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Floral Jewels


We Love Floral Jewels, the latest book by British Vogue jewellry editor Carol Woolton.

We discovered the book on the world’s best jewelry blog, The Jewelry Editor:

“…this lavishly illustrated treasury features gem-laden blooms that will never fade away. Throughout history, flowers have been the inspiration for jewelers and the people who wore their creations… Divided into four seasons–and the flowers that bloom in them–this book explores the history of flowers in the fine jewelry world and features dazzling illustrations, original sketches and gouache paintings showing how these blooms have been translated into pieces that are both priceless and ageless.”

Irresistable, isn’t it? Perfect gift for the jewelry and flower lovers in your life, and a fantastic source of inspiration for wedding color schemes, details and floral decor! This 2010 Orchid brooch, by Cartier, is one of many featured pieces you’ll marvel over.


Cartier’s Orchid brooch; 2010. Photo by: V. Wulveryck