August 6, 2019

Floral Inspired Wedding Jewelry For Every Bridal Style

rose and leaf cluster earrings - via

rose and leaf cluster earrings – via


It goes without saying, flowers top our list of favorite things. Jewelry ranks in at a close second. And any opportunity to talk about the two together gets us excited. The symbolic rose or unique form of an orchid make truly remarkable designs for the earrings, necklace, or headpiece which a bride wears on her special day. From statement gems to understated pieces, here are beautiful floral inspired bridal jewelry to suit any style.


Compliment your wedding dress neckline with a gorgeous necklace. Renowned French jeweler Cartier first used the orchid motif in 1925 to highlight delicate femininity. Made of 18k pink gold with a white diamond, this exquisite necklace feels classic, yet modern. Make a glamorous statement with a necklace of dazzling crystal floral clusters. This Y-shaped diamond flower lariat would look amazing with a bohemian gown featuring a dramatic V-neck.
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November 27, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide For The Couple Planning A Wedding

Maggie & Richard Wedding - Bride Groom - Castle Hotel - Tarrytown - by Sophie Kaye

Maggie & Richard Wedding – Bride Groom – Castle Hotel – Tarrytown – by Sophie Kaye


Ask anyone who’s gone through it, planning a wedding has its ups and downs. With the added stress of the holidays, any engaged couple is going to be feeling the pressure. This makes getting an amazing gift for your soon-to-be-married friends all the more important!

Since we often work with not just the bride, but her fiance as well, we completely understand that each pair is different from the next. When looking for the perfect present, think about what their shared interests are. Are they homebodies or do they like to go out? Are they connoisseurs of food and drink? Do they have a passion for art & culture? Once you’ve pinned this down, you can get started. And to help you on your search, we put together this comprehensive holiday gift guide for the couple planning a wedding.
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May 10, 2018

Spring Date Ideas For The Couple That Needs A Break From Wedding Planning

Between planning for your wedding, work, and the responsibilities of day-to-day life, there’s been little room for romance in your relationship as of late. This is not to say the spark has died. It just needs a little recharge. What better way to reconnect than to put EVERYTHING aside and go on an amazing spring date?!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden - via

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – via


New York City has much to offer the busy couple when it comes to putting passion back into the fame. This is the season when the city comes alive again with fun and exciting things to do and see. From going to a museum and exploring a botanical garden to taking a cake baking class together, here are spring date ideas for the couple that needs a break from wedding planning.
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