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The Bride Wore Black

Bridal accessories

Every season, at least a couple of designers send black wedding dresses down the runway. Women have embraced the LBD for almost a century, so it makes sense that some want to get married in their go-to, formal-occasion color. Picture yourself in something more traditional? A touch of black brings sophistication, elegance and even drama. Above, one of our brides makes a statement in a gorgeous black fur shrug. Below, a bouquet we created with green cymbidium orchids and eggplant calla lilies (sometimes referred to as “black” calla lilies). Here are our picks, for brides who feel inspired to practice the dark arts.
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Planning & Inspiration

Peacock Feathers for Weddings

Peacock Feather Bouquet

Luxe, jewel-toned peacock feathers make a bold statement in wedding decor and bridal accessories. A magnificent wonder of nature, the feathers’ popularity spiked during the opulent Art Deco era, and have long symbolized renewal and eternal life in Eastern cultures. It seems only appropriate to include such fine plumage in weddings. After all, this bird’s audacious mating rituals rival our own poshest ceremonies and celebrations.

Above, we layered peacock feathers to wrap a bouquet of deep purple blossoms, including hydrangea and call lilies in burgundy tones. Below, more striking ideas from around the wedding-sphere. To get all the details, visit our Pinterest board, Feathers in Wedding Decor and re-pin away!
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Copper Sets Autumn Weddings Aglow

[slide id=”Slider_id”][slide id=”Slider_id”]Copper Glow

Fall brings warmth and glow with burnished leaves, amber afternoons and evening firelight. Copper’s earthy radiance makes it the favored metallic of this season. We found inspiration in an exquisite Indian bride, runway fashions from Elie Saab And Meadham Kirchoff, and a gleaming barn wedding with a glittering cake by City View Bakehouse. Stir the embers of your autumn celebration with coppery accents, accessories and decor.

1. Bobbi Brown Copper Diamond Shimmer Brick
2. Shimmer Circle Copper Garland
3. Honeycomb Copper Champagne Bucket by Tom Dixon
4. Heart Vintage Marquee Light
5. Jenny Packham Stellina Headdress
6. Bridal Bandeau by Marcus Art & Fashion

Planning & Inspiration

Favorites From Wedding Crashers in Brooklyn

Image by David Juliet

Image by David Juliet


Wedding Crashers, a Brooklyn wedding fair at the Wythe Hotel, introduced us to new vendors and inspired us with creative ideas. This event emphasized handcrafted and unique touches to bring a personalized, vintage-modern feeling to weddings. Sustainable design and responsibly sourced ingredients and materials were hot topics at the fair, but didn’t pull focus from what couples always look for: charming, elegant and sentimental ways to express their love and taste. Here are a few of our favorite things from the fair.



Handmade engagement rings crafted with Fairmined metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gems. Bario-Neal offers total customization of all ring designs and transparency about suppliers and sourcing. Some diamonds in their designs are “recycled” or antique. Couples aiming for a green lifestyle need not sacrifice elegance. We loved the classic shape and colored stone in their Aquamarine Halo ring. Read More