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Nicole / Nicole & Frank / The Woodmere Club / Brett Matthews Photography


Nicole + Frank : Modern Magic at The Woodmere Club

Nicole and Frank met in August 2007, on a cruise ship called The Norwegian Dawn, where they were vacationing separately with their families. After exchanging glances in the gym, their paths crossed again at dinner, where Frank claims it was “love at second sight.”

For years, Nicole talked about how much she wanted a black-and-white French bulldog to name Tuxedo, but always stopped herself from going through with the adoption due to her busy work schedule.  Turns out Frank was listening!

Nicole & Tuxedo

Nicole & Tuxedo


On a Wednesday night in November 2014, Frank was moving the last of his boxes into their new shared apartment in Williamsburg.  But when Nicole opened the door to help him carry what she assumed was a box of clothes, she was greeted instead by an eight-week-old black and white French bulldog with an engagement ring around his neck. “I will never forget that day!” says Nicole, “I did not know what to pay attention to first – the puppy or the ring?”
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