July 19, 2018

Ashley & Tiffany Say “I Do” Under A Breathtaking Floral Chandelier

Ashley & Tiffany Wedding - Ceremony - Green Building Brooklyn - Amber Gress Photography

Ashley & Tiffany Wedding – Ceremony – Green Building Brooklyn – Amber Gress Photography


As soon as Ashley started planning, she knew that her and Tiffany’s wedding would look and feel different from any before. Here, the bride with an eye for design talks about blending personal touches into an ultra-stylish ceremony.

Part 3: Ceremony and Floral Chandelier

The Green Building had all the qualities Ashley, our featured bride and aspiring wedding planner, was looking for: an open, bare space offering endless creative options for styling and décor. “Wedding décor is constantly evolving,” says Ashley. “I feel like a great way to accentuate and bring romance and drama to a space is with hanging flowers. So I knew that I wanted a circle of flowers hanging over us.”
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April 25, 2018

Sophia and Sam Celebrate Saying “I do” Under a Spectacular Floral Chandelier

Sophia & Sam Wedding - First Dance - Tribeca 360 NYC - by Shira Weinberger

Sophia & Sam Wedding – First Dance – Tribeca 360 NYC – by Shira Weinberger


At the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration of two people and the committed love they have for each other. We love when couples like Sophia and Sam work together to make sure this sentiment is woven into the decorative fabric of their nuptials. For their Tribeca 360 reception, the couple incorporated décor that reflected their personal style, harmonizing modern sophistication with high drama. Here’s the final chapter in the Sophia and Sam’s Bride & Blossom wedding story.


Sophia & Sam Wedding - Reception - Tribeca 360 NYC - Shira Weinberger Photography

Sophia & Sam – Tribeca 360 – by Shira Weinberger

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April 4, 2018

Sophia & Sam: Understated Glamour at Tribeca 360

We are excited to introduce Sophia, Bride & Blossom’s featured bride for April! Sophia and Samuel said “I do” on a beautiful September day in a gorgeous ceremony and reception at Tribeca 360. Here is the first chapter of their wedding story.


Sophia & Sam Wedding - Bride and Groom Portrait - Tribeca 360 NYC - by Shira Weinberger

Sophia & Sam Wedding – Bride and Groom Portrait – Tribeca 360 NYC – by Shira Weinberger


Sophia was enjoying drinks with friends on a Thursday evening. After catching up over a few rounds, she stepped away from the group to sit down and check the time on her phone. Her concern about the late hour and going to work in the morning must have been apparent because just seconds later a complete stranger approached and said, “Hey there! Why do you look so bored?” After introducing himself as Sam, he offered to buy Sophia a drink and introduce her to his friends. Once they got to the table, Sophia turned to Sam laughing and said, “Actually… these are all MY friends!”
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May 19, 2017

Creative Ideas for Wedding Floral Décor

 We love taking wedding floral design to new and beautiful heights. While traditional wedding bouquets and centerpieces receive the most attention, there are numerous creative ways to display flowers. Highlighting blooms that are unique and totally unexpected is not only stunning, but it also brings personality and style to the ceremony and reception. For the bride who wants to make a statement, here are five creative ideas for wedding floral décor.

Suspended Blooms

To create a total atmospheric setting, hang flowers from the ceiling. The impression is similar to an art installation and will completely transform the look and feel of your venue space. A neat, rectangular arrangement of upside blooms looks chic and modern. An artful hanging display gives the appearance of a magnificent floral chandelier, while staggering blooms overhead casts an air of romantic enchantment.
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July 29, 2015

Floral Chandelier for Chelsea Piers Wedding

Floral Chandelier at Chelsea-PIers-by-Andrea-FischmanSunset Terrace at Chelsea Piers

Are you as obsessed with floral chandeliers as we are? Hanging florals have taken over everyone’s Pinterest boards and we believe this wedding trend is here to stay. Luxurious hanging florals uplevel the entire look of a wedding. We were thrilled when bride Renee told us she was dreaming of a gorgeous, showstopping floral chandelier, for her wedding on Chelsea Piers’ Sunset Terrace in Manhattan.

Renee decided on an overall wedding-color palette of white, cream, blush and peach. We selected white and cream flowers with lush greens for the floral chandelier. A natural look, with lots of mixed texture, felt right for this summer wedding overlooking the Hudson River.
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February 27, 2015

We Love: New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

New York Botanical Garden’s 2015 Orchid Show: Chandeliers starts Saturday.

A beautiful wedding venue and valuable education center, NYBG is one of New York City’s true treasures. The Orchid Show always fills us with wonder but this year, we are extra excited about the theme. Floral chandeliers are one of our favorite wedding-flower trends right now. Delicate, vibrant orchids, in all their exquisite variety, are a perfect type of flower to use in creating chandelier designs. We expect to be inspired!

If you live in the New York City area, don’t miss this event. And meanwhile, take a look at one of our NYBG weddings: Picture Perfect.

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