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February 8, 2017

DIY Wedding Inspiration Boards


Though we’re past the holiday craze and have already rung in the new year, it is still the season of romance, proposals, and new beginnings. For all of you newly engaged brides and grooms, it is the time to bring your excitement to life and start planning the wedding of your dreams. Many brides have years of ideas stored in the back of their heads; pictures ripped out of magazines or pinned on Pinterest. A wedding is the most beautiful and elegant day of your life, and here at Bride & Blossom we believe that it should be nothing less than perfectly fashioned for you.

For brides looking to pull all their ideas together, we love to suggest a good old fashioned inspiration board.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, inspiration boards are a literal board or digital platform for you to collect images, fabrics, magazine articles, online catalogs and even personal pictures, in one place. This may include ideas for your theme, celebrity inspiration images, possible color schemes, décor that speaks to you, dresses of your dreams and more! Building an inspiration or “vision board” is an important step in the planning process because it helps you organize ideas and ensures your concepts are brought to life by you, your venue and your vendors. Today, we look at some of the most efficient and effective ways of building an inspiration board that will help you hone in on your wedding goals and communicate your ideas to vendors when the time comes.


Wedding Inspiration Board via Southbound Bride

Wedding Inspiration Board via Southbound Bride


The first thing to remember while putting your board together is it is not a shopping list! Yes, you may pull pictures of items which you will later purchase, but this is ultimately an exercise in gathering ideas freely to later curate into a fresh and organic look that is personalized just for you.

Here are a few of the first steps to get you started:

Step 1. Find a platform to create your board.

Step 2. Decide what the board will consist of.

Step 3. Find images, materials and color schemes that bring your vision to life.

Step 4. Organize, add and remove until the board flows exactly how you would like.

Step 5. Work with vendors, bridal party and your venue to make your hard work and vision a reality!

You might prefer to create one board or break it up into categories such as reception, ceremony, flowers and dresses. This makes it super convenient to relate back to and work directly with the products in question. Adding color swatches, flower types, and sample pictures of weddings at your desired venue makes for a much easier first meeting with your vendors. Photoshop is a great tool to use as you can create, cut, crop and blend clips together to have a full image in front of you. This is also a great tool as you can print them out for physical copies, or send them as documents to your florist, venue and other vendors in order to ensure that everyone has the same mental image and is prepared to work towards the same aesthetic. We find this to be a particularly useful method because you can swap images as your change your mind, save old boards and have fun creating and mixing up themes, styles, colors and ideas!



For you old fashioned, DIY brides out there, you may prefer to pull images from magazines or catalogs and pin them on a cork board, blank wall, poster, or in a binder. This method is fun in that it allows you to pull from all sorts of sources. Mix and match, tape and pin until you have created the complete collage for you. This can include images from bridal magazines, recipes for cocktails, pieces of fabric, handwritten notes, whatever you want! Some people work better when they can feel the fabric of their bridesmaid dresses or physically hold color swatches next to each other to really envision their wedding reception or ceremony. This is a fun and creative way to design anything from your centerpieces to your invitations, plus it’s something you will always have to remember the beautiful characteristics you first dreamed of and then made a reality.



If you’re tech-savvy and eager to work fast and furiously, there are several options for online platforms to help facilitate your digital board.



Pinterest is a media platform that allows you to search and save – or “pin” – images, videos, DIY ideas, recipes, etc. that link directly back to their original source. When you see an image you like, you simply click “Pin it!” and that image is added to your personal compilation or “pin board.”

One of the biggest advantages of Pinterest is that images are catalogued by keywords and descriptive tags, allowing you to search for highly specific images. A search for “Bohemian wedding flowers,” for example, could be followed by a search for “Bohemian wedding flowers purple bridal bouquet.”

On your own Pinterest profile, you can create a private folder that allows you to mix and match and save images to refer back to later. Pinterest is a great tool for people who need general inspiration or want ideas to add to their existing plans. It’s helpful, creative and fun (and addictive!) to browse past weddings, staged shoots, historical images, and magazine articles under one URL. Compile your favorites and then make those fabulous ideas your own.



SampleBoard is a fantastic tool that is popular in the interior design and wedding industries. It allows you to create, expand, and share vision boards by searching the web or uploading external images, and organizing them into an inspiration board. Its intuitive, drag & drop design makes it a fast, sleek, and user-friendly option for brides and designers alike.


Styleboard (by The Dessy Group)

This online tool is part of The Dessy Group. The Dessy Group is primarily a wedding retailer, but they also provide a great vision board builder, Styleboard, on their website. Styleboard provides a blank slate and many add-in features such as an Instagram search within the app, as well as pictures from a variety of categories like food & beverage, décor, cakes and jewelry.



Whichever method you choose, inspiration boards are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and help you get motivated to plan your big day. We hope that while creating your inspiration boards you not only feel inspired to get down to planning every last detail, but you also have fun, enjoy looking at spectacular weddings and piece by piece, build your dream wedding before your very eyes.



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January 24, 2017

Floral Hairpieces for Brides


Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography

Wedding Party / Cammie & Peter / Brooklyn Botanical Garden / Nicki Sebastian Photography


Flowers bring the romance, beauty and whimsy to a wedding day, and I am sure most of us can agree the more the merrier.There are so many different ways to include flowers in your special day beyond bouquets and centerpieces. Today we’ll be looking at a few different ways of incorporating flowers into your hair, a fun and creative way to enhance your hairstyle and overall bridal look.

For all of you flower children out there, a flower crown is a great way to channel your bohemian spirit. When designing a flower crown for your wedding day, there are a few different routes you can take.

A simple wreath of greens is always an elegant choice, and many types of greenery lend themselves well to crown making including Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Pine, and Rosemary.  Rustic and ‘outdoorsy,’ these crowns are perfect for a forest wedding.  Vibrant greens offer a great contrast to your white gown, while keeping your overall look modest and natural. Small-scale blooms like Baby’s Breath or micro Daisies are a great option if you want to add a light touch of florals to your otherwise all-green crown.

If you’re designing a full flower crown, playing with the crown’s symettry will help you decide what type of look you want.  A crown that has flowers around the full perimeter means the crown will be fully symmetrical and have the same amount of flowers in the front and back. Some brides choose to have a crown that is all flowers in the front and just greens or ribbon in the back.  Another modern look is to create a crown that has a large floral focal point and is heavily structured to one side. For example, the right side of the crown could host a cluster of flowers while the left is scarce.

While creating a crown it is important to pick flowers that go with your other arrangements and align with the season.  It is also key that the flowers compliment your dress style.  For example, if you’re wearing a silk low back dress, adding in White Tibet Roses or a single Orchid will flatter the sleekness, while a lacey Boho-inspired dress will respond beautifully to brightly colored Garden Roses or Daisies.

Flowers in the Rose family, especially Garden Roses and Spray Roses work very well for headpieces, as well as Mums, Sunflowers, Ranunculus, and Tropical Orchids.  If you want to have multiple people in the wedding party wearing crowns, a great way to find that balance is to have your bridesmaids wear crowns of that same greenery that serves as the base for a more elaborate floral bridal crown.

Have fun with it and don’t be scared to experiment with wild and free and clean and simple.


If you’re looking for something a little more subtle,  floral hair placements are a great option with limitless possibility.  This can include a flower cluster on one side accentuating your profile, a flower barette placed in a low bun or one or two flowers highlighting a side ponytail.

When designing a floral hairpiece, you often want to pick a floral focal point and then play around the the space around it. A large garden rose, for exmaple, can be placed in the center, while smaller spray roses and greenery fill in the surrounding space. Attaching a cluster of blooms to a clip,comb, or barette ensures they will stay secure as you dance the night away.

Another popular bridal hairstyle is a low bun that rests right above your neck. Adding a floral piece right above the low bun (as seen below) can imitate a flower crown without covering your entire head. Starting with greens, and adding in a few special flowers really dresses up this simple and elegant look and adds a touch of romance.

Finally, there’s a new popular trend of attaching a cluster of flowers to the comb that holds your veil in place. Baby’s Breath, Greenery and even smaller flowers like  Spray Roses serve this purpose well.  This  simple touch allows you to have the best of both worlds: the coveted classic veil with a festive touch of stylish florals.


Depending on your bridal style, sometimes the best way to incorporate flowers into your hair is by avoiding structure entirely. After you’ve chosen your hairstyle, be it a French twist, a Dutch braid, or a messy low bun, you can simply add flowers whereever you see fit! This works well with smaller clusters of blooms like micro Daisies, Lavender, Baby’s Breah, and Spray Berries.  Braids lend themselves well to this because there are so many nooks and crannies to house the flowers, and creates a long sough after Rapunzel look.  Adding flowers to a messy braid or bun is a great way to polish it up and keep it looking intentional.


Enhancing your wedding hair with flowers is a great way to incorporate romance and elegance no matter what style  you choose.




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January 11, 2017

Getting Married in a Winter Wonderland


The holidays have passed, the new year has arrived, and all of our winter brides are wishing for one thing: a snowfall on their wedding day to create a magical scene. We can’t control the weather, but we can control our wedding décor, ideas and accents to produce a perfect winter wedding. Inspiring winter color schemes, décor, flowers, and accents can help bring your theme to life. Using our winter wisdoms will help you and your guests remember why you chose to get married at the most wonderful time of the year.


Couple Kissing / Melanie Gotlin / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography

Reception / Melanie and Graig / Tribeca Rooftop / Brett Matthews Photography


While creating a winter wonderland atmosphere, there are two big aspects that can change the entire feel of a room: venue décor and color scheme. Picking a color scheme for linens, displays, lighting and florals is the first step to bringing your vision to life. For winter weddings, it is easy to forget that you can still find vibrant and rich colors in winter-appropriate tones. Using creams and ivories is the perfect way to create a sultry, rich feeling. Adding in other mediums like greens, neutrals and even red and blue accents can create a festive feeling to play up your theme. Adding in small touches of winter theme fabrics can also bring out a very seasonal feel.



I think a base of neutrals is a great beginning to your décor. Neutral linens, including tablecloths, napkins, curtains and drapery, help to create a warm and rich winter feel without overpowering the room. Next, adding in vibrant and colorful tones to your other décor, accent pieces and florals is a great way to liven up the room. While creating tablescapes, centerpieces and other focal design points, it is important to keep your theme alive with inspired pieces. You can add in classic winter themes like snowflakes, garland and even fake snow effect on rustic branches. My favorite way to accomplish flawless winter wedding décor is using extra greenery like pine and rosemary to give a forest feel to your centerpieces, or pine cones to carry out the theme. I love using excess neutral flowers, including white tibet roses, peonies and hydrangea, to complement the room. A great floral statement for your ceremony is a floral altar. Standing under a natural branch-built altar covered in beautiful flowers that exude winter is a great and simple way of dressing up the room.  Red pops of flowers like garden roses, spray berries and burgundy ranunculus can help bring the room to life.



For winter weddings, lighting can make a huge difference in the ambiance. Dimmed lights and uplighting create an enchanted feel, and candles can be used to light up the room. Floating candles with winter greens or displays created with ornate candlesticks in colors like gold and silver offer a festive, rich feel to the room. Another fun trick with candles is to create holders out of natural wood in order to achieve a tree-stump effect (as seen below). This allows for a forest feel and brings the theme to life.



Another creative route to take while completing décor for a winter wedding is to incorporate rustics. Rustic can be achieved in many different ways, but in regards to winter weddings, we are referring to natural accents. These include branches and wooden materials, pine cone and fruit accents like apples and berries. You can even add a bit of nature to the mix by incorporating antlers (fake, of course!) into centerpieces or even your wedding cake for one special wow factor. There are a lot of fun and funky ideas that can create a classic winter vision, and we recommend them all!


White Winter Wedding Cakes - via EC Invites

White Winter Wedding Cakes – via EC Invites


‘A Winter Wonderland’ can be the wedding of your dreams, the wedding you have always imagined and one that will leave your guests in awe. Using our simple tricks and steps is a perfect way to creating a ceremony and reception space that is vibrant, inviting, magical and inspiring. Winter brides are the new trend, and with these inspiring ideas, they will be forever the new classic.


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June 29, 2016

On Wednesdays, We Like Pink


According to color psychologists, seeing the color pink triggers feelings of being nurtured and understood. Pink calms the fiery passion of red, creating a more gentle and loving energy.  “Pink really lends itself to weddings and we see a lot of it, especially with pale pink being on trend,” says Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “What’s so great about it is it’s fun and romantic while still being sophisticated – if done right…We get a lot of grooms who get nervous when their fiancée will take out the pink inspiration board or have an all-pink Pinterest board.”


Pink can be tricky – if you push too much pink against a poorly matched venue or combine too many tones and textures, things can quickly go from charming to childish. “Our goal is to make sure the wedding doesn’t look like Barbie’s birthday party so we’re super careful in what we use it in, how much of it we use and the shades we select when we design the wedding.”

“…Overall, if the client wants a pink wedding, we’ll make sure to incorporate some creams, white and greens into the mix so it’s not so overwhelming, and maybe also use a champagne linen as well. Just because you have a “theme color” doesn’t mean it has to be everywhere and in everything – there should always be a nice balance.”

Whether pink is your statement color or simply an accent in your wedding décor, the options for its inclusion are endless.  Today, many brides and wedding planners are expanding beyond pink bouquets and centerpieces and finding creative ways to incorporate the classic color.  Here, we take a look at some of today’s fun celeb brides who have not been shy with their love of all things PINK.

Portia De Rossi 

Portia De Rossi / Pink Wedding Dress / via

Portia De Rossi / Pink Wedding Dress by Zac Posen / via


With a traditional cream-colored halter top, a blush-tinted tulle skirt was an effective subtle accent in Zac Posen’s designs. Designing both of their bridal looks, adding a touch of pink to Portia’s skirt gave both brides a complementing color and romantic style.

Gwen Stefani 

Gwen Stefani / Pink Wedding Dress / via

Gwen Stefani / Pink Wedding Dress by John Galliano / via


Wanting her dress to stay away from any traditional vibe, Gwen Stefani was able to spray paint her John Galliano white silk gown with a pink hue. The ombre style captured her colorful personality, but did not take away from her special day. Carrying a small bouquet allowed the attention to stay on her unique bridal look.

Anne Hathaway 

Anne Hathaway / Pink Wedding Dress / via

Anne Hathaway / Pink Wedding Dress by Valentino / via


Other than diamonds, tulle may be a girls’ best friend– at least on her wedding day. Showcasing a traditional look, Valentino incorporated a soft pink ombre in Anne Hathaway’s gown. The detail was able to show colorfully against the pure white of her full length veil.

Jessica Biel 

Jessica Biel / Pink Wedding Dress / via

Jessica Biel / Pink Wedding Dress by Giambattista Valli Haute Couture / via


Jessica Biel knew she wanted to stay away from a traditional white color when searching for her bridal gown and choosing a pink floral Giambattista Valli Haute Couture piece. Though the original dress was created in a fuchsia tone, the designer suggested a lighter pink. Biel complimented the dress’ flattering shade with a white and green bouquet.

Reese Witherspoon 

Reese Witherspoon / Pink Wedding Dress / via

Reese Witherspoon / Pink Wedding Dress by Monique Lhuillier / via


Reese Witherspoon’s southern-chic wedding was complimented by her pink look. Though traditional, she did not wear white until the reception. Her custom blush Monique Lhuillier gown was detailed with a Chantilly lace bodice and full A-line skirt. The white veil and cream bouquet brightened the blush coloring.



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February 24, 2016

Wedding Advice from the BB Team: What We Would Do Differently


You spend months, maybe even years, planning your wedding day, and before you can take a sip of your champagne toast, it’s over! We know how quickly that day can go by, so the Bride and Blossom team got together to talk about what we wish we knew before our special days, and what we would do differently.

Elianna Phelps, Director of Events 

Our wedding was a more rustic/simple wedding on an island off the coast of Maine (July 21, 2012). We met in Maine, and lived there for about 5-6 years, so it was really meaningful for us — it was all about the views of Casco Bay as the backdrop for our ceremony and reception. We got really lucky had perfect Maine weather, not too hot and not storming, just blue skies and a salty sea breeze. We did not have a wedding party – just our immediate families (moms, dads, sisters) at the altar with us. It was really intimate and felt right. We wrote our vows together since we wanted them to be relevant to us.

I really wouldn’t have changed a thing about the wedding as a whole, since it was a day filled with so much love, and we really had too much fun. All of our guests partied and danced all night, even the older folks. We even had wedding crashers! I saw an unfamiliar face on the dance floor, and she told me she was walking to the ferry boat and said it looked like a fun party, ha!

In terms of flowers/decor, I would love to have had peonies, cattleya orchids, hellebores and lots of beautiful greeneries to add texture and dimension! And would have loved a really dramatic asymmetrical bouquet with cascading hand dyed silk ribbon, I drool over them now. I would have been more selective of the exact flowers and design. I also would have definitely done away with the hanging lanterns, and done something more creative!

Elianna Wedding


Lindsay Saltz, Creative Director 

I would have held my bouquet properly (lower and centered) while I walked down the aisle. I looked like the Statue of Liberty!

Lindsay Wedding


Lauren Fernandez, Wedding Coordinator 

1. The bar at our venue lit up (we didn’t know it until the wedding day) and it was purple, totally clashing with our yellow, gray, and white color scheme. We really didn’t notice until we saw our pictures!

2. At our church ceremony, our chairs were black and were right in the middle of the aisle. They were a bit of an eyesore in our photos. Didn’t even think of that!

Lauren Wed


Rachel Trimarco, Founder & CEO

I would have filled the room with flowers and done hanging flowers all across the dance floor. I would have loved to do long tables with floral tablescapes. I would not have had my dress and the bridesmaids custom made because it was so much work and we didn’t end up saving anything!

wedding pic 1


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February 19, 2016

Three Keys to Wedding Social Media


Social media is an increasingly present component of our everyday lives, but does it belong at a wedding? Experts say yes, there are ways to tastefully incorporate Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat into your ceremony and reception — but the key is in taking control over the situation before it gets out of hand. Read on for three keys to the perfect social media strategy for your big day.

dideo photography, the new york botanical garden (12)

Venue: New York Botanical Gardens
Photography: Dideo Films

1) Use a #Hashtag 

The easiest way to keep track of social media memories is to come up with a unique hashtag for your wedding, and make sure guests are aware of it. The hashtag can be as simple as putting both of your names together and adding the word “wedding,” ie., BB creative director Lindsay Saltz‘s wedding hashtag could have been #lindsayandaaronwedding. Wedding Wire even has this handy wedding hashtag generator, if you’re feeling lazy or uninspired. Put your hashtag on your save the dates, wedding website, and even escort cards, and have your on-site staff encourage avid Instagramming.


via Mashable

2) Outsource It 

While you may want the memories afforded by social media, you don’t want to be glued to your phone on your own wedding day. In decades past, the honor of maintaining the guest book was usually given to a special friend or relative, so why not use this same strategy for social media? Ask your tech-savvy teenage cousin to snap photos and come up with witty captions of the reception and post them throughout the night. You’ll end up with a ton of content, and never have to lift your own finger.


3) Physicalize It

Once your back from your honeymoon and experiencing wedding withdrawals, you have the perfect excuse to sort through that hashtag you came up with and find your favorite content. Then, use a service like Social Print Studio to make custom thank-you gifts and hard-copies of images you’ll want to remember forever.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.38.03 AM

via Social Print Studio


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