Pretty Decor Ideas With Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Flowers


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If we had to make a list of our favorite flower fillers, Queen Anne’s lace would be at the top. What makes this delicate and expressive bloom so special is its versatility. Naturally growing in the wild, Queen Anne’s lace is often used in rustic arrangements. At the same time, it brings texture and lightness to more classic flower displays.

The story behind the flower is as interesting as its rounded, nest-like appearance. Queen Anne, the wife of King James I, was challenged by her friends to create lace as beautiful as flowers. While endeavored in her project, she pierced her finger. The flower’s red-purple center represents droplets of her blood. In the language of flowers, Queen Anne’s lace symbolizes sanctuary and protection.

In wedding florals, Queen Anne’s lace is typically used as an accent or substitute for greenery. Growing in shades of white and green, it’s especially popular during the late spring and summer season when brides want their flowers to have a more natural feel. From bouquets to aisle decor to the wedding cake, here are pretty ideas for incorporating Queen Anne’s lace into your special day.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

In wedding bouquets, the delicate flowering blooms of Queen Anne’s lace look lovely when paired with feature flowers and greenery. Just a few stems brings the right amount of whimsy to a classic arrangement. Combine Queen Anne’s lace with blush hued dahlias for an blissfully organic look. The flower’s light, airy character is the perfect complement to a color rich, boho bouquet. Let nature be your inspiration with a green and white palette that mixes Queen Anne’s lace with ferns. A bouquet featuring the flower with Juliet roses, thistle, and berries is perfect for a romantic garden wedding.


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queen anne’s lace wedding bouquet – via


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queen anne’s lace wedding bouquet – via


queen anne’s lace wedding bouquet – via


Lovely Wedding Centerpiece Inspiration

In table decor, the flower can be presented in a variety of beautiful ways from small and intimate arrangements to showstopping centerpieces. Queen Anne’s lace paired with a single white rose evokes a look of timeless beauty. For a more festive vibe, combine the flower with vivid blooms. A towering centerpiece featuring a spray of flowers in a stylish vase epitomizes elegant sophistication. Lighten the mood of a low centerpiece featuring dark colored blooms by adding a few stems to the mix.

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queen anne’s lace wedding centerpiece – via


queen anne’s lace wedding centerpiece – via


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Pretty Aisle Decor Accents

Another ideal place to incorporate Queen Anne’s Lace is in aisle decor. Aisle markers made with a shepherd’s crook and mason jar are a staple for outdoor summer weddings. The design featuring a voluminous arrangement of Queen Anne’s Lace with greenery and blooms radiates natural splendor. Create a delightfully rustic walkway by lining the aisle with flower filled water buckets. Chair treatments featuring arrangements of the flower with soft colored blooms, berries, thistle, and pine cast a warm and romantic ambiance.

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More Wedding Decor With Queen Anne’s Lace

Still looking for more ways to use Queen Anne’s Lace as a decorative flourish in your celebrations? The flower adds a delicate lightness to a greenery wedding archway. Lead guests to the cocktail area by marking it with a gorgeous arrangement of Queen Anne’s lace, dusty miller, and succulents. And last, but certainly not least, is the wedding cake!


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Considering using Queen Anne’s Lace in your wedding decor? Here are somethings to keep in mind.

Availability: Spring to Early Fall

Colors: White and Green

Scent: Natural, Grassy

Vase Life: 3 to 7 days

Cost: inexpensive


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