Cascading String Lights - Photo by Jason Moreley via The Lane

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Romantic Night Wedding Inspiration

Whether your ceremony starts at 10 AM or 10 PM, this night wedding inspo is sure to spark your imagination to see your upcoming celebration in a whole new light…


Fireworks are guaranteed to get the party going with a bang.  Depending on the location of your venue, you’ll need to research firework laws and make sure it’s safe to launch.



How fantastic are these long-exposure sparkler photos? In addition to providing an awesome photo op, sparklers are a great prop to provide your guests with a show-stopping entrance or exit. Be sure to check with your venue ahead of time, make sure you have enough outdoor space to light up safely, and stock up on plenty of personalized matchboxes.


Hanging Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are an excellent tool to give your reception a warm, romantic glow.  Whether they’re streamlined for a neat, sophisticated look or mixed and matched with other fun light sources, Edison bulbs are always an elegant choice that won’t drown your budget.

Photo by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions / Khayangan Estate, Bali

Photo by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions / Khayangan Estate, Bali


Lighted Branches

What could be dreamier than saying I do under the twinkling branches of a beautiful tree? Lighted branches are a wonderful, whimsical way of rooting your ceremony in nature and channeling fairytale imagery.  If your venue is indoors or out in the open, try gathering branches and potting them in decorative pots.

Emily Wren Photography / Aldie Mansion, Pennsylvania

Emily Wren Photography / Aldie Mansion, Pennsylvania / via


Cascading String Lights

String lights (or bistro lights) can create a wide range of environments, from immersive entrances like the photo below to tents and canopies with the string pulled taut.  These tiny bulbs are blissfully flexible and create a perfect, subtle glow as the day turns from dusk to night.

Photos by Jason Moreley via, John Labbe via, and Docuvitae via