July 5, 2022

The Flat Lay Wedding Photo: Gorgeous Ideas From the Bride & Blossom Archives

Ana and Jack Wedding - Brides Shoes Rings Vows - The Foundry - Asher Gardner Photography

Ana and Jack Wedding – Brides Shoes Rings Vows – The Foundry – Asher Gardner Photography

What started out as an afterthought with photographers scrambling to find bits and pieces to place on a hotel room floor while the bride got ready, the flat lay photo is now one of the most anticipated shots in a wedding album. Personal and artistic, it can be perceived as a symbolic portrait of a couple expressed through jewelry, heirloom keepsakes, and invitations. And together, these objects of affection tell a very special story.

Planning and curating are essential to getting a gorgeous flat lay wedding photo. It’s all in the details, so think about which elements of being a bride and getting married mean the most to you. Be sure to talk with your photographer ahead of time – some pros are very experienced in this type of photography and even carry a styling kit with them. Lastly, decorative accents such as flowers and petals, ribbon, ornate dishes, and beautiful ring boxes all help in making a perfect picture. To stimulate a creative flow of ideas, we rounded up highlights of flat lay shots from our Real BB Weddings.
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December 21, 2017

Something Blue: A Creative Take on Wedding Tradition

Dear Brides-to-Be, you are about to be handed a long list of wedding traditions, which you’ll be expected to take care of. And at the top is “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The first three clauses of the bridal good luck rhyme are easy to nail – family and friends will be showering you with heirlooms and tokens once the engagement news breaks. But that last one, something blue, can be a little tricky. And what does it even mean exactly?

We did some digging and something blue stands for “purity, love, and fidelity,” principles you definitely want going in to your wedding day. For the bride in need of inspiration for her something blue, here are some of our favorite creative takes on the wedding tradition.
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