Mandap Detail - Tribeca Rooftop - Josiah and Steph

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6 Reasons Why You Should Make Choosing Wedding Flowers Early High Priority

Mandap Detail - Tribeca Rooftop - Josiah and Steph

Mandap Detail – Tribeca Rooftop – Josiah and Steph

While choosing your wedding flowers is exciting, seeing the examples flooding your Instagram feed and Pinterest can make the decision process feel overwhelming. With all the items still needed to tick off on your to-do list, you may be tempted to put off choosing floral decor. We get it. Picking vanilla lemon buttercream does feel like you are doing something, and a sense of satisfaction comes with putting a check mark next to ‘order cake.’

From both a logistical and creative standpoint, meeting with a florist earlier rather than later makes the experience of wedding planning as whole less stressful and intimidating. Flowers belong in the ‘important’ category right alongside finding a venue and wedding dress. When you knock out the ‘biggies,’ details such as signage, escort cards, favors, and signature cocktails become smaller pieces of a puzzle that fall into place. Read on for our break down of six reasons why you should prioritize selecting your big day blooms.
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