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Spotting the Perfect Wedding Invitation

beautiful-morning-sunrise-pictureI have this wonderful morning ritual. It only recently became a ritual, and it began by accident. Still, the importance of it I cannot shake. When I first wake up, before I am even thinking about my cup of coffee, or better yet, that crisp shower and fresh towel, I go downstairs. I sit on the living room couch, gaze out the window and wait usually no longer than 30 seconds before my adorable dog, Peaches, joins me.

Now, there is something truly special about Peaches to me. Before I had Peaches, I was augw1rather afraid of dogs. As anyone who knows anything about dogs can tell you, the worst thing about being afraid of dogs is that that makes them more likely to do the things that make you afraid of them to begin with. Being ancestors of wolves, dogs smell fear as part of their way of understanding who belongs in whatever position in the pack hierarchy: there is always a dominant, or alpha male-female pair, and then subordinates, in the pack. They come to depend on everyone upholding their roles, especially those in the alpha position. When they smell fear, they attribute it to a lack of pack-stability, and attack that which is afraid to establish some kind of dominance and to let them know who is charge.

Peaches was the first dog I did not have such an issue with, and naturally, I instantly loved COUCH 005her very much. At first it was simply because she was just adorable and so small; I couldn’t stand to be afraid. When she started waking me up in those early morning hours, and, sitting with me after I put water in her bowl and took a seat on the couch while the coffee brewed, I realized she had given me the perfect invitation to a new kind of best friendship.

I think that picking your perfect invitations for your wedding day is kind of like the same thing. Sure, you’re probably a little bit scared (and excited) about this big day, and yet your heart just melts when you think about how much you love your soon-to-be-spouse. The only thing that really matters is that you get those invitations out on time, even if it means first thing the morning after they are done being addressed, before you’ve even had yourespresso no 9 decaf coffee.

Okay, maybe so you aren’t that excited about it, but I am sure you want the invitation process from start to finish to go perfectly. Whether that means finding the exact invitation style you are looking for, or all of the printing steps going smoothly, or all of the mail reaching it to their proper destinations and people responding in a timely fashion. Or, best of all, receiving the RSVPs in the mail. Check out the companies below as part of The Knot’s top Invitation Vendors, both National, and located in NYC and surrounding boroughs.




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