz Wine Studio in Union Square, where they’ve returned the past two years on the anniversary of their first meeting.  The two connected immediately and proceeded to go on three dates the first week.

On Jenna’s dad’s 60th birthday, the couple flew down to New Orleans to celebrate. After a festive evening of wonderful food, wine and music with family and friends, the lights dimmed and a cake was carried out. To Jenna’s surprise, it was placed right in front of her and when she looked down, instead of saying “Happy Birthday” the cake said “Jenna, will you marry me?”  She turned to find Matthew on one knee with a ring. Her answer was “Yes!” and the rest is history.


Suspended Blooms / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography

Suspended Blooms / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography


Jenna and Matthew had discussed having a fall wedding before getting engaged, but it wasn’t until Jenna found her dress that she started to hone in on style and design. “Once I tried on my Mira gown, I knew immediately it was exactly what I was looking for and I used my dress as inspiration for styling the entire wedding,” she explains, “It felt very ethereal, whimsical and unique, and I wanted to evoke the same feeling I had when looking at my dress throughout the entire design of the wedding.”


Bridal Bouquet / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography

Bridal Bouquet / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography


Jenna carried a magical, modern bouquet of white ranunculus, dahlias, lavender early grey roses, scabiosa, astilbe, purple succulent blooms, and jasmine vines.  White rose petals led up to the altar, where a stunning chuppah of wisteria branches and white delphinium awaited in a glow of hanging votive candles.



Romantic whites carried into the reception, where guests were greeted by a spray of birch branches adorned with hydrangeas, roses, and cascading Dendrobium orchids. Lavender earl gray roses and purple amnesia roses made the arrangement whimsical with violet hues.


Card Table / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography

Card Table / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography


A wide range of designs transformed the reception into an enchanting wonderland of lush garlands, suspended branches, hints of moss and intertwining blooms.



White and purple blooms were suspended over the dance floor, hanging at varied levels to create a magnificent floral ceiling.


Suspended Blooms / Jenna & Matthew / Jewish Heritage Museum / Cody Raisig Photography


We asked Jenna about her favorite moment of the day to look back on. “The best moment of the day for me was right after we were married and walking off the stage hand in hand. There are some photos of us walking out of the auditorium and they’re our favorites from the day. You can see how truly happy and excited we were to be married in the moment and both of us reflecting back have talked about how it was such a perfect moment.”


Jenna & Matthew / Museum of Jewish Heritage / Cody Raisig Photography

Jenna & Matthew / Museum of Jewish Heritage / Cody Raisig Photography


Congratulations, Jenna and Matthew!


Venue: Museum of Jewish Heritage
Planner: Lindsey M Events
Photography: Cody Raisig Photography
Videography: 15 Minutes of Frame
Caterer + Cake : Above and Beyond
Bride’s Gown: Mira Zwillinger
Groom’s Tuxedo: Zegna
Bride’s Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Bridesmaids Dresses: Rooey Knots
Beauty: Beauty With Grace + Fox & Jane
Music: Erik Marshall Band of Hank Lane
Invitations: Kleinfeld + Minted



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March 3, 2017

Joann + Michael at The Mandarin Oriental


Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography

Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography


“Michael is an anesthesiologist and I am a gastroenterologist and yes, it’s a little cliched, but we are two doctors who met at work in the hospital!”

Joann recalls the particular day she and Michael connected for the first time, after almost a year of seeing one another here and there. “I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking he was so handsome, but we are not in the same department so my interactions with him were always a bit random.”  However, one fateful Friday, Michael and Joann were paired to work together for the entire day. It was a slow day of work, so the two had a chance to chat and get to know each other. “I just remember laughing a lot and enjoying the day,” recalls Joann, “Shortly after that he asked me out and I was so excited to spend more time with him outside of work.”


Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography

Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography


They laughed so hard and talked so naturally on their first date out to Japanese food, neither of them even realized when the restaurant was starting to close. “I don’t think it took us long after that to realize that we were meant for each other,” says Joann,  “Michael has always felt like home to me. He makes me feel so comfortable to be myself. I feel like I’ve known him all my life. I feel very lucky to have found him!”

When it came down to planning, neither Michael nor Joann had a set idea for what kind of wedding they wanted. “All we knew was that we wanted to plan an event for our close friends and family that was filled with lots of warmth and love and wanted it to be a memorable night for everyone, not just us.”  The couple began by compiling a list of vendors and venues that interested them based on research and reviews, and then set up a series of meetings.  When we asked Joanna about the process of finding the right venue and vendors, the in-person meetings were crucial to determining what they wanted and who they trusted.  “The meetings were probably the most important part of our planning process because as great as reviews can be, the in-person meeting or site visit really helped us realize what we wanted in the end of it all,” she explains, “This was especially important for our vendors – if we were trusting them with one of the most important days of our lives, we needed to know that we would connect with them to trust them completely.”

Plus, taking the time to find vendors they trusted only led to more connections. “Once we established relationships with vendors, we also found them to be a rich resource for referrals to other vendors, because who better to ask for advice and referrals then from vendors who you already trust!”


Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography

Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography


“After we secured our venue, we began to look at flowers to figure out our plan.  When we saw pictures of bright, jewel-toned flowers, it was undeniable that it evoked the emotions consistent with what we wanted for our wedding, as opposed to whites or pastels,” explains Joann.  “When we spoke with Rachel about this, she took our ideas and put together the most stunning arrangements.”

Joann carried a one-of-a-kind bouquet of eggplant calla lilies, plum ranunculus, purple and fuchsia roses, and burgundy anemones. Tall arrangements in similar tones with raspberry spray roses and purple hydrangeas stood at the aisle entrance and the altar with votive candles clustered at the base, creating a mesmerizing, romantic ceremony.



Jewel-toned blooms carried into the ceremony, with a card table arrangement of manzanita branches dotted with iridescent purples and pinks.



Centerpieces ranged from soaring sprays of Hawaiian orchids to low, lush collections of hydrangeas and roses.



In the glow of candlelight, these stunning, rich colors transformed The Mandarin Oriental into a fantastic, welcoming wonderland that was completely unique.  “The rich colors of the flowers were so beautiful and expressive, they brought warmth to the wedding and I could not stop smiling, I felt like it perfectly brought out the mood of the night.”


Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography

Joann & Michael / Mandarin Oriental / Ryan Brenizer Photography


We asked Joann her advice for letting go and enjoying the big day. “We both made sure to take moments to soak it all in.  Our guests had a blast, the venue was amazing and the flowers and lighting were beyond words….we felt so grateful for it all.  We wanted to get married again the following weekend!”


Congratulations, Joann and Michael!


Venue: Mandarin Oriental New York
Planned by: Jessica Jordan Events
Photography: The Brenizers
Videography: Love in Progress
Cake: Madison Lee’s Cakes
Bride’s Gown: Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade
Groom’s Tux + Shoes: Giorgio Armani
Rings: Tiffany & Co.
Beauty: JAC Beauty
Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Music: Juilliard Musicians
Reception Music: DJ David Medina
Invitations: Minted
Photobooth : Sweet Booths


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February 15, 2017

Flower Feature – Hydrangea


One of the most beautiful and well-known species in the flower kingdom, is hydrangea. Hydrangea originated in many regions of the world, including North and South America, Europe and Asia. Now worldwide, they are very famous and a popular flower grown in gardens, while also being used at special occasions and weddings. Offering a variety of species in the kingdom, it is most famous for its hydrangea and Dutch hydrangea variety. The hydrangea species is famous for its large soft clusters and overwhelming beauty in its natural state. The hydrangea flower is grown on a hydrangea bush in single clusters containing multiple little flowers and blooms. Though each individual flower is very small, hydrangea’s florets are known for coming in full round clusters at the top of a single stem.


White Hydrangea Bouquet - A Modern Style - via Martha Stewart Weddings

White Hydrangea Bouquet-A Modern Style- via Martha Stewart Weddings


Hydrangea are most popular and known for their pure white petals, yet they are also grown in a variety of colors including purple, blue and pink. A small fact that many don’t know about hydrangea is that the color of the hydrangea flowers depends on the acidity of the soil they are grown in. This can determine whether they will produce, for example, blue or white flowers. Offering a complete range of colors, Dutch hydrangea bloom in a little more variety of colors than the average hydrangea, including white, green, and all shades of pink, blue and purple.



Hydrangea, though grown in many parts of the world,  thrive in moist soil with partial shade and die instantly when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Another fact about the hydrangea is that they are the ‘camel’ of the flower world,  meaning they require and flourish off a huge amount of water. Hydrangea need to drink excessive amounts of water a day to stay crisp, fresh and silky. They get their name from the Greek word ‘hydro’, which means water, and ‘angeion’ which stands for vessel. This symbolic name is very fitting, since this species requires a lot of water to grow and lasts a long time.


Blue Hydrangea - Haute Hydrangea - photo by Hamptons Hostess

Blue Hydrangea – Haute Hydrangea – photo by Hamptons Hostess


Representing honesty, gratitude and the thought of giving, hydrangea makes for the perfect package for many occasions. Another aspect of this species is that its unique look can adapt to many wedding styles. From classic, romantic, modern, colorful or even neutral styles, hydrangea can modify and complement their surroundings beautifully. Hydrangea are a staple flower in the summer and spring, but are also used for special occasions during the other seasons. As we mentioned earlier, hydrangea are offered in blooms of white, purple, blue and pink, making them the perfect statement piece that complements both arrangements and brides. These flowers look beautiful and delicate, yet are very strong and have a long vase life with plenty of water. They are a classic choice, and one that complements each and every occasion.




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