Jessica & Perry Wedding - Bride - Bedell Cellars Cutchogue NY - Photography by Ira Lippke Studio

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The Minimalist Bride: Subtle Accents on Your Big Day

Every bride has her own unique style and vision for her big day. However, some have a hard time finding the perfect balance between lavish décor and simple highlights without making the style feel too trendy or flashy. Our minimalist brides have a simpler taste; they prefer subtle and neutrals, accenting organically to create a theme. If you find yourself looking to create a beautiful scene that lights up a room without taking away from the main attraction of the bride and groom, we may just have what you are looking for. Here are a few ways to delicately add your signature touch to your special occasion while keeping it modest, sophisticated and tasteful.


Jessica & Perry - Bride - Bedell Cellars - Photography by Ira Lippke Studio

Jessica & Perry – Bride – Bedell Cellars – Photography by Ira Lippke Studio


Framed Photographs: There are countless weddings that showcase the memory lane slideshow or engagement photo shoot pictures to give guests a glimpse of the newlyweds’ love story. While these are popular, not everyone enjoys the full show — some like to capture a similar sentiment on a smaller scale. Having unique framed photographs precisely placed throughout the reception can provide guests with candid moments without overshadowing the festivities. It’s a great way to show pictures from the beginning of the bride and groom’s relationship to now. Another great addition is to celebrate the people who have loved you along the way. This can include pictures of parents, grandparents and siblings. Not only do these unique picture frames add design quality to your reception space, but they’re also sweet, sentimental and nostalgic.



Calligraphy/Stationary: Custom monograms and special fonts for your wedding day prints include menus, programs and table numbers. An impressive way to add flare and individuality to your wedding day is your choice in calligraphy and designs. Fonts can vary depending on the wedding’s theme, from formal to casual, or rustic to modern; the designs can play a big role in complimenting your theme.



Linens: Linen choice provides the room with many textures, designs, colors and dynamics. Fabric can be one of the most underrated elements of a wedding, as many stick to creams and whites so it doesn’t take away from table designs. As this often is a good idea and looks nice, it’s important to remember that tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and even floral embellishments like ribbons are great ways to showcase some personal preference while adding a variety of texture. Incorporating lace, brocade, ruffles, crochet, burlap, satin and silk can bring different and interesting aspects to your overall room décor.



Lighting Up a Room: Lighting is not usually something couples recognize as an essential feature while designing the look of their reception room, yet it is a simple factor that greatly adds to the ambiance. The atmosphere you have always desired can be achieved by choosing the correct light to accent your decor.

This can be accomplished with up-lighting, high-hats, low-lights, candlelight, chandeliers and often natural light. A modern look is created by incorporating your color scheme into the room’s lighting. This adds vibrancy to your décor and keeps the room upbeat. For a classic look, clear-white lights are key to keeping the room crisp and clean. Of course, the best light is often natural light, as sunlight can be the most charming.



Many brides think that having a simple wedding is too ordinary, but if you follow these easy tips and include subtle accents like lighting, stationary and textures, you can really bring your dream room to life.