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Gwen Stefani / Pink Wedding Dress / via lightinthebox.com

Planning & Inspiration

On Wednesdays, We Like Pink

According to color psychologists, seeing the color pink triggers feelings of being nurtured and understood. Pink calms the fiery passion of red, creating a more gentle and loving energy.  “Pink really lends itself to weddings and we see a lot of it, especially with pale pink being on trend,” says Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “What’s so great about it is it’s fun and romantic while still being sophisticated – if done right…We get a lot of grooms who get nervous when their fiancée will take out the pink inspiration board or have an all-pink Pinterest board.”


Pink can be tricky – if you push too much pink against a poorly matched venue or combine too many tones and textures, things can quickly go from charming to childish. “Our goal is to make sure the wedding doesn’t look like Barbie’s birthday party so we’re super careful in what we use it in, how much of it we use and the shades we select when we design the wedding.”
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Planning & Inspiration

Floral Inspiration from 60’s Starlets

While you may not be swooning over the full-length gloves, white stockings, and pill box hats, there’s no denying the sixties brought about a newfound freedom of expression in bridal style – florals included. 

Today, we take a glimpse at these sixties sweethearts’ wedding flowers – with tips on how to click fast forward for a vintage-inspired, millennium-approved take:

Audrey Hepburn’s Ring of Roses

Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer in a tea-length flared Balmain* dress with satin puffed sleeves and elbow length gloves, accompanied by a stunningly simple crown of roses. (*Yes, that’s the same Balmain responsible for Kim and Kanye’s cyborgian armor at this year’s Met Gala!) 
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floral arch at maritime parc

Planning & Inspiration

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding

floral arch at maritime parc - jen fusillo NJ wedding - photo by cly by matthewphoto: CLY by Matthew // venue: Maritime Parc

Nothing exuberates an elegant and timeless vibe like an all-white wedding. While all colors are gorgeous, there is something so dreamy and ethereal about a white wedding – it can simply take your breath away.

Brides in general are sometimes nervous to go all-white everything, because they fear it won’t be interesting enough and can’t transform the space like color could. We say – nothing creates a more stunning and romantic atmosphere like all white, and in the world of weddings, many of the royal weddings, celebrity weddings and most of the six-figure budget weddings you see in the magazines were, well – all white.
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