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Pretty in (Grown-Up) Pink



Pink is not just for little girls. I am sure you already knew that, but it bears repeating! As Aerosmith says, “pink is the color of passion… and today, it just goes with the fashion.” So what about incorporating pink into your wedding? Concerned it will be too trite?


With the focus on the vintage-look, pink has really made a comeback as true sophisticated color that can be perfect for weddings.


Now what if you wanted to do a more traditional and fancy wedding? Or, what if you wanted to incorporate brighter or richer hues of pink than those that are the main-stay of the vintage look? There are ways to do this without succumbing to the days of Molly Ringwald Fashion Pictures Photos(unless you would want that look), or with your flower girls and bridesmaids looking they are wearing the same outfits designed for a preschool tea-party (unless you would want that look as well- no judgements here).



The idea really is to appreciate the versatility of pink. Like peach, this muted version of red has depth, softness, and style all its own. You could always pair it with blacks or grays for a very clean and elegant look. You could consider pairing it with purples and blues for something rather fantastical. Or, you could keep it with some pastel neighbors of yellows and creams and bring out its more ethereal

Now let me stress that I mean to discuss the color pink and not any variations, like magenta. Pink to me could mean anything from baby-pink, to a bubblegum pink. I simply think pink deserves a redemption and at least the opportunity to be appreciated for its creative potential. What do you think? pale-pink-wedding-color-palettes

Do you think I need to grow-up?  All I can think is- pink!