January 27, 2017

Flower Feature: Lavender


Lavender Flowers via Gardenia

Lavender Flowers via Gardenia


Adored for centuries for their unforgettable color and luminous beauty, the Lavender Flower is easy to recognize and easy to love.  Not only is lavender beautiful, its  also used worldwide for its medicinal properties and calming fragrance. Symbolically, lavender has traditionally been used in weddings to represent love, devotion, and tranquility.

The word lavdnder is believed to come from the Latin term lividus, which implies association with the French word lavande meaning “to wash,” as lavender was often used to bathe and wash clothing.


The color of lavender is spiritually symbolic, as purple represents the crown chakra ,  the highest vibration in the spiritual body. It is said that by increasing our body’s vibrations, we can relieve pain, and hasten recovery Lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy and has been known to help heal minor injuries, headaches, cuts, and burns. Placing lavender under your pillow at night has been known to help with stress and insomnia.

Lavender was first documented over 2,500 years ago and is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India. The Ancient Greeks refer to lavender as nardus after the Syrian city of Nard, and it is referred to in the Bible several times under  the term “spikenard.”  Lavender is believed to have been taken from the Garden of Eden and used to wash the clothing of the baby Jesus. Lavender grows abundantly across Europe, northern Africa, and Southwest Asia, and peeks from the early spring to late summer. Lavender is a hardy plant with a long stem and a cluster of small purple buds. Lavender keeps and dries easily, and its durability makes it an especially good option for floral décor.


Lavender Flowers via Better Home & Garden

Lavender Flowers via Better Home & Garden


In décor, lavender is often found in bouquets, centerpieces, flower crowns and altar arrangements. It offers a rustic natural look, and adds a touch of color without overpowering other aspects of your décor.  Lavender is a great filler flower and works beautifully when paired with greens, larger flowers, and succulents. Though they stand strong on their own, pairing Lavender with other purple flowers creates a stunning natural color wheel.  Not only does lavender add beautiful color and texture to bouquets and arrangements,  incorporating Lavender into your wedding décoe is great way to ease wedding day nerves and promote a sense of zen.



Whether its accentuating a bouquet, filling our a centerpiece, or even garnishing a cocktail, lavender’s vibrant color, rich history, and therapeutic properties make it a perfect addition to any wedding day.






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