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Planning & Inspiration

Five On-Trend Centerpieces

Centerpieces are one of the primary focal points of your wedding decor. In weddings past, stuffy, fussy floral arrangements reigned supreme, but these on-trend designs are a perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style.

1. The Rustic Romantic

Rustic Rose Centerpiece


Venue: Studio 450

Photographer: Carly Michelle

Flowers: Pink esther roses, seeded eucalyptus, white stock, lavender dahlia

These mid-height naturalistic arrangements are reminiscent of a walk through an enchanted forest. They accent the table without overwhelming the decor, and work well with simple color schemes.

2. The Pop Princess 

Purple Anemones

Venue: Studio 450

Photographer: Photo Pink

Flowers: Purple Anemones

Though they be but little, these purple anemones are fiercely fashionable. A single, exotic bloom that matches (or offsets) a monochromatic color scheme is both an aesthetic asset and a conversation-starter for your guests.

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Planning & Inspiration

A Softer Side of Fall

Fall Wedding at Chelsea PiersWith fall in full swing, it seems that everyone is embracing Apple picking, pumpkin lattes (pumpkin everything for that matter), sweater capes and of course fall colors. One major fall component that seems to be lacking this year is the traditional fall weddings.

Our fall brides have always been eager to embrace the fall season by incorporating the rich fall colors, seasonal blooms and sneaking some mini pumpkins in there somewhere. However, this year, were truly seeing a shift, in that brides seems to be reaching for the softer side of fall.

So what does this mean? It’s less of the rich fall colors like shades of red, orange, amber, browns and hints of yellow and more of the creams, blush, greens and a pop of burgundy for good measure.
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