Modern Boho Meets Classic Elegance - by Anna Delores Photography - via The Perfect Palette

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Wedding Invitation Trends to Set The Tone

In this new-age world of texting, tweeting, Facebook events, and Evites, brides-to-be may be tempted to skip out on the traditional printed and mailed wedding invitation due to the high cost and lack of time. Yet, even in today’s fast moving and efficient world of technology, sending out an invitation through an email or electronic platform tends to feel impersonal and doesn’t allow you to connect with your guest on the same level. Yet, the wedding industry personals would still like to encourage sticking to traditional paper invitations when it comes to your special day, as doing so not only leads to a positive outcome for both the couple and the guests, but also adds a special touch to the overall feel of your wedding from start to finish.


Wax Seal Stamps - Invitation - Jennifer Claire Photography - via

Wax Seal Stamps – Invitation – Jennifer Claire Photography – via


Coming home to a personalized invitation for an important event can be a special treat for your guests, especially now that physical mail is becoming less common. It leaves an impression that starts before the wedding and a memory that lasts long after. Sending out an invitation, no matter how simple or extravagant, is a fun way for guests to sneak a peek of the fabulous wedding to come, as well as dictate what is to be expected of their guests attending.

“Invitations set the stage for a wedding, letting guests know how formal it will be. And that is determined by their choice of the elegant and beautiful details the bride and groom put into the finished product.” – Gina Milano, owner of Long Island Wedding & Event Planners Boutique in East Norwich and Smithtown, NY

The invitation is the very first impression your guests will have of what to expect; it sets the mood and allows for a glimpse into your wedding style and  color schemes while also informing your guests regarding appropriate attire. This is your opportunity to bring your personal style and design themes to life by creating an invitation that resonates with you. Let your personality shine through and put your vision onto paper! You have all the options in the world, along with a variety of resources at your fingertips, to make this creative process your own. Every couple is unique just like every wedding, and your invitation should be too!

Now, as many may want to design from scratch, there are a lot of trends that are hitting the wedding market in a big way that could inspire and create excitement about taking on the traditional physical wedding invitation.


1. Give a sneak peek of the arrangements to come or show off your favorite flowers with floral inspired designs! Use your surroundings or your favorite artwork to ignite your creative side. Pull colors, different types of flowers, or even stems and leaves to create a beautiful piece of art.



2. All gold everything! Everyone is obsessed with the gilded, gold, metallic, and foiling printing trends in season now. It adds a touch of shimmer and shine to your invitation, guaranteed to be a showstopper.



3. Think outside the rectangle! Circle, triangles, or custom shaped invitations – make your invitation your own! Create a stunning silhouette that shapes your vision onto paper.



4. Bring the outside indoors by adding an extra physical element to your invitation like buttons, or real wood to create a rustic look and feel for your invitation. This unique packaging will be sure to leave a lasting impression in your guests’ minds.



5. For a customizable, unique take on traditional wedding invitations, try out the new water color trend. Each invitation becomes a piece of art, different from the one before it, and completely compatible with your color scheme.


Modern Boho Meets Classic Elegance - by Anna Delores Photography - via The Perfect Palette

Modern Boho Meets Classic Elegance – by Anna Delores Photography – via The Perfect Palette


6. Zzzz Zzzz… Introducing laser cut designs! This new, innovative trend allows for simple borders or intricate patterns carved into your invitations and all wedding related stationary.



7. Ribbons, twine, or lace add an elegant touch to any invitation design. It’s the perfect way to add extra creativity onto a simple invitation. Complete any look with a physical addition to help you tie the knot!


Elegant Vintage Romantic Wedding - Hunter Ryan Photography - via Wedding

Elegant Vintage Romantic Wedding – Hunter Ryan Photography – via Wedding


8. For an extra decorative surprise inside, use envelope interiors to add additional color and patterns to complement the design of your invitation. This special designed interior is fresh, fun, and unexpected.



So while you may feel inclined to go digital with your wedding invitations, we hope that these trends will get you excited about creating a traditional wedding invitation that is true to you. Keep it romantic and simple with some ribbon or lace. Make it rustic and outdoorsy by adding physical elements or modeling designs after real flowers. Create a wow factor by sprucing up a classic design with gold foil, patterned envelope interiors, or water color. Personalize it with laser cutting and custom shapes.

The trick is to make it yours! Stay consistent with your wedding theme and personal taste to create a beautiful message for your guests to cherish.