August 13, 2019

Beautiful Sunflower Wedding Decor Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet - via

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet – via


No other flower expresses the essence of summer like the sunflower. Whether they are standing tall in a field or arranged in a vase at home, they bring brilliance and joy to any scene. It comes as no surprise then that this bloom is a favorite among couples getting married between late summer and early fall. They symbolize ‘loyalty’ and ‘adoration’ – qualities you definitely want around on a day celebrating love and commitment. While the sunflower tends to be associated with ‘rustic’ and ‘country’, it certainly works with other styles ranging from whimsical to elegant. From stunning bouquets to eye-catching centerpieces, here are beautiful sunflower wedding décor ideas.
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January 16, 2018

Gorgeous Decor Ideas With Anemone Wedding Flowers

As one of our favorite wedding flowers of the season, we thought it would be nice to feature the anemone as the first BB Bloom in Spotlight for 2018. With its striking, black center and delicate petals, it’s no wonder brides choose to incorporate the anemone into wedding floral decor. And as designers, we love this bloom’s versatility. From simple and classic to whimsical garden to romantic elegance, the anemone can be used in just about any style of wedding. It offers a spectrum of pretty colors ranging from crisp white (the most popular) and blush to purple, burgundy, red, and pink.
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