June 12, 2018

Featured Bride Jean On Her Breathtaking Monique Lhuillier Dress & Wedding Personals

Jean & Bryan Wedding - Bride & Bridesmaids - Bronx Post Office - by Karen Wise

Jean & Bryan Wedding – Bride & Bridesmaids – Bronx Post Office – by Karen Wise


Some brides-to-be know exactly what style of wedding dress they want. While others start their search with no idea at all. Then there are those, like our featured bride Jean, who go in with a set look in mind and completely surprise themselves with what they end up wearing down the aisle.

Part 2: Saying Yes To The Dress & Personals

Once the venue and date were confirmed, Jean had only four months to look for a dress. Because of her busy schedule and short timeline, she sometimes attended bridal salon appointments alone and her sisters and mother joined whenever possible. One afternoon, she and her oldest sister, Joanne, made another visit to Monique Lhuillier on the Upper East Side. The esteemed fashion designer is known for her frothy tulle skirts, dramatic silhouettes, and decorative flourishes. Jean, on the other hand, envisioned herself wearing something classic and simple, but with a modern sensibility. So when her sister pointed out the Fleur gown, she didn’t think much of it at first. “I would never have chosen the dress for myself. It was completely the opposite of what I ever pictured myself in!” says Jean. The blush colored design featured a voluminous, multi-tiered ball gown skirt and strapless lace top. “After trying the dress on for my mother and other sisters, it was clear this was the one.” Jean accessorized her stunning gown with a cathedral length veil, also by Monique Lhuillier, and Ferragamo patent leather sandals.
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June 6, 2018

Jean & Bryan: A Modern Day Fairytale at the Bronx Post Office

Jean & Bryan Wedding - Bride & Groom - Bronx Post Office - by Karen Wise

Jean & Bryan Wedding – Bride & Groom – Bronx Post Office – by Karen Wise


Sometimes love happens without you even realizing it. Just ask Jean and Bryan. Their relationship went through many phases over the years before ‘romance’ even entered the picture. But isn’t it the love stories like Jean and Bryan’s, the ones full of twists, turns, and a bump or two that make the rest of us believe that “true love” is even possible?

Jean and Bryan said “I do” on a lovely spring day in a breathtaking ceremony and reception at the Bronx Post Office. Here’s the first chapter in their modern day fairytale.
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October 20, 2017

From Runway to Real Way: Reception Bridal Looks You Have Got To See

You love your wedding dress and can’t wait to wear it down the aisle. But if we are going to be honest, it is not comfortable and the thought of wearing it all through the reception is almost unbearable. Well you are definitely not alone! More and more brides are changing into a second outfit for the reception. These looks are still head-turners with a bridal vibe. But they are also a little less formal, offering freedom to relax, move around with ease, and dance the night away!

We had so much fun choosing our favorite gowns from New York Fashion Week Fall 2018. Showcasing a plethora of gorgeous creations, many designers turned out ensembles that would be perfect to wear as a second number and we bookmarked them all!
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October 10, 2017

Our Favorite Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week New York Fall 2018

Right after flowers, the favorite topic of conversation in the Bride & Blossom showroom is wedding dresses. Bridal Fall 2018 New York Fashion Week just wrapped up. Designers showcased an array of swoon-worthy designs with some so stunning they left us gasping for breath!

When we work with our brides on choosing a bouquet, so much is dependent on what they will be wearing down the aisle. The color scheme, type of flower and style arrangement should compliment the gown in some way. Always looking ahead, we thought it would be fun to have everyone at Bride & Blossom handpick their favorite bridal looks for the upcoming season.
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August 15, 2016

Rachel + Matt: Spectacular Splendor at Cipriani 42

Every Sunday, Rachel and her friends would gather to watch The Amazing Race and draft fantasy teams. One night, Rachel’s friend Becky suggested she go out with a friend of hers from middle school, Matt.  After checking out some pictures on Facebook, Rachel gave the thumbs up!


Matt and Rachel began texting nonstop.  Matt was traveling for work at the time and was impressed that Rachel knew Bloomington, IL.  They texted and talked on the phone throughout the week before their first date Friday night at Bistro 61.


Dancefloor / Rachel & Matt / Cipriani / Brett Matthews Photography

Dancefloor / Rachel & Matt / Cipriani 42 / Brett Matthews Photography


On Memorial Day weekend, Matt was off from work on Friday. He told Rachel he would go shopping and prepare a nice dinner for the two of them that evening, but when Rachel walked in the door to their shared apartment, there were candles and roses everywhere, and a pathway leading to Matt.  Matt proposed, she said yes, and they gathered for a surprise dinner with both of their families at Daniel.  Rachel thought they had plans to go look at rings that holiday weekend, so she was shocked!
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June 29, 2016

On Wednesdays, We Like Pink

According to color psychologists, seeing the color pink triggers feelings of being nurtured and understood. Pink calms the fiery passion of red, creating a more gentle and loving energy.  “Pink really lends itself to weddings and we see a lot of it, especially with pale pink being on trend,” says Creative Director Lindsay Saltz, “What’s so great about it is it’s fun and romantic while still being sophisticated – if done right…We get a lot of grooms who get nervous when their fiancée will take out the pink inspiration board or have an all-pink Pinterest board.”


Pink can be tricky – if you push too much pink against a poorly matched venue or combine too many tones and textures, things can quickly go from charming to childish. “Our goal is to make sure the wedding doesn’t look like Barbie’s birthday party so we’re super careful in what we use it in, how much of it we use and the shades we select when we design the wedding.”
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