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Perfect Color-Matching for Weddings With the New Nix Sensor


nix sensor: a smartphone accessory for accurate color measurement

A new smartphone accessory lets you get color just right for your wedding. Color measurably affects mood, memory and confidence, so it’s no wonder brides spend so much time considering color schemes and palettes when choosing flowers, dresses, decor, venues and makeup.

Technology has taken color obsession to a new level. Just look at how many Pinterest boards and Instagram shots are sorted and tagged by color. And it’s hard to even imagine meeting with a floral designer or shopping for bridesmaids dresses without trading photos and inspiration by smartphone. But technology can also complicate color choices. Designers work with varied systems of color coding and web and mobile color identification apps are often quite inaccurate.

The Nix Sensor, a wireless, diamond-shaped smartphone accessory that fits in the palm of your hand, now makes it possible to measure and exchange exact color info in seconds. Simply hold this tech toy against any object or image and, using calibrated light, it will determine color with precision and provide codes in RGB, CMYK, HTML and Lab. Nix even tells you what paint colors match your desired hues.

Nix calls this new tool, “the diamond standard in color identification,” and users report amazing accuracy. The possibilities are thrilling and we can’t wait to try it out. Brides, wedding planners and floral designers love to take advantage of the freshest technology to ensure perfection for that special event. Watch this video to learn more about how it works.

Nix Color Sensor Animated Explainer Video 1080p from Nix Sensor Ltd. on Vimeo.

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