Planning & Inspiration

Ella’s Flower Class Birthday Party

My little girls have been surrounded by flowers since they were born. Coming into the studio, and sometimes even to weddings, is such a treat!

Ella often picks wildflowers and pulls apart arrangements to make her own “bouquets”. It brings me so much joy to share my love of flowers with my girls. I was thrilled to plan Ella’s 5th birthday party with my leading ladies, featuring custom made floral décor, a flower design craft and gorgeous sugar flower cake. Ella was in her glory, and I hope this is a birthday party she will always remember. I especially adore the picture of her in front of the beautiful pink Hydrangea flower wall.

From our director of special events, Elianna Phelps:

“We had too much fun planning Ella‘s 5th birthday party at our showroom. As each girl walked into the party we gave them a floral hair clip with crystal accents, and a floral head wreath for our beautiful birthday girl. It made all the planning and setting up worth it to see all their faces when they came in to the wonderland of pinks and glittering golds. Our beautiful and yummy candy bar was also a big hit! We had take-away bags for the girls to select what candy they like, but we kept seeing little hands going in and sneaking candy as the party went on :), especially Rachel’s youngest, Gia!”