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Ribbons, Ribbons, and More Ribbons

The flowers you pick for your bouquet and centerpieces reflect your thoughtfulness, personal tastes, and the artistry and ambience you would like share with your many special others on this day. Every little detail matters, from the shape of the petals, to the length of the stalks, to the size of blooms. And let us not forget the colors; that’s usually where the dreaming starts!


But what about the ribbons? How you wrap the bouquet translate into how it will look in the hands of others, how it will feel, whether it is feather-light and clutchable. Most of the time we come into contact with ribbons and only give them much thought when we are wrapping presents. And, unless we are in a kind of business (like a bakery or gift shop), where wrapping with elegant ribbon-work is part of the mainstay, we do not give the idea of ribbons too much thought.Bride-Multicolor-1

Even those who are active on pinterest (check out a collection of ribbon designs we love here) collecting images of bouquets they love, cherish, or are inspired by, may not even take the time to notice the ribbons. In way, that is totally understandable. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the blooms. And, course, our name is Bride and Blossom, not Bride and Blossom with Ribbons!


But interestingly enough, that second title, though a mouthful, does not sound so bad as an idea, because ribbons and flowers tend to go very well together. I mean, Bride and Blossom exists partially due to the fact that ribbons and flowers work beautifully together. And what better way to express such beautiful tasks of artistry but on a wedding day? At Bride and Blossom, we are sure to use only the highest quality ribbons. Those are double-faced satin (as opposed to the cheaper kind which is single-sided and therefore loses that high-gloss sheen) and sometimes do organza with overlays. We have also seen some incredible work done with lace ribbons.


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