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Wedding Photographer Ryan Brenizer and the Brenizer Method


When Ryan Brenizer photographed a wedding we did at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, we were struck by the artistry of his work. His talent for catching breathtaking, candid moments is obvious and his dynamic compositions capture both motion and emotion. American Photo magazine named Brenizer as one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers.

Brenizer accomplishes his unique style by taking shallow depth-of-field images with a fast telephoto lens. He describes this look as “bokeh panoramas.” It’s come to be known as the Brenizer Method, and is now sought and used by phoptographers all over the world. If you would like to learn more and maybe give it a try yourself, Brenizer did a Reddit AMA (“ask me anything”). He offers great advice for budding wedding professionals:

“Try to keep the work that you do fun for yourself, and keep chasing novelty, and then growth happens naturally.”

Here’s another magical example of a wedding photograph created by Brenizer using his method.

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