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Fall in Love : Designing the Perfect Autumn Wedding

It’s that time of year again, when the air turns cool & crisp, and the leaves light up with fantastic warm shades.  Fall is the most popular season for weddings, and with good reason. “Fall is when mother nature is showing off!” says Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “and the fall foliage serves as a perfect design backdrop.”



We’ve found that a lot of clients don’t want to necessarily play into the classic fall colors – and we don’t blame them. While orange, red, yellow, and caramel can bring festive warmth to your color scheme, there are some great alternatives that will really play up the seasonal backdrop while keeping your colors modern and unique.

“We encourage our fall clients to explore rich colors like burgundy, sage green, plum, and deep purple, and then a brighter color to off-set that – pops of red, peach and even fuchsia,” says Lindsay.


“Tools like Pinterest and Instagram can give you amazing ideas, but the best way to get inspired is to embrace the season and pay attention to the colors you see around you, whether that’s in nature or on the runways.”

Fall naturally inspires an air of festivity, and cool, comfortable temperatures give you the opportunity to design your vision around fantastic outdoor spaces.  With such vibrant colors and textures popping up all around you, inspiration is everywhere.

Open your eyes to autumn’s artistry and see what grabs your attention.