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Jay Muse - Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

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Interview With Jay Muse, Owner of Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse - Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

Jay Muse – Owner/Chef Lulu Cake Boutique

When Jay Muse graduated from culinary school, he did what every aspiring pastry chef dreams about – he opened up a specialty bakery in New York City. “I just wanted to make muffins,” he says looking back. Cake wasn’t going to be a mainstay on the menu. Then one afternoon, a customer walked in and asked him to make a cake for her wedding. The rest is history.

Today, Jay is chef and partner of Lulu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY. Headed by a dynamic team of bakers and designers with resumes that list Per Se, JoJo, and Auquavit, the award-winning bakery is sought after by couples who want their big day dessert to make a statement in style and taste. We’ve been fortunate to see Lulu Cake Boutique’s masterpieces in person, serving as the sweet punctuation mark on a handful of Real BB weddings. For these reasons and more, we couldn’t wait to interview Jay for our Industry Influencer series.
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Ryan & Darren Wedding - Bouquet - Kittle House Chappaqua - Meg Miller Photography


Ryan + Darren: Rustic Elegance at Crabtree’s Kittle House

On the East bank of the Hudson River, thirty miles north of New York City, lies the beautiful historic settlement of Chappaqua. Founded by the Quakers in the 1780s, Chappaqua is home to a multitude of stunning historical buildings, including the timelessly elegant Crabtree’s Kittle House, where Ryan and Darren Mooney were married in impeccable style this past November.

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography

Ryan & Darren / Crabtree’s Kittle House / Meg Miller Photography


Ryan and Darren reside in Boston, where they met during their second year of law school.  “We were both at a mutual friend’s birthday party where I learned Darren was moving not far from where I lived,” recalls Ryan, “I must have had liquid courage because I jumped at the opportunity to show him the neighborhood.  It was very awkward, to say the least…we went to the gym and then Trader Joe’s! It stuck though, and we’ve been together ever since!”
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