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Jay Muse - Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

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Interview With Jay Muse, Owner of Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse - Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse – Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

When Jay Muse graduated from culinary school, he did what every aspiring pastry chef dreams about – he opened up a specialty bakery in New York City. “I just wanted to make muffins,” he says looking back. Cake wasn’t going to be a mainstay on the menu. Then one afternoon, a customer walked in and asked him to make a cake for her wedding. The rest is history.

Today, Jay is chef and partner of Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY. Headed by a dynamic team of bakers and designers with resumes that list Per Se, JoJo, and Auquavit, the award-winning bakery is sought after by couples who want their big day dessert to make a statement in style and taste. We’ve been fortunate to see Lulu Cake Boutique’s masterpieces in person, serving as the sweet punctuation mark on a handful of Real BB weddings. For these reasons and more, we couldn’t wait to interview Jay for our Industry Influencer series.
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