May 3, 2021

Interview With Jay Muse, Owner of Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse - Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse – Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

When Jay Muse graduated from culinary school, he did what every aspiring pastry chef dreams about – he opened up a specialty bakery in New York City. “I just wanted to make muffins,” he says looking back. Cake wasn’t going to be a mainstay on the menu. Then one afternoon, a customer walked in and asked him to make a cake for her wedding. The rest is history.

Today, Jay is chef and partner of Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY. Headed by a dynamic team of bakers and designers with resumes that list Per Se, JoJo, and Auquavit, the award-winning bakery is sought after by couples who want their big day dessert to make a statement in style and taste. We’ve been fortunate to see Lulu Cake Boutique’s masterpieces in person, serving as the sweet punctuation mark on a handful of Real BB weddings. For these reasons and more, we couldn’t wait to interview Jay for our Industry Influencer series.
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March 16, 2018

Interview with Lauren Bohl White of A White Cake

Lauren Bohl White - courtesy of A White Cake

Lauren Bohl White – courtesy of A White Cake


Finding your dream job is not always a linear path. Getting there is a journey full of experiences that can act as stepping-stones toward realizing what you are truly meant to do. Just ask Lauren Bohl White of A White Cake. As one of New York City’s most sought after wedding cake designers, Lauren creates magnificent desserts for couples to enjoy on their special day. Just one look at Lauren’s jaw-dropping creations and it’s hard to imagine her doing anything that doesn’t involve baking stunning cakes and sweets!

We’ve had the pleasure of working together with Lauren on many weddings. So we were especially excited when she agreed to be interviewed for Bride & Blossom’s Women Paving the Aisle series. To our surprise, we learned that Lauren had a career as an interior designer before starting her business. Here, she talks about her decision to go back to culinary school, what goes into to making her dazzling floral adorned wedding cakes, and how she stays creatively inspired.
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