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Pop! Balloon Magic for Your Wedding Design

When you think of the different kinds of parties you have been to in the Tri-State Area (or even elsewhere), you may associate balloons with carnivals, clowns, and peewee birthday parties, certainly not weddings. You wouldn’t be wrong, but you would be missing out on what balloons can do for the more grown-up affairs. With the right design, placement, and color scheme, balloons bring elegance, charm and sophistication. It is true! Here are four creative ways to add a majestic air to your wedding, with these festive, ethereal orbs.

  • For Sophistication, it is all about color. Or, even, absence of color. Stick with lighter, more pastel colors or whites and clears. Our brains register paler and fainter hues as calming, whereas brighter hues register as more exciting, but in the case of balloons, more carnival-like. This is especially true for pale pinks versus bright reds. The only exception to this may be blues, however. The brain sees most blues as calming, so if you opt for solely darker or more vivid blues, be aware that these tones can drag the mood down.  Here is a great way to work with white balloons for sophistication, straight from the gallery of high-end balloon designer Balloon Artistry:



  • For Charm, it is all about placement. Aside from placing balloons in clear lines of sight, like as table centerpieces, also consider putting them more subtle and suggestive in their placement (unless the balloons are small). Moreover, while common to place balloons as functional signposts of a party-location, balloons are even more charming as part of the surrounding décor. That way, their inherent roundness can soften, say the corners of a room as an example, making it more inviting and charming. Take a look at a way balloons can add charm to your event:



  • For Elegance, it is all about the amount. Too many balloons, and the atmosphere may become too carnival-like and grand for elegance. Too few balloons, especially singular balloons, and the balloons can also lose their elegance by appearing drab. The idea is to keep the entire décor scheme balanced to achieve elegance. The best way to do this is to think of balloon decor as jewelry. The quintessential symbol of elegance is Audrey Hepburn’s pearl necklace. Just enough to get the point across, but without overpowering the entire look. This picture from reflects the right kind of balance that will result in an elegant appeal:



  • For Majesty, it is all about location. This is different than the placement of the balloons; this is about the location of your affair. If your affair is indoors, first check to make sure the venue allows for balloons. This is especially true for rooms with high-ceilings, as they may not allow for balloons (this is often the case because a free-floating balloon at the top of the ceiling can become too extenuating of a responsibility and liability in regards to clean-up). Also, consider the impact balloons have indoors. The beauty of a balloon as suspended air can be become a bit stagnant in rooms with low-ceilings.  Here is a good example of how balloons bring majesty to your affair when the location of the affair is considered from Balloon Masters: