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Brad & Manjil

So excited to write this review – we are a gay couple, and felt a bit apprehensive upfront about using them,  given their ‘BRIDE’ and Blossom name, but they were insanely thoughtful at our initial meetings – made it FUN, we left super excited. Lindsay was our point-person, and I have to say she was super patient with us, and actually helped us seriously develop our ideas — this separated B&B from other florists we met. They took our scatter-brained ideas and transformed them into something  incredibly beautiful. She worked tirelessly, sending us reminder emails and was always a friend in the process.

They designed an 8×8 ft flower wall to frame a custom Mandap, and an intricate string-art-flower showpiece that was actually a piece of art. I’ve never seen something so beautiful and unique and PERFECT before. The 15 centerpieces and head-table arrangements were gorgeous – again, far-exceeding our expectations. To future brides/grooms: Are they the cheapest? definitely not, but don’t be turned off — they will absolutely produce the most amazing flowerscape at your wedding. You won’t be disappointed. Worth every last dollar. In short, SUPER HIGHLY recommend. Work with Lindsay and Rachel — I honestly think some of the best spent $$ at the wedding.