October 22, 2019

Interview With Michael Fitzgerald & George Plionis – Designers of ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Wedding Jewelry

Michael Fitzgerald George Plionis - Designers Of Til Death Do Us Part Jewelry Collection

Michael Fitzgerald George Plionis – Designers Of Til Death Do Us Part Jewelry Collection


On an unseasonably warm afternoon in early Autumn, we met with Michael Fitzgerald and George Plionis at Fitzgerald Jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Michael is originally from Ireland and runs Fitzgerald Jewelry along with wife Hiroyo. Born in Australia, George is a designer and Assistant Professor of Product and Industrial Design at Parsons. In collaboration, they created ‘Til Death Do Us Part,’ an engagement and wedding collection.

Admittedly, when we first heard about wedding jewelry that flirts with beliefs about love, death, and the afterlife, our first thought was, “How possibly could that work?” Our immediate second thought was “We have to see it for ourselves.” After viewing the collection in person, it was evident that these pieces, despite the fact that some have skulls, were about celebrating life and the here and now while honoring the bond we make to another.
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October 13, 2017

Florist’s Fifteen With Laura Lambert of Fenton & Co.


Bride & Blossom is excited to announce our new blog series “Florist’s Fifteen” where we ask influencers in the wedding industry fifteen questions. It’s a fun way to get to know these movers and shakers a little more as they reveal everything from what inspires them and how their dream wedding cake looks to what they wanted to be growing up!

We are inaugurating the series with Laura Lambert of Fenton & Co., a new online luxury boutique that sells custom designed engagement rings at an affordable price. Laura is part of a dynamic and experienced founding team that has worked for leading luxury brands including De Beers and Cartier. She describes how they are working to make the wedding jewelry marketplace more agreeable for the buyer. “Our aim in creating Fenton & Co. is to provide a product that is high quality, responsibly produced and transparently priced. We want to create a modern and inclusive luxury brand to combat the current gap in the market between fair pricing and a great experience.”
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March 7, 2016

We Love: CatBird Wedding

Flowers and engagement rings are a pairing as old as weddings themselves, and as NYC’s only luxury florist dedicated exclusively to weddings, the Bride and Blossom team has a particular affinity for unique bling. Brooklyn-based jeweler CatBird now has an exclusive line of engagement and wedding-day jewelry (and even a Wedding Annex you can visit!), and we can’t get enough of their classic-yet-edgy vibe. Here are some of our favorites!


Whether you’re picking out a ring with your fianceé, dropping hints to your longtime beau, searching for the perfect bridesmaid gift, or looking for “something blue” to wear down the aisle, CatBird Wedding has you covered.

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July 7, 2015

Wearable Tech Engagement Ring Records Memories

Jewelry has always served as a memory keeper. Now, diamond engagement rings can literally hold wedding memories like vows, photos and web links. Momento Diamond rings by Galatea will be introduced this fall. Luxury wearable wedding tech has truly arrived.

“Think of 50 years from now, and it has your proposal and your wedding vows and your baby being born and your baby saying, ‘I love you.’ It will be so valuable in 50 years, when you actually hand it over, and you can say, ‘Everything is in here.’ It’s like a locket but interactive,” said Galatea founder Chi Huynh said in JCK magazine.
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April 27, 2015

Link Roundup: News & Inspiration

To start the week off right, we decided to share a few links to news and inspiration that the Bride & Blossom team is talking about today.


Following Sotheby’s sale last week of a flawless 100.2 carat white diamond, here’s a great piece on the most expensive diamonds ever sold. And surprise – colored gems like the famous Pink Star top the list. Fantastic inspiration if you’re shopping for a unique engagement rings featuring colored stones.
Priciest Diamonds in the World: 4 Stones That Shattered Auction Records



 In a single day in 2009, Ellen McCarthy became the wedding reporter for The Washington Post and broke up with her boyfriend of nearly two years. At age 30, she was suddenly a chick-flick cliche, interviewing florists and wedding planners between crying spells and dutifully smiling through conversations with blissful couples. Fortunately, her book’s resemblance to a Katherine Heigl movie ends there.

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