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Popular Wedding Bouquet Styles for Every Bride

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, the most important feature is the bouquet. The blooms a bride carries down the aisle make a statement – they are an expression of her personality, style, and the love she is feeling on her wedding day.


Jacqueline & Gary - Bridal Bouquet - Trump Soho - Casey Fatchett Photography

Jacqueline & Gary – Bridal Bouquet – Trump Soho – Casey Fatchett Photography


We love working with our clients, helping them to find the bridal blooms that are perfect for them. There are actually various types of wedding bouquets to choose from, each with a unique shape and floral arrangement. There are no rules, but some factors to consider are the style of your gown and type of ceremony you are planning.

To inspire the modern bride, we gathered examples from our #RealBBWeddings to show beautiful interpretations of the most fashionable types of bouquets.


Round: The round bouquet is perfect for the bride who considers Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Onassis as her fashion icons. It is the most traditionally classic in style and made with flowers that have been shaped into a perfect sphere and tied together tightly, usually with ribbon. Favored for formal, indoor ceremonies, they are often monochromatic, showcasing one type of flower such as roses. Planning an outdoor ceremony? Complement the roses with calla lilies, peonies, and a few sprigs of greenery for a garden-inspired feel.


Hand-Tied: A freer version of the round, the hand-tied bouquet can be fashioned to fit just about any bridal style, from classic to romantic to bohemian. It presents a dense arrangement of flowers and greenery that have been tied together with ribbon or twine. An elegant version brings together blush and ivory roses and ranunculus with just a hint of greenery. Make a stunning impression by complementing roses with anemones, pods, and eucalyptus. A colorful bounty of roses, orchids, and ranunculus with lush greenery evokes boho chic.


Cascade: Making a dramatic statement, the cascade bouquet is marked by a “waterfall” of flowers that drape down in front of the arrangement. This style is a real showstopper and pairs best with a simple and elegant gown. A teardrop shaped bouquet of roses set off with cascading Phalaenopsis orchids radiates sophisticated opulence. An arrangement of white roses and rancunculus accented with lush, flowing greenery looks breathtaking with a satin dress.


Posy: Essentially a smaller version of the round, the posy bouquet is a great choice if you want to keep things simple. Because of its size, this style is suitable for a petite bride and bridesmaids. A blend of pink and ivory roses radiates sweet romance. A combination of roses, peonies, and sweet peas looks lovely and vibrant. An all-white rose bouquet stuns against a regal blue bridesmaids gown.


Nosegay: The nosegay bouquet has been around since medieval times when flowers were used to perfume the air from offensive smells. Very similar to the posy, it is a smaller bouquet featuring a compact cluster of flowers that is usually carried by members of the bridal party. A coral and pink myriad of roses, peonies, ranunculus with verdant greenery is a dazzling spectacle for the eye. Soft pink and peach roses complemented by dusty miller looks like a garden daydream. For a charmingly romantic look, arrange red and pink roses with accents of olive leaf.


As you can see, there are no limits to the expressive beauty of the bridal bouquet. We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our favorite bouquets from the Real B&B Weddings archives. With these examples in mind, you’ll surely find the right bouquet for you!