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Embellished Bouquets for Extra Sparkle

Bouquet bling

Flowers bring beauty, freshness and wonder to weddings. How flowers are presented can express creativity, mood, and the personality of the bride. This is why we love to design wedding flowers. Using some of nature’s most incredible creations to enhance and communicate the spirit of love and celebration never gets old because every bride and every wedding is unique.

Brides planning a rustic wedding may dream of carrying flowers that feel as if they were just gathered from a field. Natural-looking bouquets incorporating leafy stems and wildflowers are charming with simple, gauzy gowns and hair worn in loose waves or braids.

For formal affairs, many brides choose a more structured bouquet. Symmetrical compositions and understated wraps show off the beauty of impeccable blossoms and look perfect carried by brides wearing chic updos, classic jewelry and elegant gowns.
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