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October 18, 2016

#TechTuesday Wedding Tech Update


With tech rapidly expanding the ways we design, capture, and connect with our weddings and our guests, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. From fantastically futuristic décor to mind-blowing ways of capturing memories, we gathered a few newcomers to the uncharted merging of weddings and technology.


Go-Pro Bridal Bouquet

This bride looks like she’s having so much fun steering her bouquet through the day to capture the best footage! Ask to leave some space for a small camera in your bouquet for a totally unique perspective to preserve forever.


3D Cake Decorations

Personalized cake toppers are sweeping the wedding scene. But if you’re not so into having you and your partner replicated in 3D, check out these intricate printed sugar decorations.  One glance will have your imagination running wild. No matter your theme or color scheme, it doesn’t get more custom than this!

3D Printed Wedding Cake Decor via 3D Systems

3D Printed Wedding Cake Decor via 3D Systems


Bridal Stream


Even when you have guests traveling from far and wide, there are always a few who just can’t make it.  Bridal Stream is here to insure those loved ones can still be included.  After setting up a personalized wedding site for you and your partner, Bridal Stream sends a representative on-site to livestream the ceremony. Friends and family from afar can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show – if so inclined, they can even comment and chat with other guests.


Light Projections For Your Wedding Cake

Disney unveiled this idea with their line of Fairytale Wedding Cakes with digital mapping in 2014.  Now, more and more talented lighting designers are making it possible for you to project anything you like on your cake – from floral prints to old photos to animated pictures.

Crowd-Sourced Wedding Video

Want a wedding video made for you and your friends by you and your friends? Wedding Mix will send you multiple HD video cameras to hand out to your most trusted friends.  After they gather the footage only your loved ones can from your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, receptions, you name it – pick the footage you want to keep, a title and a soundtrack, then pop the cameras back in the mail, and Wedding Mix will edit a beautiful wedding video from the provided footage.



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August 31, 2016

Interview with Cody Raisig of Wedding Drone New York


Cody Raisig / photo by: Bianca Bourgeouis

Cody Raisig / photo by: Bianca Bourgeouis


You may recognize Cody Raisig as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in NYC.  After years of capturing incredible photographs that emphasize authenticity, soft light, and powerful composition, Cody has taken to the sky and launched Wedding Drone New York, a full-service videography company producing footage of weddings like you’ve never seen before.  We caught up with Cody about his exciting new business, dream venues for aerial footage, and how to embrace drones on your special day without feeling like you’ve walked into a sci-fi movie.

What sets Wedding Drones New York apart from other NYC wedding videography?
Aerial cinematography is cutting edge. Very few wedding movie companies use drones; but for those that do so, most are operating illegally, without proper authorization from the FAA, and most don’t have drone-specific liability insurance. But that’s just the start. Wedding Drone New York uses the most high-tech drones, enabling us to capture the most spectacular footage. Whereas other wedding videographers use drones that are operated by one person, we use drones that are operated by two people, allowing us to perform the most amazing camera movements.

Additionally, we are dedicated to documenting everything that takes place outdoors on a wedding day from the sky, not just one small moment. Our wedding video teams have dedicated drone operators on location for the entire wedding day, in addition to conventional cameramen working on the ground. Most other wedding video companies can only do one or the other.

I’ve noticed some brides on blogs who are resistant to drone videography, seeing it as too invasive and futuristic.  What advice would you give to brides to feel more comfortable having a drone flying around them?
In addition to the drone, my team always has cinematographers on the ground using conventional handheld cameras; therefore, the bride can decide how much or how little she wants the drone to be a part of the day. For instance, if a bride doesn’t want the drone to distract from the ceremony, we won’t fly the drone then, leaving it solely to our ground crew to document the ceremony. Another way to make the drone unobtrusive during the ceremony is to have it fly at a high enough altitude so that it can’t be seen or heard. When the drone is 200 feet above you, you can’t hear it or see it; but it’s still getting an insanely cool view of everything. Problem solved.

How did you learn to operate a drone and what is that process like?
I first bought a tiny drone that I could fly indoors and crash into the walls and ceiling of my house – the drone was the size of a silver dollar. Once I mastered that, I bought the real thing and flew the drone very cautiously. At the same time, I was getting a pilot’s license, flying real aircraft. Flight school made me put my life in my own hands, and I quickly realized that flying a two-pound drone was far less complicated than flying a Cessna. Lastly, operating a drone is only half the game; one needs to have the artful eye in order to compose incredible shots. I’ve been a professional cinematographer and still photographer my entire career, shooting weddings around the world and directing photoshoots from Japan to Switzerland, Mexico to Costa Rica. A lot of geeks use drones, but it takes the eye of an artist to get incredible shots.

The video on your website is filmed at a gorgeous, sprawling estate. Do you, or can you, also capture drone footage in a densely populated area like Manhattan?
Using a drone in Manhattan is very challenging for a variety of reasons. The majority of Manhattan resides within LaGuardia Airport’s airspace, which is entirely off-limits to drones. Downtown Manhattan is fair game for drones in terms of airspace, but the challenge then becomes flying the drone over the general public, which is prohibited. We are only allowed to fly the drone over willing participants of the photoshoot, eliminating places where random people are hanging out and walking. That said, a rooftop in lower Manhattan, would be fair game to fly the drone over. Can you a picture a wedding on top of Tribeca Rooftop?

Tell me about a venue you’d love to capture with drone photography.
I’ve photographed several weddings at Blue Hill Stone Barns, and the venue is really gorgeous. I think it would be an awesome place to bring a drone. I can imagine getting shots of the bride and groom on their grounds, and it would be stunning. Also, any wedding that takes place by the ocean or beach would be great, too. I photographed a wedding in Saint Lucia at a place called Cap Maison, and the ceremony took place on a cliff over the Caribbean Sea. That would be perfect for Wedding Drone New York!

Be sure to check out Wedding Drone New York on:



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July 27, 2016

5 Essential Apps for the Modern Bride


He pops the question, you say yes, and just like that – you’re engaged! Now comes the hard part. From creating and maintaining a guest list, to deciding on every little detail, to finding the best vendors for you and your venue – there’s a reason people get paid for this! But luckily, smartphone apps can take your wedding planning from a hectic nightmare, to something simple, seamless, and fun!

Here are five outstanding apps to help keep you sane from “Yes!” to “I do.”

For finding your perfect dress…


Pronovias App via

Pronovias App via


This free app, developed by the globally renowned bridal firm of the same name, allows you to browse thousands of bridal and cocktails dresses, create a personalized lookbook of your favorite gowns, and sync with your calendar for seamless wedding planning.  Then, head down to their stunning NYC flagship store on East 52nd Street to try on your selected gowns in a private space with an expert personal stylist.

For mastering your wedding website…

Appy Couple

Appy Couple App via

Appy Couple App via


You want a wedding website that keeps your guests informed and at ease, lets them know exactly what to expect, and gets them excited to celebrate!  For those who are less than tech-savvy, the idea of building a website can be quite intimidating.

Enter Appy Couple, the super slick app that will guide you through the development process seamlessly, while giving you total creative control over the look and functions of your personalized website and wedding app.  Travel, accommodation, specialized group chats, in-app RSVP, registry, and beautiful photo albums – this app truly has it all.

Appy Couple starts at $39, with a Premium package that unlocks additional features for $89.

For tracking your tasks and budget…

Wedding Happy

For all you obsessive list-makers out there, this is the app for you.  With a clean, simple, and all-around practical design, this app has all the essentials for keeping track of tasks to do, vendors to hire, invites to send out, and every penny spent.  Collaborate with your partner to sync contacts, exchange task assignments, and track everything in a calendar.  Plus, Wedding Happy works everywhere, with or without WiFi, so you can plan on the go.

Wedding Happy via

Wedding Happy via


For receiving exactly what you wanted…

Zola Wedding Registry

Zola App via

Zola App via


We all know how impersonal it can feel to browse traditional registries.  When you’re working under one brand and one brand only, your options and your guests’ options for gifting something that expresses their congratulations are limited.  Well, Zola is here to change the game.  With personalized registries that allow you to express your taste across multiple brands, experiences, and cash funds, building your registry has never been more fun.  Zola also allows your guests to group-gift, so multiple friends can pitch in for pricier gifts or trips.  You’ll be alerted by mobile immediately, so you can accept, exchange, or hold on shipping ’till you’re ready to receive.

For capturing every moment…

Wedding Party

Wedding Party App via

Wedding Party App via


It’s never fun nudging your friends and family to send you their pictures of your special day. Mobile or email? Dropbox or Drive? Facebook or Instagram? Wedding Party is here to do the work for you.  From your engagement party to your wedding day, with the click of a button you and your loved one’s photos are collected and organized into beautiful, seamless albums.  There’s even a mobile photo booth feature, that lets you and your friends create adorable strips and gifs and share them directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or by private message.



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June 6, 2016

Wedding Tech Trends That Will Have You Re-Thinking Robotics


The thought of introducing too many screens to your wedding day might make your head spin, but as the times change so do the ways we plan, celebrate, and preserve the most memorable days of our lives.

Here are five tech trends that will have you re-thinking #WeddingTech – from the surreal to the downright practical.

1) Hire a drone photographer.

The idea of a drone at your wedding may strike you as a little freaky at first, but once you see aerial footage of a wedding party panning out into a spectacular landscape, we have a feeling you’ll be hooked.

Video via Above Summit + Lovely Valentine Photo + Film

2) Wear a heart rate band.

There are some things photos just can’t capture.  Following this video released by GOOD magazine, which tracked a man’s heart rate gearing up to, proposing, and being accepted by his girlfriend, couples have been wearing heart rate bands as they prepare and perform their vows. Graphs of your day together make beautiful, modern keepsakes that truly capture every moment.

Video via GOOD

3) Hire a robot bartender.

What’s smaller than a microwave, sleeker than an Apple product, and capable of mixing over 300 varieties of customizable cocktails in a matter of seconds?  That would be Somabar – a patent-pending robotic bartender funded through Kickstarter that’s one hundred percent changing the game.  Somabar will be available in five chic colors and will automatically clean itself after each concoction.  Oh, and an app-controlled ordering system lets you and your guests order cocktails straight off your iPhone – for reals.

Video via Somabar Kickstarter

4) Top your cake with 3D replicas of you and your beau.

doob™, a 3D tech company founded in Dusseldorf with pop-up shops in NYC, LA, and SF, will make a perfect specialized caketopper of you and your sweetheart.  How does it work? Simply step into “the doob™-licator™,” strike a pose, and a high-speed scan sets to capture. Before you know it – you’ve been doob™-licated.

Take a detailed look at the mind-blowing process here:

Video via Forbes

5) Set up a charging station.

We’ve all been there. You’ve just found the perfect angle to capture your best friend in her first dance as a wedded wife when you look down and see the dreaded 2%.  Between GPS-ing your way to the venue, hashtagging the ceremony, and Skyping in your friends abroad, weddings will drain you and your guests’ batteries.  Why not provide everyone a chance to power up in style and beautify your charging station with a burst of florals?

Power Bar Station / Wedding Tech /

Photo via



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March 23, 2016

Wedding Tech: Interactive Cakes




Like most wedding-obsessed women, we are also obsessed with everything princess-related here at Bride & Blossom. These interactive wedding cakes pioneered by the team at Disney Fairytale Weddings are no exception. With the latest technology constantly creeping into every element of the modern wedding, it was only a matter of time before cakes became fair game!



This Disney-princess-themed projection cake is perfect for the bride who has always dreamed of re-creating her favorite fairytale on her special day. And if you’re not so into the princess-thing, more vendors are starting to offer this option. Check out this awesome video by Illuminating Magic to see how they make the magic happen!




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February 19, 2016

Three Keys to Wedding Social Media


Social media is an increasingly present component of our everyday lives, but does it belong at a wedding? Experts say yes, there are ways to tastefully incorporate Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat into your ceremony and reception — but the key is in taking control over the situation before it gets out of hand. Read on for three keys to the perfect social media strategy for your big day.

dideo photography, the new york botanical garden (12)

Venue: New York Botanical Gardens
Photography: Dideo Films

1) Use a #Hashtag 

The easiest way to keep track of social media memories is to come up with a unique hashtag for your wedding, and make sure guests are aware of it. The hashtag can be as simple as putting both of your names together and adding the word “wedding,” ie., BB creative director Lindsay Saltz‘s wedding hashtag could have been #lindsayandaaronwedding. Wedding Wire even has this handy wedding hashtag generator, if you’re feeling lazy or uninspired. Put your hashtag on your save the dates, wedding website, and even escort cards, and have your on-site staff encourage avid Instagramming.


via Mashable

2) Outsource It 

While you may want the memories afforded by social media, you don’t want to be glued to your phone on your own wedding day. In decades past, the honor of maintaining the guest book was usually given to a special friend or relative, so why not use this same strategy for social media? Ask your tech-savvy teenage cousin to snap photos and come up with witty captions of the reception and post them throughout the night. You’ll end up with a ton of content, and never have to lift your own finger.


3) Physicalize It

Once your back from your honeymoon and experiencing wedding withdrawals, you have the perfect excuse to sort through that hashtag you came up with and find your favorite content. Then, use a service like Social Print Studio to make custom thank-you gifts and hard-copies of images you’ll want to remember forever.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 9.38.03 AM

via Social Print Studio


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