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#TechTuesday Wedding Tech Update

With tech rapidly expanding the ways we design, capture, and connect with our weddings and our guests, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. From fantastically futuristic décor to mind-blowing ways of capturing memories, we gathered a few newcomers to the uncharted merging of weddings and technology.


Go-Pro Bridal Bouquet

This bride looks like she’s having so much fun steering her bouquet through the day to capture the best footage! Ask to leave some space for a small camera in your bouquet for a totally unique perspective to preserve forever.


3D Cake Decorations

Personalized cake toppers are sweeping the wedding scene. But if you’re not so into having you and your partner replicated in 3D, check out these intricate printed sugar decorations.  One glance will have your imagination running wild. No matter your theme or color scheme, it doesn’t get more custom than this!

3D Printed Wedding Cake Decor via 3D Systems

3D Printed Wedding Cake Decor via 3D Systems


Bridal Stream


Even when you have guests traveling from far and wide, there are always a few who just can’t make it.  Bridal Stream is here to insure those loved ones can still be included.  After setting up a personalized wedding site for you and your partner, Bridal Stream sends a representative on-site to livestream the ceremony. Friends and family from afar can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show – if so inclined, they can even comment and chat with other guests.


Light Projections For Your Wedding Cake

Disney unveiled this idea with their line of Fairytale Wedding Cakes with digital mapping in 2014.  Now, more and more talented lighting designers are making it possible for you to project anything you like on your cake – from floral prints to old photos to animated pictures.

Crowd-Sourced Wedding Video

Want a wedding video made for you and your friends by you and your friends? Wedding Mix will send you multiple HD video cameras to hand out to your most trusted friends.  After they gather the footage only your loved ones can from your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, receptions, you name it – pick the footage you want to keep, a title and a soundtrack, then pop the cameras back in the mail, and Wedding Mix will edit a beautiful wedding video from the provided footage.