July 14, 2019

Religious & Cultural Wedding Traditions and What They Mean

Rashna & Sean Wedding – Ceremony – Bronx Zoo – Dideo Films Photography

One of the best things about doing weddings in New York City is the richness of diversity here. We get to work with couples that represent many religions and cultures from around the world. They want to incorporate elements that symbolize their faith and backgrounds during their wedding. Often times, a union is marked by the coming together of different beliefs and practices. Either way, it’s unforgettable to witness the bond of marriage center around something that is so important to two people. Here’s a look at various religious and cultural wedding traditions and what they mean.
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May 22, 2019

Sara & Mitch Exchange Vows Under A Beautiful Chuppah

Sara & Mitch Wedding – Ceremony Atmosphere – The Foundry – Craig Paulson Studio


Part 3: Ceremony & Chuppah

Anticipation grew as guests took their seats to witness Sara and Mitch’s nuptials. In just moments, the couple would meet under beautiful, floral adorned chuppah. Sara describes how The Foundry’s industrial aesthetic helped guide the backdrop’s design. “I wanted to juxtapose hard and soft elements with the chuppah by pairing a sturdy foundation with romantic flowers and lots of greenery.” Her vision translated into a dark wood structure embellished with a lush mixture of roses, dahlias, nigellas, Queen Anne’s lace, and wax flowers in shades of blush, red, and white. Seeded eucalyptus, salal greenery and ruscus added a natural touch to the display.
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February 19, 2019

Hilary & Brad say “I Do” In A Breathtaking Pink and White Ceremony At The Plaza Hotel

Hilary & Brad Wedding – Bride & Groom – Ceremony – Plaza Hotel – Hechler Photographers


Making high glamour work in a classic New York venue like the Plaza Hotel can be hard to pull off. You want to incorporate eye-catching elements without going over the top. Using her experience as an event planner, BB Featured Bride Hilary did just that. “I tried to bring in bright pinks in such a way so they popped just enough to not be shocking.”


Hilary & Brad Wedding – Ceremony Aisle – Plaza Hotel – Hechler Photographers


Part 3: Ceremony and Chuppah
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June 5, 2018

Unique Decor Ideas Using Orchid Wedding Flowers

Sophia & Sam Wedding – Ceremony Trees Hydrangea Manzanita Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Orchid – Tribeca 360 NYC – by Shira Weinberger


When it comes to using orchids in wedding floral decor, brides-to-be have much to be excited about. While the Phalaenopsis is the most popular for weddings, there are other types of orchids available such as dendrobrium, cymbidium, and cattleya. Each is uniquely beautiful from the next and can be used in just about every floral decor element. From bouquets to ceremonial structures to centerpieces, here are inspiring ideas for using orchid wedding flowers.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The most recognized of all the orchids is the Phalaenopsis. Our brides love this bloom not only for its exquisite beauty, but also for its versatility. Phalaenopsis orchids can be used in various wedding styles ranging from exotic and opulent to classic to modern. Tall centerpieces featuring lush cream and lavender roses and hydrangea complemented by descending white Phalaensopsis orchids evoke an ambiance of timeless elegance. A bridal bouquet featuring the flower in bold violet with burgundy and red roses captures the eye with dramatic flair. Give the traditional white wedding cake a makeover with a flourish of cascading natural blooms.
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April 13, 2018

Interview with Marcus Mordachini of Fusion Productions

From ceremonial structures, centerpieces, and linens to entertainment and cuisine, there are so many aspects that go into planning a beautiful wedding. All of these features are lost without amazing lighting. Lighting can be used to completely transform the look and feel of a venue, creating a breathtaking setting where memories that last a lifetime are made.


Image Courtesy of Fusion Productions


Marcus Mordachini founded his company, Fusion Productions, in 1997. For the past 20 years, he has been making couples’ wedding wishes come true through innovative techniques in lighting and event design. We had the pleasure of talking with Marcus about how he got started in the industry, what it is like to work in New York City’s top wedding venues, and the latest trends and technologies couples are using to illuminate their special day.
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March 21, 2018

Featured Bride Madalyn On Her Breathtaking Chuppah

Madalyn & Jonathan Wedding – Chuppah – Guastavino’s – by Joshua Zuckerman


We love when a bride puts a unique spin on wedding traditions. Symbolizing the home of the soon-to-be newlyweds, the chuppah is one of the most important aspects of the Jewish wedding ceremony. It also lets the bride be creative with décor, and express their personality and style. This week, we talked with our featured bride Madalyn about her breathtaking Lucite and suspended floral chuppah.

Part 3: Ceremony

When guests began arriving at Guastavino’s for Madalyn and Jon’s wedding, New York City was in the midst of its first snowfall of the season. Everyone was more than happy to take cover inside the warm, picturesque venue, but what they were about to see would exceed all expectations.
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