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February 8, 2017

DIY Wedding Inspiration Boards


Though we’re past the holiday craze and have already rung in the new year, it is still the season of romance, proposals, and new beginnings. For all of you newly engaged brides and grooms, it is the time to bring your excitement to life and start planning the wedding of your dreams. Many brides have years of ideas stored in the back of their heads; pictures ripped out of magazines or pinned on Pinterest. A wedding is the most beautiful and elegant day of your life, and here at Bride & Blossom we believe that it should be nothing less than perfectly fashioned for you.

For brides looking to pull all their ideas together, we love to suggest a good old fashioned inspiration board.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, inspiration boards are a literal board or digital platform for you to collect images, fabrics, magazine articles, online catalogs and even personal pictures, in one place. This may include ideas for your theme, celebrity inspiration images, possible color schemes, décor that speaks to you, dresses of your dreams and more! Building an inspiration or “vision board” is an important step in the planning process because it helps you organize ideas and ensures your concepts are brought to life by you, your venue and your vendors. Today, we look at some of the most efficient and effective ways of building an inspiration board that will help you hone in on your wedding goals and communicate your ideas to vendors when the time comes.


Wedding Inspiration Board via Southbound Bride

Wedding Inspiration Board via Southbound Bride


The first thing to remember while putting your board together is it is not a shopping list! Yes, you may pull pictures of items which you will later purchase, but this is ultimately an exercise in gathering ideas freely to later curate into a fresh and organic look that is personalized just for you.

Here are a few of the first steps to get you started:

Step 1. Find a platform to create your board.

Step 2. Decide what the board will consist of.

Step 3. Find images, materials and color schemes that bring your vision to life.

Step 4. Organize, add and remove until the board flows exactly how you would like.

Step 5. Work with vendors, bridal party and your venue to make your hard work and vision a reality!

You might prefer to create one board or break it up into categories such as reception, ceremony, flowers and dresses. This makes it super convenient to relate back to and work directly with the products in question. Adding color swatches, flower types, and sample pictures of weddings at your desired venue makes for a much easier first meeting with your vendors. Photoshop is a great tool to use as you can create, cut, crop and blend clips together to have a full image in front of you. This is also a great tool as you can print them out for physical copies, or send them as documents to your florist, venue and other vendors in order to ensure that everyone has the same mental image and is prepared to work towards the same aesthetic. We find this to be a particularly useful method because you can swap images as your change your mind, save old boards and have fun creating and mixing up themes, styles, colors and ideas!



For you old fashioned, DIY brides out there, you may prefer to pull images from magazines or catalogs and pin them on a cork board, blank wall, poster, or in a binder. This method is fun in that it allows you to pull from all sorts of sources. Mix and match, tape and pin until you have created the complete collage for you. This can include images from bridal magazines, recipes for cocktails, pieces of fabric, handwritten notes, whatever you want! Some people work better when they can feel the fabric of their bridesmaid dresses or physically hold color swatches next to each other to really envision their wedding reception or ceremony. This is a fun and creative way to design anything from your centerpieces to your invitations, plus it’s something you will always have to remember the beautiful characteristics you first dreamed of and then made a reality.



If you’re tech-savvy and eager to work fast and furiously, there are several options for online platforms to help facilitate your digital board.



Pinterest is a media platform that allows you to search and save – or “pin” – images, videos, DIY ideas, recipes, etc. that link directly back to their original source. When you see an image you like, you simply click “Pin it!” and that image is added to your personal compilation or “pin board.”

One of the biggest advantages of Pinterest is that images are catalogued by keywords and descriptive tags, allowing you to search for highly specific images. A search for “Bohemian wedding flowers,” for example, could be followed by a search for “Bohemian wedding flowers purple bridal bouquet.”

On your own Pinterest profile, you can create a private folder that allows you to mix and match and save images to refer back to later. Pinterest is a great tool for people who need general inspiration or want ideas to add to their existing plans. It’s helpful, creative and fun (and addictive!) to browse past weddings, staged shoots, historical images, and magazine articles under one URL. Compile your favorites and then make those fabulous ideas your own.



SampleBoard is a fantastic tool that is popular in the interior design and wedding industries. It allows you to create, expand, and share vision boards by searching the web or uploading external images, and organizing them into an inspiration board. Its intuitive, drag & drop design makes it a fast, sleek, and user-friendly option for brides and designers alike.


Styleboard (by The Dessy Group)

This online tool is part of The Dessy Group. The Dessy Group is primarily a wedding retailer, but they also provide a great vision board builder, Styleboard, on their website. Styleboard provides a blank slate and many add-in features such as an Instagram search within the app, as well as pictures from a variety of categories like food & beverage, décor, cakes and jewelry.



Whichever method you choose, inspiration boards are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and help you get motivated to plan your big day. We hope that while creating your inspiration boards you not only feel inspired to get down to planning every last detail, but you also have fun, enjoy looking at spectacular weddings and piece by piece, build your dream wedding before your very eyes.



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February 6, 2017

Flower Feature: Tulips



Tulips via Flickr

Tulips via Flickr


Popular in home gardens worldwide, the tulip is an essential asset to many floral design recipes. Known for its wide range of colors, bright bulbs and symbolic value, the tulip flower is a fan favorite.  In fact, tulips are the 3rd most popular flower in the world.

There are over 75 species of tulips, such as the Dutch tulip and parrot tulip.  Tulips are available in a variety of shapes, dimensions and colors, making them extremely versatile.



Tulips were first recorded growing in the Ottoman Empire. The word tulip comes from the Turkish word for turban, due to its tall, round shape. Today, many recognize the tulip as the emblem of Holland. When roaming the streets of the Netherlands, beloved tulips play a significant role in the nation’s cultural traditions and are loved by locals and tourists alike. Tulips were first brought to the Netherlands in the sixteenth century. Flemish botanist Carolus Clusius wrote a book about tulips in 1592 and they suddenly became so popular that his garden was raided and bulbs were stolen regularly! As the years went by, the Dutch became so fanatically obsessed with tulips that bulbs became immensely expensive.  Tulipmania, the name now given for this curious enthusiasm for tulips, peaked in 1637 and is considered the first example of an “economic bubble.”  Buying one tulip bulb at that time would have cost you 10 times the average national income.



Blossoming in vibrant shades of every color of the rainbow excluding blue, tulips are often thought to symbolize different things based on their color.  Purple correlates with royalty and elegance, red with love, white with forgiveness, and yellow with cheerfulness and joy.

Tulips bloom in the spring and early summer and produce wonderful wedding work. The bulbs bloom in a classic cup shape, with layers of petals curling out from all angles.  Tulips’ dark centers create beautiful contrast with their light outer petals.


Tulips via Pinterest

Tulips via Pinterest


Being single bloom stalks, tulips look best when grouped as a bunch. Tulips look great paired with greenery, smaller species like baby’s breath and wax flowers, and with other colored tulips. Tulips are great for any time of year, but tend to shine at garden-style weddings in the warmer months.



Charming, classic, and versatile, it’s easy to see why tulips never go out of style.


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December 21, 2016

DIY Holiday Arrangement Gifts


Looking for the perfect unique and homemade gift to bring to friends and family around the holidays? Look no more! As the holidays come around, our calendars are full of parties and get-togethers. Now, we know what this means. Your houses are full of cookies, candy and treats galore. We tend to always lean towards the same hostess gifts, holiday goodies. I don’t know about you, but I already have over 100 cookies in my home, and it’s not even Christmas yet! I think it’s time to switch it up and become more creative while giving gifts that still feel festive and thoughtful this season. Wouldn’t you love to create something that is natural and homemade but radiates the element of holiday beauty? If so, it’s time you use these easy do it yourself steps and tricks to creating a perfect holiday floral arrangement that everyone will admire in awe.

Vases / Arrangement Containers

The first step to creating a masterpiece that feels really festive is the vase or holder. I personally think, depending on your style, taste and inspiration, there are many options for you. A few of my favorite picks include Clear Vases, Baskets, a Wood Trough or Wooden Box Planters. It is a great idea to look up inspiration first and decide which route you want to take. Maybe it’s a classic red and green Christmas display, maybe you want to recreate the image of a Christmas package, or maybe keeping it simple and rustic is key for you. After picking the type of planting container, dressing it up is the next fun part to completing your perfect holiday gift.

Firstly, you can go with a clear vase. These vases can range from square, cylinder to rectangle, depending on the shape of the arrangement which you desire. When using clear vases (as seen below), there are a myriad of options for adding a bit of holiday cheer. You can add a simple ribbon around the vase, still keeping the florals as the centerpiece and accenting with just a little bit of Christmas. Another really creative trick is to use wrapping paper or a holiday ribbon around the outside, almost creating a present-type feel and masking the stems underneath. Lastly, depending on your bouquet or arrangement, adding a touch of your favorite holiday accessories to the bottom of the vase is a great effect. This can be anything ranging from mini ornaments, cranberries, pinecones / pine and more (see below)! This is a fun and cute way of incorporating your favorite holiday classics into the mix.



The other type of vessel you can use for your holiday arrangement, and my personal favorite, is wood. This can range from a basket, to a wooden trough and even handcrafted planters. I love a rustic outdoor feeling while creating holiday arrangements. To me, it resembles the original Christmas tree and brings an old classic natural feel to the piece. There are all different types of wood you can use, including wicker baskets, natural birch wood containers, stained wood and more. Using a basket is an easy and classic way to create a holiday display. It allows you to play around with the outside by adding greenery to the wicker, or maybe ribbon to the handle. The natural wood boxes or containers are a great statement on their own. While being a neutral, it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the flowers, but adds a really great accenting touch that balances out the piece as a whole! It goes well with almost every style of Christmas decor and is enjoyed by many.



Another aspect I love about this gift is that once your bouquet has lived its term, the container, whether wooden or glass, can live on as a token and be used in other ways around the house. I believe choosing the type of container your florals are going to live in really sets the tone for the overall arrangement. No matter the end result, it will be a beautiful piece for everyone to enjoy!

Holiday Flowers

While creating your bouquets, there are a few steps that help with the flower selection process. Red, green and white are the classic colors of Christmas, so you definitely want to play off this inspiration. Firstly, I like to pick a color scheme. Whether it’s sticking to neutrals, bringing in a lot of festive feels with reds or mixing and matching both, it is good to have an idea of how you want your final product to look. I also like to decide if I want to incorporate natural branches and greenery into my piece, and my vote for holiday arrangements is always a “Yes!”  Greenery expresses the feeling of Christmas to me, and I think it’s the perfect place to start. There are a lot of different greens you can add into your piece: Pine, White Pine, Dusty Miller, Rosemary, Holly, Grass, Eucalyptus, Cedar and Juniper. You can stick to one, but I prefer to mix and match, which helps to resemble a wild, rustic and raw feel. Adding greenery as a component brings an organic element and also acts as a great space filler.

Additionally, I like to add in wood-like elements: for example, Natural Branches, Pine Cones and other brown and red features like Brunia Balls, Spray Berries, Hypericum Berries and Cranberries. Another great trick I love to use is gold or silver spray paint. Spraying the pine, branches and other greens creates a fun and cheerful pop. A little fun fact — greenery lasts indoors for about two weeks, so you know you’ll get a good amount of display time out of it!



After greens, it’s time to add in your choice of flowers. There are so many different options to creating holiday florals, and it’s great to have a strategy in mind. I really like to go neutral with rich whites and creams and add in a few pops of color. Some of my favorite flowers to use in holiday arrangements are White Garden Roses and Ranunculus. Sometimes, adding in Hydrangea to make the piece look super full — acting as neutral focal points. Brasilia is a great add-in for a delicate feel. I also find that, for a pop of color, Red Spray Roses and Red / Burgundy Peonies make for a really beautiful touch. If you are looking for a more unique feel you can try using Red Protea.

Once you have all of your flowers picked out, it’s good to have a shape in mind. Maybe you want a perfectly proportioned round shape, or possibly a more modern feel by creating a heavier affect on one side. This all depends on your personal preference. While creating, don’t be scared to add and remove stems as you go. There is no right or wrong in the process. Achieving the look you want is all that matters. It is your taste, your style, your preference. A great little tip to creating your arrangement is using a foam design piece, and a well known brand is Oasis. This allows you to add in stems and have them sit perfectly in place, all while the piece is hidden in your vase (make sure to soak it in water first!).


Finishing Touches

Once your arrangement is complete, I find it super fun to add a few finishing touches to the piece. I like to use some extra holiday inspired accents; these can range from ribbons, ornaments and candy canes to my favorite of all, a holiday tag. This is a gift you are bringing to a loved one, so why not wrap it like one? Adding a sweet holiday tag is the perfect finishing touch. One of my favorite tags (depending on your style of arrangement) is a piece of burlap string and an off-white color tag with a handwritten note. I think it adds the perfect bit of warmth and fashion to the gift, and it’s something that is super easy to make at home!



Most importantly in this gift creating process, make sure to have fun while fashioning your arrangement! Play around, leave it wild and free. When your arrangement is full of life and fun, you can see it in its display! Follow these quick and easy DIY steps, and I guarantee that your end result will be fabulous arrangements and holiday gifts for all.

Happy Holidays from Bride and Blossom! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!



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