April 27, 2015

Link Roundup: News & Inspiration

To start the week off right, we decided to share a few links to news and inspiration that the Bride & Blossom team is talking about today.


Following Sotheby’s sale last week of a flawless 100.2 carat white diamond, here’s a great piece on the most expensive diamonds ever sold. And surprise – colored gems like the famous Pink Star top the list. Fantastic inspiration if you’re shopping for a unique engagement rings featuring colored stones.
Priciest Diamonds in the World: 4 Stones That Shattered Auction Records



 In a single day in 2009, Ellen McCarthy became the wedding reporter for The Washington Post and broke up with her boyfriend of nearly two years. At age 30, she was suddenly a chick-flick cliche, interviewing florists and wedding planners between crying spells and dutifully smiling through conversations with blissful couples. Fortunately, her book’s resemblance to a Katherine Heigl movie ends there.

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April 17, 2015

Wedding Flower Inspiration Matched With Designer Dresses


As bridal fashion week kicks off here in NYC, brides-to-be are pinning runway wedding-dress images at hummingbird speeds. Talented designers stun us each season with their new ideas and exquisite attention to detail. It’s entirely possible to get too inspired. This goes for wedding flowers as well. If you’re starting to feel like you’ll never be able to narrow down which wedding looks are your favorite, we’ve put together inspiration boards matching designs by our favorite wedding fashion designers with suggested styles of bouquets. On our What To Wear page, you can learn to recognize silhouettes that designers repeat from season to season, along with wedding flowers that have a similar look and feel.
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October 21, 2014

Customize Bridal Couture With Tinker Tailor


Tinker Tailor offers a revolutionary way to shop for designer wedding and bridesmaid dresses. This online store collaborates with luxury fashion designers, including Alberta Ferretti, Vivienne Westwood, and Christian Siriano to offer the newest designs. Selections from Ferretti’s 2015 bridal collection recently hit the site, and more bridal collaborations are in the works. Pieces can be customized by size, color, fabric, silhouette and embellishments.

An exclusive 3-D design tool provides an incomparable shopping experience. Selections appear in three dimensions and can be turned in visual space, allowing shoppers to get a vivid idea of how adding sleeves or changing or tinkering with hemline length will affect the piece as a whole. Designers work closely with the company to develop options and select luxe fabrics. Next season’s collections become available for customization within a short time window, are created in Tinker Tailor’s New York City atelier, and can be delivered within about six weeks.
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July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Renaissance Style Wedding

006_primaryToday I could not help but feel inspired by Shakespeare. I already posted one blog article earlier that managed to incorporate a wedding-esque version of Hamlet’s speech (“to sit or not to sit” is indeed a question) but I just was not ready to be finished with this guy! Being an actress in my freetime, I have a special place in my heart for Shakespeare. I may not always entirely understand what he is saying, but I do enjoy saying it. That’s what matters. There is no question there. So, continuing with my Shakespeare-kick, I decided to look into wedding trends that would represent a (Thursday) throwback to his era. What I discovered fit my love of Shakespeare well: the trend of his time reimagined for today’s wedding is aptly described as “Renaissance.” How JAR_8615_C_0437might I describe the Renaissance style? Luxurious, epic, and majestic. With gowns featuring brocade fabric elements, enchanting v-necklines, corset-style bodices, and dual-layered dress-skirting, I could not help but experience a rebirth of my love for all things Renaissance, Shakespeare, and wedding-oriented. The jewelry is intricate and softly ornate, standing as a reflection of the high-gothic art that once hailed across Europe during this time period. Color choices in bouquets, centerpieces, and overall design elements are deep, lush, and earthy, connoting power, strength, and solidarity. Above all, what strikes me as most significant about the influence of this time period on wedding fashion is the fascination with details, artistry, and a true enduring love of beauty. The Renaissance represented a time-period when the European world opened it’s cultural eye to new possibilities and ideas. The art of this time period reflected this new enlightened way of seeing the world. It is no surprise then that within its echo in today’s wedding styles, we see an enthusiastic love for fine art exalted through the celebration of love that is a marriage.

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