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Signature Cocktails With Spice & Sparkle

imageWelcome guests to your wedding reception with a festive signature cocktail that embodies fall’s bright spirit. Signature drinks need not be fussy to make an impression. Standout recipes are often inspired twists on familiar classics. Take for example, the Pinterest-popular Apple Cider Bellini, a combination of cider, sparkling wine or champagne, plus a touch of fig or pomegranate liquor. Attracted to the concept of signature cocktails but not sure how to choose a drink that will please your crowd? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Consider Color: If your bridesmaids will wear plum and your bouquet and centerpieces will include purple orchids and lavender roses, champagne cocktails, created with crème de cassis blackcurrent liquor will perfectly coordinate.

Virgin Version: Some cocktail recipes can be easily adapted to provide an alcohol-free version. Guests who are underage or choose not to imbibe appreciate being offered something special.
On the Rocks: Martinis and similar straight-up drinks are too strong for some. Let your guests pace themselves during cocktail hour by serving your signature cocktail over ice.
All in the Details: Have a card with your drink’s name and elements printed and framed for the bar. Or, go rustic and use a chalkboard. This is not only charming, but especially helpful if you’ve christened your cocktail the “Lila+Ted.”

We chose a few favorites to inspire you. Starting with seasonal standbys like apple, pear and maple, these amber and ruby-hued autumn cocktails get enlivened with vibrant ingredients like coriander, black pepper, rosemary and even a rare pine-infused liqueur. Celebrate seasonal fruit and flavor with distinctive, elegant refreshments. Cheers!

1. Flying Fig
2. Elevated Outcrop
3. Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour
4. The Gold Rush
5. Gingered Apple Sparkler
6. Pomegranate Mojitos