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Flower Glossary!!

Here are the meanings and the seasons for some of the most popular wedding flowers.

Anemone (fall-spring): expectation

Baby’s Breath (year-round): innocence

Calla lily (spring/summer): magnificent beauty

Camellia (spring): perfect liveliness

Carnation (year-round): boldness (pink), love (red), talent (white)

Chrysanthemum (year-round): wealth, abundance, truth

Daisy (year-round): empathy, openness

Freesia (spring/summer): innocence

Gardenia (year-round): purity, joy

Gerbera daisy (year-round): beauty

Holly (winter): foresight

Iris (spring): faith, wisdom

Lilac (spring): first love

Lily (summer): truth, honor

Magnolia (spring/summer): happiness

Magnolia (spring/summer): love of nature

Orange Blossom (fall): purity

Orchid (year-round;imported): love, beauty

Rose (year-round): love (red), “I am worthy of you” (white)

Stephanotis (year-round): marital happiness

Sunflower (fall): adoration

Tulip (spring): love, passion