March 21, 2018

Featured Bride Madalyn On Her Breathtaking Chuppah

Madalyn & Jonathan Wedding - Chuppah - Guastavino's - by Joshua Zuckerman

Madalyn & Jonathan Wedding – Chuppah – Guastavino’s – by Joshua Zuckerman


We love when a bride puts a unique spin on wedding traditions. Symbolizing the home of the soon-to-be newlyweds, the chuppah is one of the most important aspects of the Jewish wedding ceremony. It also lets the bride be creative with décor, and express their personality and style. This week, we talked with our featured bride Madalyn about her breathtaking Lucite and suspended floral chuppah.

Part 3: Ceremony

When guests began arriving at Guastavino’s for Madalyn and Jon’s wedding, New York City was in the midst of its first snowfall of the season. Everyone was more than happy to take cover inside the warm, picturesque venue, but what they were about to see would exceed all expectations.
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