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May 5, 2017

7 Favorite Trends from Bridal Fashion Week New York Spring 2018


Designers revealed their latest creations during Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2018 in New York recently. The looks were diverse, ranging from billowing ball gowns to sleek and simple silhouettes. If you are a bride-to-be, the dress of your dreams surely lies in one of these collections from Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Monique Lhuillier among others. Bride & Blossom was so inspired by the wedding attire showcased on the runway and in showrooms that we rounded up our favorite trends for the upcoming seasons.


New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018 - Romona Keveza Collection - via Romona

New York Bridal Fashion Week 2018 – Romona Keveza Collection – via Romona


Bejeweled Details: Designers showed off glistening gowns with embellishments that varied from strand-of-pearls accents to all over beading. Monique Lhuillier’s vintage take on the trend paired an elegant fit and flare silhouette with a lavish shoulder necklace. While Jenny Packham and Naeem Khan offer two versions of the beaded sheath – shimmering elegance and glittery white Goth. These wedding looks are so sparkly on their own, you can think about skipping jewelry.



Volume: This trend showed billowing ball gowns fit for a fairytale princess. Christian Siriano went for regal glam with an ornamented bodice and layer-upon-layer of tulle. Viktor & Rolf stunned with a multi-layered tulle skirt that looks like a work of art. Oscar de la Renta’s whimsical design paired a sugary spun bottom and top with delicate floral trimming. You may have a hard time getting around in any of these dresses, but at least you’ll look divine doing it.



Streamline Satin: Amid all the glitter and tulle were simple satin gowns. With the minimalist bride in mind, collections presented looks that proved understated elegance will never go out of style. Lela Rose paired bridal gloves with a silhouette echoing an old Hollywood screen siren. Carolina Herrera’s modern sheath was marked by black straps and drape sleeves. Austin Scarlett presented a relaxed column gown with a hint of side detailing.



Statement Veils: The bridal veil continues to have a moment. Designers’ treatment of the wedding accessory offered styles for the traditional and fashion-forward. Zuhair Murad’s chapel length design exudes grace and style. Viktor & Rolf re-imagined the elbow veil with striking architectural detail, matching it with a classic ball gown. Galia Lahav’s sparkling cathedral design is what wedding dreams are made of.



Flutter Sleeves: Delicate, wind-swept sleeves were seen on gowns of every style. Rita Vinieris encapsulated sheer romance with flowing tulle and lace sleeves on a trumpet silhouette. Radiating pure enchantment, Temperley London’s design is perfect for a woodland wedding. Galia Lahav’s design elevated bohemian with stunning floral embellishments.



Black Accents: For the most part, designers kept this fresh, yet classic look to just a dash of black here and there. Marchesa contrasted a beautifully embroidered gown with a simple black belt. A note of black gives Elizabeth Filmore’s signature lace slipdress an edgy vibe. While Kelly Faetanini skipped subtlety for high drama, combining a luxurious black feather skirt with corset top.



Blue and Pink: And the bride wore something blue. A modern twist on wedding white, designers revealed dresses in soft of blue and pink hues. The opalescence of pearls inspired Theia’s dreamy blush ensemble. Expressing majestic elegance, Reem Acra fashioned a gilded overlay on a hush-of-blue ball gown. Mira Zwillinger’s charming version of the trend combined exquisite floral appliqué with whispering blue.



Every bride is unique and finding the perfect gown is an important part of her wedding story. We hope this trend guide to Bridal Fashion Week New York Spring 2018 helps you discover a wedding look that best expresses your style and personality.


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April 21, 2017

Outdoor Spring Wedding Ideas & Trends


Spring has sprung and as we move into the new season, we are excited to spend as much time as we can outdoors and embrace Mother Nature for all of her glory! Planning your wedding in the spring months of March, April and May provides you with so many wonderful options in regards to your wedding’s theme, décor and itinerary, from start to finish. Including nature, landscapes and the environment around you to create a beautiful atmosphere can be a great advantage when planning an outside ceremony or reception. Outdoor weddings provide you with many great ideas, options and new trends for the 2017 spring wedding season.


Santa Ynez Wedding - Outdoor Wedding - by Jose Villa - via Style Me Pretty

Santa Ynez Wedding – Outdoor Wedding – by Jose Villa – via Style Me Pretty


An outdoor ceremony can acquire so many different aspects to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re getting married in the woods, on a beach or in an open field, there are many parts of nature to play up everywhere you look. A new fun trend if you are having a rustic forest wedding is to incorporate a big old oak tree into your space. A beautiful tree standing tall can be a perfect focal point behind the bride and groom. It provides color, texture and a dynamic in the bigger picture. Adding elements to the tree is a great way to play into your theme. This can include hanging lanterns or flowers, string lights and garland to decorate all of its branches. This idea will help present a stage for the couple as they say their vows and create a beautiful organic backdrop.



The next way to add a lot of ambiance to an open outdoor space is to spice up the reception setting. While the physical landscape is what you’ve always desired, it is also fun to add some new ideas without taking away from the natural beauty.


Lighting: A new exciting way to enhance an outdoor reception layout is by adding a ceiling quality, if you will. This can include a tent, hanging lanterns, string lights, floral or greenery garland and hanging accents. Stringing lights from tree to tree is a great way to manage the space without making it feel too crowded. It is often that many appreciate a canopy feature of lights above the guests seating or dance floor. This can create nice light space that resembles a starry night sky.



Lanterns: Incorporating paper lanterns is a funky way to bring a sense of cheerfulness into the scene. These look beautiful for a daytime wedding and can play off of a garden theme. They are light, airy and can complement many color schemes and wedding styles.


White Chinese Paper Lanterns - Outdoor Wedding Decor - via

White Chinese Paper Lanterns – Outdoor Wedding Decor – via


Suspended Blooms: Lastly, one of the newest trends in the industry is to incorporate hanging floral accents into your scenery. This can include single suspended blooms above the dance floor, a large floral display sitting gently behind the bride and groom, or long vertical garland that is inspired by hanging beads. They are fun and make a large open space feel charming and intimate.



Now that your reception space is decorated seamlessly to match your theme, the seating arrangement can also play into creating an outdoor space of your dreams. As the wedding industry is advancing each and every day, new trends are arising and we have moved into the world of individuality and unique designs. Breaking from the forever classic round table display, the newest trend is unique tables. This can include long tables, bench seating, square tables and even low tables featuring floor cushions. Mixing and matching a variety of table shapes while adding elements such as greenery and flowers, featuring natural wood and stone elements makes for a very pretty scape. It’s a fun way to add your own sense of personality, style and taste to your reception and a beautiful way to enhance the space even more.



The best thing about turning a raw and organic space into your own is that you can fully create your personalized fantasy outdoor setting. A space full of trees, a garden retreat or a hilly field can be easily flipped into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind space for a wedding. Have fun, be creative and think outside the box to bring your open-air wedding to life before your eyes! For all of our spring brides, there are so many great options right at your fingertips, and we are as excited as you are to watch them come to life.


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April 20, 2017

Indian Wedding Traditions


Living and working in one of the most diverse cities in the world, we are fortunate enough to work with couples from all different backgrounds, traditions, religions and cultures. Planning a culturally-inspired wedding is such an exciting task as you are embracing others’ customs and learning the beauties of others’ traditions and beliefs. Though a wedding resembles unity, love and marriage in every culture, the ceremonies and rituals can vary greatly, which makes the practice of marriage that much more special and unique.


Indian Ceremony - Mehndi - via

Indian Ceremony – Mehndi – via


One culture that we have been very fortunate to produce weddings for is the Indian Culture. As India is such a large country with so many states and religions, the wedding traditions vary based on their region of origin. Yet, Indian weddings practice many of the same traditions and are full of bright colors, gorgeous flowers, beautiful Mehndi and more! There is no wedding more beautiful than an Indian wedding, and the beauty doesn’t only lay in the décor, design and brilliant colors they portray.

Unlike many other cultures, Indian weddings are multi-day occasions. There are ceremonies, parties and rituals that complete the couple’s marriage. Pre-wedding rituals are very common in an Indian wedding and start the week-long celebration.

Pithi is a ceremony ritual that is performed to bring the bride and groom good luck. As it takes place in the separate homes of the couple, family and friends receive the Pithi paste made from turmeric, chickpea flour and rose water. Family members, offering well wishes and luck throughout marriage, apply this paste to the skin of the bride and groom. It is also said that the paste is used to brighten the skin so you have a glowing look on the day of your wedding.

The Mehndi ceremony is a very popular ceremony and a colorful event that takes place a few days before the wedding. This is a celebration for the bride and her family. The bride receives her henna from an artist or relative from her fingertips to her forearms, along with her feet. The henna is made of beautiful designs, symbolizing joy, beauty, spiritual awakenings and offerings. The henna settles into the skin, leaving a brownish tint color that complements beautifully in traditional Indian dress. It is a fun night and festive atmosphere that is full of bright colors, singing, dancing and joy.



One of the next customs in an Indian wedding is the traditional attire and dress. A Sari is a female garment that is made of excessive fine fabrics, wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder, while baring the midriff. A Lengha is a two-piece outfit made up of a skirt, a traditional blouse and a scarf. These outfits are extraordinarily intricate and are mainly worn in bright bold colors like pinks, fuchsias, blues and reds. Mainly, the bride wears a beautiful red and gold appliqué Sari to stand out from the crowd. Accenting these dresses with tons of gold and jeweled jewelry makes for a gorgeous ensemble. Traditional jewelry includes Payals (anklets), Nath (nose ring), the Maang Teeka, which is a piece of jewelry for your hair that parts down the middle, Chudis and Kadas, which are the commonly-known bangles, along with matching necklace and earring sets. The bride is covered from head to toe with bright colors and ornate jewels, leaving her as the most beautiful woman in the room. When it comes to the groom’s attire, the most common outfit consists of the traditional Kurta Shalwar, which is a comfortable tunic-like top with pants to match. The Kurta Shalwar is often found in creams and golds to complement his soon to be bride. Now that the bride and groom are fashioned and ready to unify their relationship, let the party begin!



Among many pre-wedding events, one common Indian tradition is known as the Sangeet. The Sangeet is practiced in many regions in India and is held the night before the wedding ceremony, as a celebration of the wedding to come! Family and friends hold dance performances as a gift to the bride and groom, along with traditional songs and other festivities. Commemorating events for the days to come, this is a night full of music, celebrating and fun!



Next comes the big day, the long-awaited wedding ceremony! A traditional ceremony often consists of a series of religious rituals that unify the bride and groom and their families. The ceremony begins with the Baraat, which is the groom’s procession. This unique tradition is the groom’s arrival to the ceremony on a horse, as family and friends sing and dance around him. The bride’s family greets the groom as he arrives and congratulates him on what’s to come. The groom’s feet are washed once he arrives, signifying purity. The bride’s arrival and the event of being given away by her parents signifies the beginning of the ceremony.


Indian Wedding - Groom - Baraat - Kate Byars Photography - via Maharani

Indian Wedding – Groom – Baraat – Kate Byars Photography – via Maharani


The ceremony takes place under what is known as a Mandap. The Mandap is a four post canopy altar that is a stunning space for the bride and groom to exchange their vows. Each of the four pillars of the Mandap symbolizes the parents on both sides, signifying the upbringing of their children and unification of families. The Mandap is a beautiful structure that is cherished for its symbolism, yet offers a gorgeous view for guests of the bride and groom. It is often decorated with god statutes, a variety of flowers, religious offerings, garland and bells. Many flowers can be used for this décor, including traditional marigolds, roses, daisies and more. It creates a beautiful altar and stage for the bride and groom to say I do and looks amazing as it’s dressed up as ornately and decadently as the bride and groom.



At the beginning of the ceremony, Mala or floral garlands are exchanged between the bride and groom. These beautiful garlands are strung together with a variety of bright and bold blooms. Roses, marigolds, carnations and even orchids are tied together to create a flowered lay that is to be placed on one another. The flowers are an important part of this tradition as they are held together on the same string, representing happiness and excitement of their marital union to come. The exchange of Mala between the bride and groom signifies acceptance of one another and unity. As there are many parts that make up the full ceremony and all vary by region, religion and tradition, one common final part of the ceremony is the seven circles. The couple takes their first seven circles together as husband and wife, with each step representing a vow to one another. This signifies their commitment to love one another, take care of each other and always be best friends. The ceremony is now complete, and they are ready to go and celebrate!


Brad & Manjil - Indian Garland - Studio 450 - Photo by Weddings By Two

Brad & Manjil – Indian Garland – Studio 450 – Photo by Weddings By Two


The reception can vary depending on your preference and style in Indian culture. It is a big party with tons of food, dancing and fun! The venue space is decorated in vibrant colors, golds and lavish pieces to create a picturesque scene. The reception often features performers, a cake cutting ceremony and a traditional dance between husband and wife where guests throw money at the couple to wish them prosperity. It is a beautiful and exciting time to dance the night away and enjoy all of the hard work and traditional elements that made up the wedding week.



Indian wedding traditions and customs are like no other. They are lavish, elegant and colorful, creating a gorgeous scene to last a lifetime. From the traditions, flowers, garments and rituals, they represent a long line of beautiful traditions to unify husband and wife, and we hope to participate in making many more beautiful memories with lovely couples to come.


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April 12, 2017

Wedding Technology


After the life-changing proposal and eagerly waiting for the moment you say I do, the between stretch comes with a lot of decisions, planning, and a timeline of responsibilities to be completed. In a whirlwind of overwhelming emotion, excitement, and anticipation, it may be hard to sit down and focus on the planning aspect. We live in a world where we have access to so many amazing technological resources right at our fingertips, and the wedding industry is jumping in with both feet! With so many amazing planning, inspiring, budgeting and shopping options for your wedding, why not take advantage of all the online resources and help make your preparation easier? We’ve picked some of our favorite and most helpful websites, apps, and tips to ease the process and make your wedding a fun, enjoyable task from start to finish!


All Things Wedding

The Knot is the nation’s largest source for wedding news and inspiration. This site is your one-stop shop for all things wedding, providing information on local vendors, wedding websites, registry platforms, guest list manager tools, checklists, budgeting device, inspiration photos, along with general wedding day tips and advice. It is a great resource and can be very helpful for many planning processes.


Wedding Wire is the easiest way to find local wedding vendors. It provides locations and suggestions for wedding venues, cakes, dresses, invitations and more. Their venue and vendor database has more than 200,000 local listings and 2.5 million reviews by real brides. Wedding Wire also provides fun and creative tools like hashtag generators, color palette creators, and help with guest rooms for wedding nights. They have many assets that are both fun and useful for brides all over the country.


The Wedding Wire - Venue Search Engine

The Wedding Wire – Venue Search Engine


Creating Your Wedding Website

Appy Couple is for the tech savvy and innovative couples that want an efficient and elegant platform to display their wedding information. This program not only can assist in creating your site, but you can also design your very own app too! Settings are customizable and allow the couple to filter certain event updates and information for specific groups; this can include guests for the bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and bridal parties, for example. Sharing photos, shopping the registry, finding travel and hotel details, and RSVPs has never been simpler for you and your guests.


Appy Couple - Customized Wedding App and Website - via Snippet and

Appy Couple – Customized Wedding App and Website – via Snippet and


Riley and Grey is the place for style-fanatic, design-minded couples to create their beautiful wedding websites in an efficient manner. Stay organized with tabs of all sorts, including bridal party bios and other options such as tips on where to stay, eat, and drink near your wedding venue. Modern templates are updated every month to keep things fresh and trendy.


Riley and Grey -Wedding Websites -via Bridal

Riley and Grey -Wedding Websites -via Bridal


Don’t forget to have fun while creating your wedding website! Share your personality, take care of your guests, and bring a little logic to all the logistics with Riley & Grey’s easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, and easy-to-love websites.

For Style Inspiration (When Pinterest just isn’t enough)

Loverly, along with having a built-in virtual wedding planner, is the perfect site for all things wedding-inspired. Find inspiration for beauty, bouquets, cakes, decor, dresses, engagement shoots, rings, food and drinks. You can also be inspired to add your own personal touch on the classic wedding ceremony by relating to other brides with similar interests and beliefs. This can include the bride and groom’s positions or vow ideas during the ceremony. Maybe finding new ideas for bridesmaids or creative flower girl baskets. Search Loverly by endless categories, including theme, style, and location to find what makes your heart full of joy.


Loverly - Wedding Planning & Ideas - Tech Insider - via Business

Loverly – Wedding Planning & Ideas – Tech Insider – via Business


Style Me Pretty is the style savvy wedding resource devoted to the modern bride’s journey down the altar. Style Me Pretty features hundreds of real weddings of all themes, designs, decors and locations. It’s a super exciting way to see what is happening out there in the wedding world, and a helping hand from bride to bride by offering details of personal weddings. Not only does it provide tons of real weddings picture inspiration, but it also offers vendor recommendations and style inspiration. Helpful articles, style tips, DIY projects, seasonal wedding trends and much more are a few of the reasons we love Style Me Pretty!


Style Me Pretty - Logo - via The Garter

Style Me Pretty – Logo – via The Garter


Venue Shopping

Wedding Spot is the first online site that allows you to search, price out, and compare wedding venues in your preferred location and venue types of your choice. There are so many components that go into finding the perfect wedding venue. Wedding Spot allows you to sort by location, concise cost breakdowns, style, guest capacity, a full list of amenities, and a detailed description of the type of setting you’ll get. It’s a great tool to use when beginning the venue shopping process and can greatly help you sort out your venue options.


Aretsky's Patroon Townhouse Wedding - Venue Search - via

Aretsky’s Patroon Townhouse Wedding – Venue Search – via


EVENTup is the great choice when it comes to finding the hidden gems of wedding venues. Along with the traditional venue options, you can search and choose from tons of warehouses, lofts, art galleries and any other outside-the-box places that are now frequently used as event spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. All venues are broken down by cost, amenities, and location for easy comparison! This is a great tool for our non-traditional brides and it is a fun way to discover more about the city you love.


Eventup - Venue Search Engine - via

Eventup – Venue Search Engine – via


Wedding Invitations

Minted is a unique company that works with independent artists and uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent that they may not find elsewhere. Artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses by offering ready-made invites, save-the-dates, ceremony programs, escort cards, and more. Templates can be customized, down to the card size and paper stock. This is a great resource for one-of-a-kind stationery and can play into your theme and wedding day design.

Basic Invite is a completely customizable and unique technology that provides couples with limitless options to instantly create an invitation. Click a few simple buttons to create an invitation that radiates your personality and see it come to life right in front of you. Basic Invite offers stylish and affordable wedding invitations, along with save the date cards, colored envelopes, envelope liners, wedding programs, and thank you cards.


Timeless and Classic Wedding Invitations - Fresh New Invitations - via Basic

Timeless and Classic Wedding Invitations – Fresh New Invitations – via Basic



While in the excitement of planning, it is easy to forget that every little task or purchase can add up quickly. Managing and monitoring your wedding budget is a hard task to follow, but there are a variety of apps and websites that make this process super simple and less tedious to stay inside budget lines. With applications and websites like Wedding Budget Calculator, iWed Planner, and, it is easy to keep your files and budget up to date, and focus on your original guidelines for spending and purchasing in all wedding sectors.


Last Minute Help

As useful as all of these applications are, the planning process can still be overwhelming and tasks can often be missed right in front of your eyes. If you ever feel you need and extra set of hands to finish your wedding checklist in time, some great services to help you with last minute to-do’s are Task Rabbit, Service Magic and Red Beacon, making sure you have a seamless walk down the aisle!

Since it’s 2017, it’s time to channel your inner techie to help you every step of the way! The Internet truly offers so many helpful resources and businesses with a purpose to serve you; isn’t that nice! Getting married should be one of the happiest and stress-free times of your life. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the pressure of decision-making and budgeting. Enjoy yourself, do your research and use these helpful tools around you so that the show goes off without a hitch!


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April 5, 2017

Unique and Creative DIY Bridal Shower Decorations


 Planning a bridal shower comes with a lot of responsibility. Between choosing a venue, sending out the invitations, and selecting food and drink menus, even the most seasoned host may find herself a bit overwhelmed. And let’s not forget about the importance of bridal shower decorations.


Greenery Garland Decor - Bridal Shower Display - via

Greenery Garland Decor – Bridal Shower Display – via


When it comes to choosing décor, aim to create a party atmosphere that reflects the bride-to-be’s personality and style. This is also an area where you can be creative and have fun by opting for DIY bridal shower decorations. Now you don’t have to make everything, but getting together with the other bridesmaids for an evening of crafting and wine is a great way to de-stress and bond. We rounded up our favorite DIY bridal shower decoration ideas, which are sure to add a stylish and personal touch to the event.

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons: When you really think about it, balloons have always been a symbol of celebration and fun. Give the standard bundle of floating balloons a modern chic makeover by accenting them with gold confetti. This easy DIY project calls for balloons, gold foil confetti, which you can find at a craft or party store, decoupage glue or Mod Podge, and a paintbrush. We suggest choosing balloons in hues inspired by the bride’s wedding colors. Note: If you are filling the balloons with helium, you’ll have to be mindful that too much confetti could weigh them down. For the full tutorial, visit Studio


DIY Confetti-Dipped Balloons - via Studio DIY. com

DIY Confetti-Dipped Balloons – via Studio DIY. com


DIY Honeycomb Garland: Looking for a festive way to take your food buffet to the next level? We suggest highlighting the setup with a beautiful honeycomb garland. To get started, you’ll need paper honeycombs (check your local party store), string, and scissors. Simply cut the string to your preferred length and attach it to the wall. Next, find the strings of the honeycombs and tie them to the string you just hung on the wall. Continue to layer and build out the garland to desired appearance. Honeycombs in fun, vibrant colors will cast a joyful mood over the party while all white or variations of one color add an air of sophistication. For the complete tutorial, visit Oh Happy


Honeycomb DIY Garland - Photo by Kim A. Thomas - Crafting by Stephanie Pressler - Via Oh Happy

Honeycomb DIY Garland – Photo by Kim A. Thomas – Crafting by Stephanie Pressler – Via Oh Happy


Vintage Frame Photo Booth: Vintage frames have much to offer the party host when it comes to decorating. They can be used to display heartfelt messages to the bride, engagement photos, or food and drink menus. If you are holding the party outdoors, hang the frames from a tree to create a whimsical, storybook atmosphere. We especially love the idea of setting up a photo booth where guests hold the vintage frames and have their portraits taken. A vintage frame photo booth is not only fun for guests, but also creates special mementos of the day for your bride.



DIY Tassel Garland: Decorating with tassel garland is another stylish way to incorporate your bride’s wedding colors into the party décor. This project calls for tissue paper or mylar (1/2 sheet of 20” x 20” or 20” x 24” per tassel), scissors, and ribbon or cord. The following steps make one tassel:

  • Fold a piece of tissue paper in half, then in half the other way
  • To create fringe, begin cutting strips towards the fold. Stop cutting at 1 inch before the fold line
  • Unfold paper so both fringed sides are open and lay flat
  • Roll down the center crease and fold in half
  • Twist to make a loop at the top of the tassel and hang on ribbon or cord

Repeat these steps to make additional tassels until the garland is of desired length. Tassel garland can be hung just about any place where embellishment is needed – on the wall above the gift table, in front of the dessert buffet, or on the backs of chairs.


Tissue Paper Tassel Garland - via

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland – via


DIY Table Centerpiece: A beautiful centerpiece sets a delightful atmosphere at the table for your guests. It’s also a decorative element that allows you to pull from various ideas to create a centerpiece that is unique and expresses the joy and excitement everyone is feeling that day. Some of our favorite designs include vintage books accented with a single English rose and tea lights. A coat of gold paint transforms wine bottles, mason jars, and even soup cans into elegant vessels for flowers, while small glass cylindrical vases wrapped in twine are a perfect complement to the season’s freshest blooms.



Planning a bridal shower can be very time consuming and a lot of work, especially when it comes to décor, but incorporating a DIY projects and ideas into your planning is a great way to relax while adding a unique and personal touch to the celebration.


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March 24, 2017

Wedding Invitation Trends to Set The Tone


In this new-age world of texting, tweeting, Facebook events, and Evites, brides-to-be may be tempted to skip out on the traditional printed and mailed wedding invitation due to the high cost and lack of time. Yet, even in today’s fast moving and efficient world of technology, sending out an invitation through an email or electronic platform tends to feel impersonal and doesn’t allow you to connect with your guest on the same level. Yet, the wedding industry personals would still like to encourage sticking to traditional paper invitations when it comes to your special day, as doing so not only leads to a positive outcome for both the couple and the guests, but also adds a special touch to the overall feel of your wedding from start to finish.


Wax Seal Stamps - Invitation - Jennifer Claire Photography - via

Wax Seal Stamps – Invitation – Jennifer Claire Photography – via


Coming home to a personalized invitation for an important event can be a special treat for your guests, especially now that physical mail is becoming less common. It leaves an impression that starts before the wedding and a memory that lasts long after. Sending out an invitation, no matter how simple or extravagant, is a fun way for guests to sneak a peek of the fabulous wedding to come, as well as dictate what is to be expected of their guests attending.

“Invitations set the stage for a wedding, letting guests know how formal it will be. And that is determined by their choice of the elegant and beautiful details the bride and groom put into the finished product.” – Gina Milano, owner of Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique in East Norwich and Smithtown, NY

The invitation is the very first impression your guests will have of what to expect; it sets the mood and allows for a glimpse into your wedding style and  color schemes while also informing your guests regarding appropriate attire. This is your opportunity to bring your personal style and design themes to life by creating an invitation that resonates with you. Let your personality shine through and put your vision onto paper! You have all the options in the world, along with a variety of resources at your fingertips, to make this creative process your own. Every couple is unique just like every wedding, and your invitation should be too!

Now, as many may want to design from scratch, there are a lot of trends that are hitting the wedding market in a big way that could inspire and create excitement about taking on the traditional physical wedding invitation.


1. Give a sneak peek of the arrangements to come or show off your favorite flowers with floral inspired designs! Use your surroundings or your favorite artwork to ignite your creative side. Pull colors, different types of flowers, or even stems and leaves to create a beautiful piece of art.



2. All gold everything! Everyone is obsessed with the gilded, gold, metallic, and foiling printing trends in season now. It adds a touch of shimmer and shine to your invitation, guaranteed to be a showstopper.



3. Think outside the rectangle! Circle, triangles, or custom shaped invitations – make your invitation your own! Create a stunning silhouette that shapes your vision onto paper.



4. Bring the outside indoors by adding an extra physical element to your invitation like buttons, or real wood to create a rustic look and feel for your invitation. This unique packaging will be sure to leave a lasting impression in your guests’ minds.



5. For a customizable, unique take on traditional wedding invitations, try out the new water color trend. Each invitation becomes a piece of art, different from the one before it, and completely compatible with your color scheme.


Modern Boho Meets Classic Elegance - by Anna Delores Photography - via The Perfect Palette

Modern Boho Meets Classic Elegance – by Anna Delores Photography – via The Perfect Palette


6. Zzzz Zzzz… Introducing laser cut designs! This new, innovative trend allows for simple borders or intricate patterns carved into your invitations and all wedding related stationary.



7. Ribbons, twine, or lace add an elegant touch to any invitation design. It’s the perfect way to add extra creativity onto a simple invitation. Complete any look with a physical addition to help you tie the knot!


Elegant Vintage Romantic Wedding - Hunter Ryan Photography - via Wedding

Elegant Vintage Romantic Wedding – Hunter Ryan Photography – via Wedding


8. For an extra decorative surprise inside, use envelope interiors to add additional color and patterns to complement the design of your invitation. This special designed interior is fresh, fun, and unexpected.



So while you may feel inclined to go digital with your wedding invitations, we hope that these trends will get you excited about creating a traditional wedding invitation that is true to you. Keep it romantic and simple with some ribbon or lace. Make it rustic and outdoorsy by adding physical elements or modeling designs after real flowers. Create a wow factor by sprucing up a classic design with gold foil, patterned envelope interiors, or water color. Personalize it with laser cutting and custom shapes.

The trick is to make it yours! Stay consistent with your wedding theme and personal taste to create a beautiful message for your guests to cherish.


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Bride & Blossom

Bride & Blossom