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Ceremony / Rachel and Matthew / Cipriani 42 / Brett Matthews Photography


Rachel + Matt: Spectacular Splendor at Cipriani 42

Every Sunday, Rachel and her friends would gather to watch The Amazing Race and draft fantasy teams. One night, Rachel’s friend Becky suggested she go out with a friend of hers from middle school, Matt.  After checking out some pictures on Facebook, Rachel gave the thumbs up!


Matt and Rachel began texting nonstop.  Matt was traveling for work at the time and was impressed that Rachel knew Bloomington, IL.  They texted and talked on the phone throughout the week before their first date Friday night at Bistro 61.


Dancefloor / Rachel & Matt / Cipriani / Brett Matthews Photography

Dancefloor / Rachel & Matt / Cipriani 42 / Brett Matthews Photography


On Memorial Day weekend, Matt was off from work on Friday. He told Rachel he would go shopping and prepare a nice dinner for the two of them that evening, but when Rachel walked in the door to their shared apartment, there were candles and roses everywhere, and a pathway leading to Matt.  Matt proposed, she said yes, and they gathered for a surprise dinner with both of their families at Daniel.  Rachel thought they had plans to go look at rings that holiday weekend, so she was shocked!
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