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Linda Sergeant - via farandaway.us

Planning & Inspiration

Interview with Linda Sergeant of Far and Away Luxury Destinations

Linda Sergeant is a prime example that professional success comes from setting goals, hard work, and staying true to your beliefs.

Linda Sergeant - via farandaway.us

Linda Sergeant – via farandaway.us

After years of working in the travel, Linda realized that people wanted a more hands-on approach to vacation planning, something that the industry was sorely lacking at the time. She saw the opportunity, jumped on it, and in 2005, founded Far and Away Luxury Destinations, which specializes in personally-tailored experiences for clients.

Ask anyone who loves to travel, and they will tell you visiting new and far off places is all about the ‘experience.’ Seeing popular tourist sites and eating favorite local dishes are just scratching at the surface. Using her expertise and global network of contacts, Linda dives deep into a place to pinpoint its unique offerings, and matches them with her clients’ individual interests, tastes, and desires. They come away with an unforgettable experience that is life-changing and full of meaning.
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