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Coffee Table Flowers via Casa Tres Chic

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The Power of Flowers to Relieve Stress and Increase Productivity

With winter and the holidays fast approaching,  it’s easy to forget to take a moment to breathe and relieve stress trapped in the body.  If you find yourself looking for a simple way to reduce anxiety, give flowers a chance to brighten your perspective. In 2005, Rutgers University conducted a study on the effects of flowers on our mental hygiene.  Across all ages and genders, flowers were found to improve emotional health by triggering feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and social comfortability.

Peonies via Traditional Home

Peonies via Traditional Home


The easiest way to reap the benefits of flowers is to simply place them in your home. The results of a study conducted by Dr. Nancy Etcoff at Harvard suggest placing flowers by your bedside, so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up and start the day.  Participants reported having a better outlook throughout the morning after placing flowers throughout the house as they went about their morning routines.  Placing flowers in the foyer or dining room welcomes guests into your home with a burst of positivity and inclusivity.
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Ombré Floral Chuppah at Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Tribeca Rooftop Shlomo Cohen Wedding-25

Tribeca Rooftop Shlomo Cohen Wedding-22

We created one of our most unique floral chuppahs ever, for Nicole and Mark’s romantic wedding at Tribeca Rooftop. For the traditional Jewish ceremony, bride Nicole wanted a chuppah that felt both classic and contemporary. And she definitely wanted lots of purple flowers!

Weightless, white chiffon cascaded down each of the chuppah’s four posts. We adorned the structure’s front with an ombré lush roses, hydrangea and carnations, in deep purple, fading into lavender and finishing with white. Ombré florals should have a painterly quality, which we were able to achieve by selecting beautifully-hued Ocean Song and Cool Water roses. 

Nicole carried a rounded bouquet in gorgeous shades of beautiful white and lavender with pops of green: ivory roses,, white mini-calla lilies, light purple Sweet Pea, lavender Ocean Song Roses, seeded eucalyptus and velvety Dusty Miller.
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