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Thai Floral Garlands via Thai Top Wedding

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Floral Wedding Traditions from Around the World

It’s easy to take for granted the wedding traditions we know so well, such as the first dance or tossing the bouquet. But our wedding ceremonies, rituals, and festivities vary greatly from culture to culture, including how we incorporate blooms & botanicals. Today we take a look at some floral wedding traditions from around the world, from competitive garland-giving to double bridal bouquets.


Italian Wedding Car Flowers via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Aynhoe Park / Alexa Loy Photography

Italian Wedding Car Flowers via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings / Alexa Loy Photography


We’ve all seen movies where the bride & groom clank away in their decked out wedding car, but in Italy it’s often a reality for the couple to make their first exit as man and wife in a car covered in fresh blooms.  As they drive off to wedded bliss, passersby will honk and shout “Auguri!” to wish the new couple a long and joyous marriage.
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